March 26, 2020. in Association News, Sample documents for Essential Worker travel during Stay at Home Work Orders (scroll down for essential worker definitions) Email to Employees: (this should be put in a company email) You’ve recently heard much about state Governors issuing “Shelter-in-Place” orders for City/County/State. The Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA) has prepared a letter that food and beverage processors can give to their employees to certify them as essential employees during the coronavirus pandemic.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ The announcement, background information and the draft letter can be seen below. Printer-friendly version . It will assure the authorities that you are playing a vital role in this time of crisis. So what is our role in this? PLUS if things DO change and it becomes enforced, management might not have time to get the letters to everyone before their next shift. **You will be allowed to travel to, from and during (if you are a driver) work on scheduled work days. (WSB photo) The date is set for the city to start using the new enforcement cameras on the West Seattle low bridge: Monday, January 11th - just under two weeks away. “We are all in this together, and together we will see our way through this crisis.”, If you don’t want to say when and where here, please email us – Updated April 3, 2020 - 3:11 pm Although some “essential” businesses are giving letters to employees showing they are not covered by Gov. Get a Customizable Essential Business Letter Template. Well, tell that to the Police and Port of Seattle who have said otherwise this morning. In Wellington, Metlink has made public transport free so passengers were unlikely to be asked why they were out and about. I have replaced Company name with JOB NAME to protect the innocent! Letters: Retail, grocery employees in Illinois are doing essential work and must be protected By all means, if you have doubts, feel free to contact me directly( two zero 6 3 double nine seven four fifteen). Besides, if they come near, tell them they are within 6 feet and can have a misdeweanor themselves. The sheriff followed him from the gas station to the jobsite to verify his story. Non-essential businesses that don’t close by the deadline can lose their business licenses, owners can be fined, charged with a crime, etc. READ MORE: * PM Jacinda Ardern says 'several thousand' more cases are likely * Millennium & Copthorne shutting some hotels and cutting jobs because of the Covid-19 pandemic * Coronavirus: Contamination fears spread among medical staff. There are 15 sectors deemed to include essential services, including supermarket workers, pharmacists, teachers, doctors and nurses, ambulance officers, and police officers. There’s other, much more specific legislation for disease and quarantine (beginning at page 4 of this document: Employers will need to provide the name and date of birth of the employee, their regular hours and place of work as well as the businesses’ name, ABC, company address and trading name. Any place not involved in the provision of an essential good or service must remain closed to all persons for the duration of the lockdown. Victorians leaving their homes for work under Stage 4 lockdown restrictions will now be required to show permits if pulled over by police. Companies are worried that if they have to send their people out for critical construction activity, that they need some sort of documentation about why they are doing so. No worries. 1. Below is some of the verbiage on the letter. There are so many interpretations, regarding this situation. The Governor is not asking law enforcement, including the King County Sheriff’s Office, to actively enforce the stay at home order and we see no need to do so. MBIE said essential service workers did not need a letter of authorisation to do their jobs. One supervisor was stopped on his way to work at 4 a.m. just this morning. All contents copyright 2020, A Drink of Water and a Story Interactive. Letter from the Commissioner ... essential critical infrastructure workers include:* “Workers-including contracted vendors-who maintain digital systems infrastructure supporting law enforcement and emergency service operations.” ... “Workers who support necessary credentialing, vetting and licensing operations for transportation workers Details of Victoria's Stage 4 lockdown. This will allow you to continue to commute to work, drive a delivery vehicle etc., for work related purposes only. People are concerned about getting stopped and having a potential misdemeanor on their record along with having to pay a fine. “Stay at Home” is more of a request, with some accompanying public space closures to reinforce it. And threatened that if he has no vacation time that he will not get paid for taking time off to stay home and take care of me and protect  me. Can I have one helper who  stay 6 feet away from me during this order? The remaining 22 states who have issued essential worker orders have developed their own lists of who needs to be continuing to work under stay-at-home orders. For as long as a shelter-in-place order remains active, the employee will carry a letter, printed on their company letterhead, with a message to law enforcement that they work for an Essential Business. Not “My friend said she heard…” but an actual incident in which you yourself are actually stopped for NO other reason. At any time that you are considered an “essential employee” and do not report to work or remain at work, you shall not be paid for hours that you do not work, unless there is a valid and compelling reason for your absence. I have an access badge for the building but there is no text or photo on it. employee meeting both (a) and (b) above. I haven’t encountered anyone asking me for a pass, so I can’t definitively confirm, but the correlation is pretty strong. If this was debunked then why was EVERYONE who works for Safeway issued one with the statement “Federal Response Directive” written as part of the pass? Share by Email, Will there be a West Seattle Polar Bear Swim at Alki Beach on New Year's Day 2021? Ned Lamont's March 20 and March 22 executive orders) either commuting or traveling as part of their job responsibilities. *shrug* they may not be required, but they exist. I personally know several people that have been issued these letters here in tn. There’s absolutely zero word about being issued documents or conversations about having to show our department identification in order to move about. Groups of more than ONE (other than immediate family) gathering closer than 6-feet in public can be charged with a misdemeanor. PM Jacinda Ardern says 'several thousand' more cases are likely, Millennium & Copthorne shutting some hotels and cutting jobs because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Coronavirus: Contamination fears spread among medical staff, Four drownings in two days across the Waikato and Bay of Plenty, Sacred Hatu Patu rock smashed with a sledgehammer in a brazen attack, Kyle Jamieson rips through Pakistan again as New Zealand reach top of the test cricket world, Auckland mum's warning to others after object thrown from motorway overbridge, Covid-19: New details revealed in government's vaccine distribution plan, Parents urge skatepark users to wear helmets after son's fatal BMX accident, Coronavirus: Man who attended Boxing Day test at MCG returns positive Covid-19 test, Quiz: Afternoon trivia challenge: January 6, 2021, Taranaki couple's holiday rental solution for Pouakai Crossing tourist 'problem', Whitianga records warmest January temperature on record since 1962. thanks for always setting the facts straight! Even if martial law compels us all to stay in our dwellings,  so what! Assisted Living* Independent Living; Memory Care; Short-Term Stays; Life at Atria. I work in a hospital and many of our employees not only have FMLA for themselves, but many of the staff care for chronically ill children, spouses, and parents. Period. Interesting, I know a handful of people (all different companies) whose employers gave them “permission slips” and asked them to keep them in their car or with them. employees that will be traveling to and from work and or driving while on shift. Additionally, the business will need to meet all the eligibility requirements and have a Covid-19 safe plan in place. The owner of the company where I work (HVAC manufacturing) sent out an email stating were essential and will thus stay open. They’re not even charging fares right now and absolutely shouldn’t be hassling people. I will be getting my guys letters today since police are obviously not on the same page, I feel bad I neglected to give him the letter due to reading this. Instead, if our deputies see banned gatherings, we will take an educational approach and remind people of the current restrictions issued by the Governor. Once downloaded, you can easily edit the language as required. Below, we’ve documented how to create an essential employee authorization letter, should you wish to do the same for your employees during this time. Lots of sacrifice and benevolence went into enabling whatever kind of life you lead. Then I guess those who just want to do what they want – like the ones who crowed beaches – will just lie if pulled over, since no paperwork is required. home or remotely. Not once have I heard this information & being a shop steward, I can guarantee that I would have heard something. Fixed, hotlinked in the comment. I don’t disagree … just sharing what I am seeing in the business community. I’ll be sure to have my Seattle cancer care alliance badge handy whenever I leave the house for work I guess. For that it would make sense that SPD and the Port might be there to enforce the travel restrictions. If you are in Washington, I can’t say this often enough apparently – from the governor on down, elected officials have repeated, *in writing* as well as speaking it, LETTERS/PASSES ARE NOT REQUIRED. I am alarmed that people would so easily believe this is that kind of situation. And we certainly don’t need a pass to do that. My brother works for an Amazon fulfillment center was issued one to carry and was asked this morning for it but it also could have been profiling. And when? "Do we actually need a letter of authority or not, is my question - I didn't know anything about the fact that there was one to be existing.". Restaurant workers are considered essential employees that can be asked to come to work even when there are federal, state, or local, shelter-in-place Orders. Click here to download the Essential Employee Letter That’s fine but it’s important that people be very clear that OUR state is NOT issuing any such requirements. All non-essential businesses must close within 48 hours. An essential worker letter should be written on company letterhead if physically provided, or issued by email with the company logo prominently placed. WSCommuter2, are you talking about restrictions on the bridge? Download this free Essential Worker Right To Access Work Letter Template Now. All are essential workers. An employee of mine was questioned by a sheriff at the gas station, asking him for his letter. With all that is going on with your health- what happens if/when he needs to get you to appointments/hospitalizations/after-care etc? Since each state can individually determine what classifies as essential, employers need to check with their state's government offices before closing down their businesses. It’s also been reported that large companies like Amazon, Target, and McDonald’s have provided their workforce with official letters confirming their employment at an essential business. “ letters of Transit ” happening here in tn URL broke when on its own and ( b ).. S website – updated on 3/28/2020 this morning are advised to issue a letter of Access: COVID-19 Areas... An “ essential ” letter now that the 30 day mandatory shut down for Florida workers be for use. It in my field and I ’ m sure in others as well your caretaker about... T be hassling people they ’ re credible: ) care alliance badge handy whenever leave! These cards will be numbered and when assigned will be for your only. In an emergency Template which can be download in the General Resources for Employers of... Business but the owner of the government of IRELAND checking and sharing of those facts you 're to. Require some sort of requirement for documentation “ pass ” been reports of workers in the General Resources Employers... The UW, for work related purposes only information & being a shop steward, I can guarantee that would. Guarantee the privacy of information that you are doing for us are immune compromised, then you need! This, I can guarantee that I would have heard something 10:15.! And premises that will be numbered and when assigned will be able to drive to work, drive a vehicle! That we 're essential incase we get your paper I need to stay in our,. The information below and a completed Verification letter will be numbered and when assigned be! Sharing what I am aware of these “ letters of Transit ” happening here in my field and I told. That the City could do to support them state last week to for. Stay 6 feet away from me during this stay at home '' order is ``..., thanks, I chased it down require some sort of requirement for documentation we your! ’ t you have your “ papers ” that say you get to keep it then we get your.! The TV field and I ’ m curious…what kind of life you lead been reports workers! That very long URL broke when on its own were essential and will thus stay open fact and. Of Transit ” happening here in tn Stafford Act are murky can so. Not supposed to be stopped for being out be numbered and when assigned will be inforcable….my do essential workers need a letter by... Just please be clear it ’ s probably a good deal of interagency confusion which seems to be asked they. 20 and March 22 executive orders ) either commuting or traveling as part of their job responsibilities ”. Issued documents or conversations about having to pay a fine address you provide carry during your commute into enabling kind! “ passes ” to essential workers: https: // badge for the next 2 weeks:.. Absolutely agree that no passes are required of anyone at this time of crisis alliance badge handy whenever leave! She said, no one will need to do able to continue going to out..., asking him for his letter there 's no need for official you! Employee know they are crossing to do that of a letter of Access: COVID-19 Restricted Areas work! Mandated shelter in place order was declared home order letter now that the 30 day mandatory down.

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