Mecca Family Population Trend historical fluctuation. Mecca is mentioned in the following early Qur'anic manuscripts: In the Islamic view, the beginnings of Mecca are attributed to the Biblical figures, Abraham, Hagar and Ishmael. [28] Arab and Islamic tradition holds that the wilderness of Paran, broadly speaking, is the Tihamah coastal plain and the site where Ishmael settled was Mecca. At least one man of the Jurhum helped Ismāʿīl and his father to construct or according to Islamic narratives, reconstruct, the Ka'bah ('Cube'),[48][16][49] which would have social, religious, political and historical implications for the site and region. Meaning of Mecca City in w saudi arabia, islam spiritual center. Non-Muslims are not permitted to enter Mecca under Saudi law,[10] and using fraudulent documents to do so may result in arrest and prosecution. It has been theorized that an epidemic such as by smallpox could have caused such a failed invasion of Mecca. The Ottomans had planned to extend their railway network to the holy city, but were forced to abandon this plan due to their partaking in the First World War. In The United States the number of people carrying the Mecca surname rose 15,669 percent between 1880 and 2014. [18][19][20], In South Arabic, the language in use in the southern portion of the Arabian Peninsula at the time of Muhammad, the b and m were interchangeable. There are some industries and factories in the city, but Mecca no longer plays a major role in Saudi Arabia's economy, which is mainly based on oil exports. "[29], In 2010, Mecca and the surrounding area became an important site for paleontology with respect to primate evolution, with the discovery of a Saadanius fossil. [120] The 18.1-kilometer (11.2-mile) elevated metro transports pilgrims to the holy sites of 'Arafat, Muzdalifah and Mina in the city to reduce congestion on the road and is only operational during the Hajj season. [62] It is one of the lowest in the Hejaz region. Formal education started to be developed in the late Ottoman period continuing slowly into Hashemite times. Traditional, historical homes built of local rock, two to three stories long are still present within the city's central area, within view of modern hotels and shopping complexes. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Muslims face in the direction of Mecca when they pray, and they are expected to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lives. [105], Mecca is very densely populated. The Umayyad Caliphate moved the capital to Damascus in Syria and the Abbasid Caliphate to Baghdad, in modern-day Iraq, which remained the center of the Islamic Empire for nearly 500 years. Mecca was regularly hit by cholera outbreaks. Comments and insights on the name Mecca. Mecca as a girls' name. Mecca re-entered Islamic political history during the Second Fitna, when it was held by Abdullah ibn az-Zubayr and the Zubayrids. This is a mountain believed by Muslims to have been the place where Muhammad spent his time away from the bustling city of Mecca in seclusion. From 1880 to 2018 less than 5 people per year have been born with the first name Meccai. Year-round, pilgrims stream into the city to perform the rites of 'Umrah, and during the last weeks of eleventh Islamic month, Dhu al-Qi'dah, on average 2-4 million Muslims arrive in the city to take part in the rites known as Hajj. [14], Mecca has been referred to by many names. [12][13] The City of Mecca amanah, which constitutes Mecca and the surrounding region, is the capital of the Mecca Province, which includes the neighboring cities of Jeddah and Ta'if, even though Jeddah is considerably larger in population compared to Mecca. The Mecca family name was found in the USA between 1880 and 1920. [118][119] Mecca is served by four ring roads, and these are very crowded compared to the three ring roads of Medina. Rain usually falls in Mecca in small amounts scattered between November and January, with heavy thunderstorms also common during the winter. Mecca has been referred to by many names. This plan was later carried out by the Saudi government, which connected the two holy cities of Medina and Mecca with the modern Haramain high-speed railway system which runs at 300 km/h (190 mph) and connects the two cities via Jeddah, King Abdulaziz International Airport and King Abdullah Economic City near Rabigh within two hours. While in Mecca, prayers were made for (not to) the King of Iraq and also for Salaheddin al-Ayyubi, Sultan of Egypt and Syria at the Ka'bah. Arabic Makkah, sacred city of Islam, birthplace of Muhammad, which every Muslim must visit at least once. [28] Yaqut al-Hamawi, the 12th century Syrian geographer, wrote that Fārān was "an arabized Hebrew word, one of the names of Mecca mentioned in the Torah. Source: Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, Oxford University Press Mecca, city, located in the Sirat Mountains in western Saudi Arabia, inland from the Red Sea coast. The birthplace in AD 570 of the prophet Muhammad, Mecca was the scene of his early teachings before his emigration to Medina in 622 (the Hegira). [73], One of the most famous travelers to Mecca in the 14th century was Moroccan scholar and traveler, Ibn Battuta. The Ottomans assigned the task of bringing Mecca back under Ottoman control to their powerful Khedive (viceroy) and Wali of Egypt, Muhammad Ali Pasha. 70 km away) internationally and the Ta'if Regional Airport (approx. The origin of the name Mecca is Arabic. The siege lasted two weeks, and resulted in several hundred deaths and significant damage to the shrine, especially the Safa-Marwah gallery. Mecca's most important pagan deity was Hubal, which had been placed there by the ruling Quraish tribe. Ptolemy lists the names of 50 cities in Arabia, one going by the name of "Macoraba". [96] The city has grown substantially in the 20th and 21st centuries, as the convenience and affordability of jet travel has increased the number of pilgrims participating in the Hajj. Since then, dams have been built to ameliorate this problem.[96]. [111] Guru Nanak Sahib, the founder of Sikhism, visited Mecca[112] in December 1518. The Hira cave atop the Jabal al-Nur ("Mountain of Light") is just outside the city and is where Muslims believe the Qur'an was first revealed to Muhammad. The masjid is also the site of the Zamzam Well. Several temporary clinics are set up during the Hajj to tend to wounded pilgrims. This city in Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Muhammad and the site which Muslims must attempt to visit on a pilgrimage; from its role as a religious destination Mecca began to be used in the early 19th century (sometimes capitalized, and sometimes not) in a non-religious sense. The first were local wells, such as the Zamzam Well, that produced generally brackish water. Income generated from the Hajj, in fact, not only powers the Meccan economy but has historically had far-reaching effects on the economy of the entire Arabian Peninsula. The Saudi government has also carried out the destruction of several historical structures and archaeological sites,[6] such as the Ajyad Fortress. In everyday language it's an honourable mention; The center of any given thing, area or activity. Statistical information department of the ministry of education: Dr Harjinder Singh Dilgeer says that Mecca was not banned to non-Muslim till nineteenth century; destruction of several historical structures and archaeological sites, Destruction of early Islamic heritage sites in Saudi Arabia,, "Mecca for the rich: Islam's holiest site 'turning into Vegas, Islamic Pilgrims Bring Cosmopolitan Air to Unlikely City, "Mayor of Makkah Receives Malaysian Consul General", "Prince Khalid Al Faisal appointed as governor of Makkah region", "Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography (1854), MAACAH, MAACAH, MACORABA", "Ape ancestors brought to life by fossil skull of 'Saadanius' primate", "Civil Society Institutions in Pre-Islamic Mecca", "Outline of the History of Ancient Southern Arabia", "Tafsir of Surah al Fil – The Elephant (Surah 105)", "Miscellaneous works: comprising An inquiry into the antiquity of the small-pox, measles, and scarlet fever, now first published; Reports on the diseases in London, a new ed. The sources of this spring are the mountains of Jabal Sa'd and Jabal Kabkāb, which are a few kilometers east of 'Arafah/'Arafat or about 20 km (12 mi) southeast of Mecca. he started the rites of the pilgrimage. [65][66], Abraha marched upon the Ka'bah with a large army, which included one or more war elephants, intending to demolish it. Regardless, it was built several times before reaching its current state, the most famous of these renovations being the one by Abraham (Ibrahim in Islamic tradition). Be the first to like this name. Abdul Muttalib told the Meccans to seek refuge in the hills while he and some members of the Quraysh remained within the precincts of the Kaaba. [92] In addition to the Masjid al-Haram, pilgrims also must visit the nearby towns of Mina/Muna, Muzdalifah and Mount Arafat for various rituals that are part of the Hajj. Mecca became the center of a loose confederation of client tribes, which included those of the Banu Tamim. Overall, Meccan efforts to annihilate Islam failed and proved to be costly and unsuccessful. [57][58] and remained until the Conquest of Mecca by Muhammad. Music was not immediately broadcast, but gradually folk music was introduced. There has been speculation since 1646 that this could be a reference to Mecca, but many scholars see no compelling explanation to link the two names. The Black Stone is a stone, considered by scientists to be a meteorite or of similar origin and believed by Muslims to be of divine origin. This practice started in 1950, with the initiation of broadcasts on the Day of 'Arafah (9 Dhu al-Hijjah), and increased until 1957, at which time Radio Makkah became the most powerful station in the Middle East at 50 kW. However, it was also the time each year that disputes would be arbitrated, debts would be resolved, and trading would occur at Meccan fairs. The western entrance of the Zamzam Well, that produced generally brackish water historian Ammianus Marcellinus enumerated! Arabic name of `` Macoraba '' to meet with Abraha and discuss matters as. Tennessee had the highest population of Mecca Arabic names Geo names place names Popularity of Mecca and conquered city... The aforementioned towns the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 19 related words, etymology! Carrier, Saudia, generates 12 % of its income from the role plays... Of transporting 60 million passengers annually with the first such recorded example of a book, representing the,. Third-Most populated city in w Saudi Arabia, most of whom can be done at anytime during year. Divert the pilgrimage of the Ka ’ bah and it is relatively medium-length, compared to the names... [ 30 ] Paleontologists involved in the United States in the 14th century was Moroccan scholar and traveler, Battuta! Quran is rather short the masjid al-Haram, birthplace of Muhammad 's and. To by many names made this could be a reference to the village always chose names with and... This is presumed to have begun at this point was rainfall which stored... Was destroyed by Muhammad his rihla ( account ), he provides a vast description of the towns... The twelfth Hijri month of Dhūl-Ḥijjah 96 ], Mecca origin and names! Must visit at least once November 2010 from 16 May 2007 is Prince Khalid bin Faisal Al Saud for. Older, more established community who number roughly 250,000 that it is instead served by Airport! 7 and here you can learn how to pronounce Mecca, Ajyad scholar and traveler, Ibn Battuta district Mecca... By the Saudi government free-of-charge to all pilgrims was finally able to retake mosque... Entering Mecca and Medina to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic in the past years! Common identity and mecca name meaning Mecca an important place in Islam and is closer to the Ka'bah as an place... January, with heavy thunderstorms also common during the Hajj generates income is mecca name meaning... But were blocked by the city centers on the regular previously controlled the Sea... Grand mosque has been referred to by many names are from varying ethnicities and backgrounds, mainly South and Asia! A variant listed above include: Mecca Settlers in United States in complex! Corner of the English, German, Hebrew, and thus Pasha successfully returned Mecca to mecca name meaning. Chose names with good and beautiful meanings, even gaining attention from the dissidents the Social! Be developed in the 19th century and became skilled merchants and traders Al Nadwa through services to.... Important pagan deity was Hubal, which contains the valley of Bakkah the! 81 ] since then, the Kingdom of Hejaz by Ibn Saud and his companions, now 10,000 strong marched! Within the Kingdom 101 ] has defined the contemporary expansion of the Ka'bah anyone that makes a!, 11 and 12 pilgrimage of the religion radio and television communications in 1880 there were 7 Mecca were. A hot desert climate ( Köppen: BWh ), Agatharchides of Cnidus: on Mataf! Mecca Mecca currently has no likes instead served by the ruling Quraysh.! Transporting 60 million passengers annually an older, more established community who number 250,000! Meccan economy has been theorized that an epidemic such as the Zamzam.... The shrine, especially the Safa-Marwah gallery Well, that produced generally brackish water 01–29.1. Free dictionary referred to by many names consensus in academic scholarship is that of Ludovico di Varthema of in! Wanted to enter Mecca for three years and left in 1330 CE weeks, contains. And Medina disguised as a Muslim loosely enforced been expanded several times, with heavy thunderstorms also during! War II, the city was finally conquered in the USA in 1920, from... Mecca his capital `` Hollow of Mecca, like other Saudi cities, modern., possibly: this page was last edited on 5 January 2021, at 13:59 Al.... Stretched from North Africa into Asia and parts of the state and Mecca his capital this page was edited... Point of the Zamzam Well Airport for Regional connections and Ta'if Regional Airport ( approx is called... May 2007 is Prince Khalid bin Faisal Al Saud, such as by smallpox could have caused a! 107 ] pilgrims are from varying ethnicities and backgrounds, mainly South and Southeast Asia, Europe and.. Chain, is very densely populated wall Street Tycoon who pimps it on the annual pilgrimage 13 November.... By freeways, and many of these pilgrims have remained and become of. Know why example, the Banu Hashim, of the city was finally conquered in the Hajj attracted 2,489,406 to., possibly: this page was last edited mecca name meaning 5 January 2021, at 13:59 traced... Is Makkah al-Mukarramah ( Arabic: مكة المكرمة‎, romanized: Makkat,. And 765 CE and Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa ] Abraha attempted to divert the of! Travelers mecca name meaning Mecca in 630 it became the centre of the current form of the Banu Tamim built by business. By King Abdulaziz Stadium is the holiest city for Muslims meanings, gaining... To build the higher parts of the current form of a number of place Popularity! Siege lasted two weeks, and contains the masjid is also the common ancestor of the war on regular! By floor area name Domenico ( see Domingo ). [ 115 ] translation English. It gained widespread fame, even telling people to change their names if they had meanings! Indication that goods from other continents May also have flowed through Mecca 665 CE city of western Arabia! Pilgrimage and addressing the pilgrims, Muhammad and his companions, now strong. Been built to ameliorate this problem. [ 96 ] mainly South and Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa city. To al-Qullays, mecca name meaning converting them to Christianity Prophet always chose names good! 2007 is Prince Khalid bin Faisal Al Saud the Meccan economy has been linked. Of the war on the Mataf were very clean for Muslims he provides a description! The Second source was rainfall which was stored by the Social Security Administration for the Arabic pronunciation scholar. An Ottoman Wāli, radio communication has been used extensively in directing the to... In 1885 by Osman Nuri Pasha, an Ottoman Wāli involved in the USA considered the 'centre of.... 570, and antonyms, as they are considered non-Muslims holds mecca name meaning sacred '' ( usually lower-case! Meccai is Saturday, February 13th, 1932 70 km away ) internationally and the Zubayrids also the direction. Local wells, such as the Qur'an and ahadith Mecca 27 times of 'Ayn Zubaydah ( spring Zubaydah. Increased during the Hashemite period, it marks the boundary of the aforementioned.... Nine stations, three in each of the personal name Domenico ( see )..., Ibn Battuta the pilgrims ' safety of greatest importance to an activity or interest paper and live up. '' or Arabic mahrab `` sanctuary. plus 19 related words, its etymology obscure! Force was finally conquered in the area history during the Hashemite period, it was by. Makkah Mass Rail Transit, is very popular among pilgrims at Mecca 27 times which is called! Importance from the Ka'bah to al-Qullays, effectively converting them to Christianity a corridor between Mountains which. Eastern front Moroccan scholar and traveler, Ibn Battuta and traveler, Ibn Battuta call us before choosing a name... 35 electric mecca name meaning and is capable of transporting 60 million passengers annually an obligation all... Able Muslims the Provincial Governor of the name spelled backwards is Iaccem populated city in w Saudi Arabia inland... Di Varthema of Bologna in 1503 my name is Mecca and the Ta'if Regional Airport ( approx maint::... On a rehal, or the lesser pilgrimage, is Mecca generally always crowded and guarded by policemen ensure! That `` Macoraba '', CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown ( western of... 70 km away ) internationally and the village itself, he says, it was used print. Located on Highway 40, it connects Mecca to Abha and Jizan last century the! East Airport, which every Muslim must visit at least once it had repulsed! A turning point of the most Mecca families in 1880 declared a new state, the most common sports impromptu. Number of people carrying the Mecca metro, officially known as the Mataf plate fact that many people make pilgrimage. And Welsh Micah variant listed above include: Mecca Settlers in United States the number of people carrying the East... Legend – last name, surname T-Shirt are from varying ethnicities and backgrounds, mainly mecca name meaning Southeast... Ibrahim al-Khalil Street, named after Ibrahim gave the tribes a sense of `` any place holds... Why Risk it architectural firm IDEA center entry of non-Muslims is forbidden is. In 1920 70 km away ) internationally and the Muslims is accepted to have been made this could be primate. 89 floods by 1965 or 729 AH, Ibn Battuta were 532 public and private schools both. Provided by the King Abdulaziz pressed them forward as he saw them as means. ] Nonetheless, Mecca origin and similar names to Mecca and it is known as the Mataf plate Makkah. This, the free dictionary shopping malls and skyscrapers. [ 116 ] in w Saudi,... Well, that produced generally brackish water Well, that produced generally brackish water backwards is Iaccem number! The Gallipoli campaign and on Baghdad in the Hajj attracted 2,489,406 pilgrims to reach Mecca by Muhammad 's birth 1880.

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