Herring, S. C. (2007). Computer-mediated communication (CMC) is the key for emerging technology computer networks. A CMC interaction occurs through various types of networking technology and software, including email, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), instant messaging (IM), Usenet and mailing list servers. A faceted classification scheme for computer-mediated discourse. More peoples can look over the information and they could revise it together, … Computer-mediated communication is a widely accepted concept that has been appropriately applied to illustrate the communication process “occurring via a computer terminal and a communication network such as the Internet” (Alexander, Dawson, & Ichharam, 2006, p.241). Its focus is social science research on communicating with computer-based media technologies. Starting as a direct comparison to face-to-face communication, CMC theories have offered important insights for our understanding of how … Within that general purview, the journal is broadly interdisciplinary, publishing work by scholars in communication, business, … Herring, S. C. (2004). Computer-mediated communication (CMC) is a process in which human data interaction occurs through one or more networked telecommunication systems. In networks, people can exchange, store, edit, upload and copy any information. New Media & Society, 6(1), 26-36. Computer mediated communication (CMC) is the study of any communication that takes place using electronic devices. Since the 1970s, computer-mediated communication (CMC) has developed for more than 40 years. Computer-mediated communication on the Internet. While computer-mediated communication use and research are proliferating rapidly, findings offer contrasting images regarding the interpersonal character of this technology. Computer-mediated communication (CMC) focuses on the role of interactivity between parties through mediated channels of communication (Rafaeli, 1988). Such limitation encourages the use of abbreviations, disrupted or slang words. While the term has traditionally referred to those communications that occur via computer-mediated formats (e.g., instant messaging, email, chat rooms, online forums, social network services), it has also been applied to other … Computer-mediated communication (CMC) is defined as any human communication that occurs through the use of two or more electronic devices. Computer-Mediated Communication. This can include communication that is one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many. Overview Aims and Scope. Modes of CMCPerhaps the most important cumulative finding of Internet research over the past fifteen years is that computer-mediated communication varies according to the technologies on which it is based, and according to its contexts of use. The focus of CMC is on the relationship of new messages with preceding messages, rather than on the number, content, frequency, or timing of the message exchange. In the quarter-century since the founding of the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, a central question concerning this area of research has shifted from “what is computer-mediated communication?” to “what isn’t?” In 1994, personal computers were bulky, desk-top, and hence stationary terminals. The Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication (JCMC) is a web-based, peer-reviewed scholarly journal. Likewise, this communication can be text, voice, or video-based. The chapter concludes by identifying directions for future CMC research. Slouching toward the ordinary: Current trends in computer-mediated communication. They can send data and messages instantaneously, easily, at low cost, and over long distances. Moreover, due to the growing popularity of the computer mediated communication and the erasure of the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds, the Internet slang is often transferred to the real-life, which, again, impoverishes the communicative process. Annual Review of Information Science and Technology, 36, 109-168.

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