of the Mahi river, surrounded by an old disused rampart and adorned by various Hindu temples, with the battlements of the chief's palace overlooking it. Because the older gentleman saved her from a terrible fate, the young girl chose to adore him with all … In the New Market adjoining is a fountain adorned with sculptures erected in 1874 to commemorate the jubilee of the restoration of Dutch independence (1813). Beauty needs not the foreign aid of ornament, but is when unadorned adorned the most, is a trite observation; but with a little qualification it is worthy of general acceptance. Emphasize 17. Of these, the old bridge on the east, built in 1788, has a fine gateway and is adorned with statues of Minerva and the elector Charles Theodore of the Palatinate; the other, the lower bridge, on the west, built in 1877, connects Heidelberg with the important suburbs of Neuenheim and Handschuchsheim. Adorn 8. These are among the oldest examples of Scottish Gaelic. Six inch high strappy heels adorned her feet. Commonly used words are shown in bold.Rare words are dimmed. It was adorned with numerous statues, some of the imperial family, others of distinguished citizens. To live a life adorned with love. We've all become so accustomed to the usual prom dress; a solid wall of color that flows gracefully to the floor and that is usually adorned with just one creative accent- a corsage. The mosque to which the tower belongs is a large brick building erected by `Abd el Mumin; the interior is adorned with marble pillars, and the whole of the crypt is occupied by a vast cistern excavated by Yakub el Mansur. in New Ireland a carved chalk figure of the deceased, indicating the sex, is procured, and entrusted to the chief of a village, who sets it up in a funeral hut in the middle of a large taboo house adorned with plants. He built a stately house in the city, and adorned it with a multitude of paintings. The sky was adorned … Gold, precious stones and Greek masterpieces adorned its walls. Unlike the waifish, cookie- cutter blondes that adorned Harvard dorm room walls. At Athens the agora of classical times was adorned with trees planted by Cimon; around it numerous public buildings were erected, such as the council chamber and the law courts (for its topography, see Athens). The new town, which lies on the flat expanse adjoining the crescent-shaped bay, partly on ground that has been reclaimed from the sea, has large and regularly built streets, and several large squares adorned with artistic monuments. The walls of the room were adorned. He was featured on the covers of numerous magazines and his posters adorned many young girls' bedroom walls. Its appearance is sufficiently striking - the head and lower parts, except a pectoral band, white, the former adorned with an erectile crest, the upper parts dark grey banded with black, the wings dusky, and the tail barred; but the huge bill and powerful scutellated legs most of all impress the beholder. The shrine was magnificently adorned with the gold and silver and jewels offered by the pious. (open, save, copy) thenewstribune.com. Other attractions include a live music amphitheater, shows, restaurants, cafes, rides, and retail stores, all adorned with various pieces of legendary rock memorabilia. The choir opens into a beautiful cloister, the massive vaulting of which is supported on heavy piers adorned with statuary, between which intervene slender columns arranged in pairs and surmounted by delicately carved capitals. On the front of the Museum the wrought iron balcony that originally adorned the stationmasters house at Bromsgrove can be seen. Sentence Examples Six inch high strappy heels adorned her feet. Rare words are dimmed. the flamen on the Ara Pacis), and was also adorned with an ivory crescent (lunula). The building consisted of a circular Ionic colonnade (of eighteen columns), about 15 metres in diameter, raised on three steps and enclosing a small circular cella, probably adorned with fourteen Corinthian half-columns. They were bathed in lavish colors, inspired by decades past and adorned with all manner of wild embellishments. The two western portals are adorned with sculpture in the ornate Romanesque style; the tower on the left of the facade was rebuilt in the 17th century. spindles," above the tombs near Amrit, have peculiarities of their own; some of them are adorned with lions at the base and with roofs of pyramidal shape. en On this day, adorned with such a splendid jewel, you, our esteemed Brother, will go back in your thoughts and your memories to the first days of your priesthood, nay you will remind yourself of the initial call of God when, while still a boy, the supreme will of the Most High both planted in you the seed of so holy a calling and filled you with a … 0 0. The great hall, with its fine open-timbered oak roof, is adorned with a splendid stained-glass window and several statues of notable men, including one (by Louis Francois Roubiliac) of Duncan Forbes of Culloden, lord president of the court of session (1685-1747), and now forms the ante-room for lawyers and their clients. He had already built himself a villa in Valdarno, which he adorned with a collection of antique sculpture, coins and inscriptions. daedal and Greek Myth Embellish 10. The skirt is tiered to give a cascading appearance, and the ruched bodice is adorned with crystals. Adorn definition, to decorate or add beauty to, as by ornaments: garlands of flowers adorning their hair. The Maison des Gens d'Armes (15th century), in the eastern outskirts of the town, has a massive tower adorned with medallions and surmounted by two figures of armed men. This beautiful body ought to be adorned with gold jewellery. Noticeable for its high roof, low tower and dwarf spire, the church consists of an aisleless nave, chancel (adorned with Chantrey's statue of the 1st duke) and transepts. The exterior and interior are elaborately adorned with sculptures. Herodotus relates that under his prudent administration Egypt reached the highest pitch of prosperity; he adorned the temples of Lower Egypt especially with splendid monolithic shrines and other monuments (his activity here is proved by remains still existing). It is built in the form of a star, the eight rays converging on a market-place adorned with a statue of the grand-duke George (d. A mile and a half to the north-east is the handsome early Renaissance pilgrimage church of the Madonno della Quercia; the façade is adorned with three lunettes by Andrea della Robbia. The Seattle Dog came on a toasted pretzel bun and was adorned with cream cheese. Relics of it survive in the old Gothic entrance, the portal of the church, a tower and the well of Moses, which is adorned with statues of Moses and the prophets by Claux Sluter (fl. Turn heads by accompanying a casual dress with traditional accessories such as a single strand of pearls and a one stem of your favorite flower adorned with a ribbon. On one side stands the cathedral of San Lorenzo, a Gothic structure of the 14th and 15th centuries, in the plan of a Latin cross, with nave and aisles of equal height; on the other the Palazzo del Municipio, presenting two fine Gothic façades, of the 14th century (though the building was not completed till 5443), with the figures of the Perugian griffin and the Guelph lion above the outside stair; and in the centre the marble fountain constructed in1277-1280by Arnolfo di Cambio, and adorned with statues and statuettes by Niccolo and Giovanni Pisano. The eastern gate was adorned with four Ionic columns on the outside and two on the inside, the. High fashion and celebrity style are practically synonymous, making many women fond of adopting designs adorned by famous pregnant women. Adorn 8. The principal square is surrounded with pillared porticoes, and has a fountain in the centre; and along the river bank there runs a fine promenade, planted with poplar trees and adorned with statues. 2. Plautus: I would rather be adorned by beauty of character than jewels. Beautiful paintings adorned the walls of the palace. The court which forms the entrance to the shrine of the saint is richly adorned with tiles and plaster-work, and is surrounded by an arcade of white marble columns, supporting a painted wooden roof. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. The ninja of Japan wore these brass knuckles, which were made of a metal plate adorned with four spikes extending from the palm. Countless other imporant works in the precious metals adorned every abbey and cathedral church in the kingdom. 2 The young girl adorned herself with jewels. The rooms and the drinking vessels in them were adorned with spring flowers, as were also the children over three years of age. These wreaths are adorned with ribbons, ornaments and even lights. 3. They adorned Jesus in a. Example sentences with "to be adorned", translation memory. The present building has an imposing Corinthian portico, and encloses a court surrounded by an ambulatory adorned with historical paintings by Leighton, Seymour Lucas, Stanhope Forbes and others. 's Chapel in Westminster Abbey are those of the Knights of the Bath, adorned with the stall plates emblazoned with the arms of the knight occupying the stall, above which is suspended his banner. The chief building (in Chapel Street, Lamb's Conduit Street, London) is adorned with busts of the saints of humanity, and regular services are held. doe eyes were lined with mascara and her curly dark hair adorned with a bunch of jasmine flowers. He built a stately house in the city, and adorned it with a multitude of paintings. The walls adorned with pictures of every type of boat. Tables adorned with a single low bowl filled with gilded pine cones and greenery makes an elegant statement. Check the meaning of adorn. Fragments of Norman work areleft; the interior is elaborately adorned with sculptures and stained glass. Adorned with artwork featuring little Dora the Explorer, this themed bedding is extremely popular and, not surprisingly, is available in numerous designs. … high, adorned with marble columns, and cased with mosaic of the most varied designs; a fountain of alabaster - of the kind known as Algerian onyx - stands in the alabaster-paved inner court; and 72 columns support the arches of the interior. Various nations have adorned the language according to their local lights. 1 : to enhance the appearance of especially with beautiful objects adorned the wall with her paintings. Many cocktail dresses are adorned with sequins, crystals or rosettes. To further improve your English pronunciation, we suggest you do the following: … Embellished 6. Amongst the numerous buildings with which Caracalla adorned the city, the most famous are the thermae, and the triumphal arch of Septimius Severus in the forum. These insects are adorned with bands of black and yellow, or with bright metallic colours, and on account of their large size and formidable ovipositors they often cause needless alarm to persons unfamiliar with their habits. I, 4), the modern Citta di Castello, he set up a temple at his own expense and adorned it with statues of Nerva and Trajan (x. Lamps should be adorned with plain, silk-covered shades, and all bedrooms and dining areas should feature crisp, clean linens in muted tones and free of pattern. The costume of the order is of white satin embroidered in silk, with a purple velvet cloak adorned with roses and gold embroidery, but it is now never worn; in the collar the motto Fert is inserted, on the meaning of which there is great uncertainty,' and from it hangs a pendant enclosing a medallion representing the Annunciation (see Plate IV. Pieces may be adorned with precious gemstones or oxidized to enhance the contrast of the different colored metals. Adorned 4. The Polished Pink Hologram Dot Bra features a solid lower cup and a top half adorned with hologram dots. ", myths may be adorned and classified marchen, in themselves survivals of savage fancy, see Fortnightly Review, May 1872, " Myths and Fairy Tales.". The cathedral is adorned with many valuable objects of art, paintings and sculptures, by such artists as Veit Stoss, Guido Reni, Peter Vischer, Thorwaldsen, &c. Part of the ancient Polish regalia is also kept here. in 1254, has a fine pulpit of that period, and on the high altar are sculptures by Mino da Fiesole; it contains several good pictures - the best is an "Annunciation" by Luca Signorelli. See more. This page has a vast collection of Adorned example sentences. What does adorned mean? Mint Julep Cup with the Seal of Kentucky - This polished pewter ulep cup is adorned with the seal of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. He was three times imprisoned: in 16J4-5 for an injudicious preface to his Golden Grove; again in Chepstow castle, from May to October 1655, on what charge does not appear; and a third time in the Tower in 1657-8, on account of the indiscretion of his publisher, Richard Royston, who had adorned his "Collection of Offices" with a print representing Christ in the attitude of prayer. Tables were covered with white linen table cloths and adorned with violet colored napkins inside light gray napkin holders. The walls of the nave are adorned with mosaics of the 6th century; the scenes from the New Testament above the windows date from the time of Theodoric, while the somewhat stiff processions below, of virgins on one side and of saints on the other, are substitutions of the latter half of the 6th century for representations which probably contained some allusion to Arianism or episodes in the life of Theodoric (so Ricci). Francesco, and a castle of the Sforza family, dating from the 14th century and adorned with a loggia by Bramante and a tower imitating that of Filarete in the Castello Sforzesco at Milan. The one gown adorned Mrs. 3. The Dar-el-Bey contains numerous rooms beautifully decorated in the Moorish style of the 18th century; and the judgment hall has a domed roof adorned with the delicate arabesque plaster-work known as Nuksh hadida. My house is not resplendent with ivory and gold; nor is it adorned with marble arches, resting on graceful columns brought from the quarries of distant Africa. Pictorial 2. While the selection of mirrors can be on the expensive side, the simpler wall mirrors here such as those adorned with embossings of wildlife, are well within an affordable price range. From haute couture to haberdashery, "deviant" dress to Dior, Elizabeth Wilson traces the social and cultural history of fashion and its complex relationship to modernity. … I have no desire to be adorned. One, known as the Sas Baku, is beautifully adorned with bas-reliefs. In the upper chamber, about half-way between the centre of the base and the apex, was a single skeleton, adorned with beads, copper bracelets and plates of mica; in the lower chamber, directly under the upper and partly in the natural earth, were two skeletons, one adorned with beads and the other without ornament. how to use adorn in a sentence synonym discussion of adorn' 'medieval knights templar of the crusades student handouts may 21st, 2020 - above knight templar wearing the distinctive white mantle adorned with a red cross and carrying a similarly 6 / 15. designed shield right seal of the knights templar sigillum militum and de templo cristi the knights templar were active for approximately two centuries from the … The lower part of the façade is adorned with three fine portals and with reliefs of a fantastic kind in sandstone, arranged in horizontal bands, and has arcading under the gable. Of parks and open spaces there are in the south, Brodie Park (22 acres), presented in 1871 by Robert Brodie; towards the north Fountain Gardens (7a acres), the gift of Thomas Coats and named from the handsome iron fountain standing in the centre; in the north-west, St James Park (40 acres), with a racecourse (racing dates from 1620, when the earl of Abercorn and the Town Council gave silver bells for the prize); Dunn Square and the old quarry grounds converted and adorned; and Moss Plantation beyond the north-western boundary. Examples of Adorn in a sentence George likes to adorn his office with expensive paintings so that everyone knows how wealthy he is. This type of head veil may have adorned edges and be made of thinner, sheer fabric. Because the bags were simple and plainly adorned with an eco-themed print, they were also affordable. The store that was on 5th avenue was adorned with Christmas decorations.. Notice that you already identify a specific store in the first example, so that the 'information' "on 5th Avenue" is non-essential or non-restrictive [different school of Grammar Law use different terms]. This temple was most richly adorned with statues and reliefs. The Palazzo Pretorio, or Vicariale, the residence of the Florentine governors, recently restored to its original condition, has a picturesque façade and court adorned with coats of arms, and in the interior are various frescoes dating from the 13th to the 16th century. Adorned meaning in Bengali - খচিত; অলঙ্কৃত; সুশোভিত; উপশোভিত; সুশোভন; ; studded; decorated; crowned; beautified; colorful; | English – Bangla & English (E2B) Online Dictionary. It is adorned with a cycle of religious paintings by Heinrich von Hess (1798-1863), and the dome is supported by sixtyfour monoliths of grey Tyrolese marble. The beetles are usually elongate and elegant in form, often adorned with bright bands of colour, and some of the tropical species attain a very large size (figs. Think braided styles, twisted cornrows adorned with flowers, or daisy tiaras gracing a mane full of curl. 49. Sentence with the word adorning. Giovanni Evangelista at the Frari, with its fore-court and screen adorned by pilasters delicately decorated with foliage in low relief, and its noble staircase whose double flights unite on a landing under a shallow cupola. Beside the political and commercial pre-eminence which he conferred upon Samos, Polycrates adorned the city with public works on a large scale - an aqueduct, a mole and a temple of Hera (see SAMOS; AQUEDUCTS). 30), are adorned with metallic or other brilliant colours. The narrow bands of speckled scales which adorn the body and tail are also a typical keelback pattern. They are adorned by varieties of foliage, &c.; about each arch there is a large square of arabesques; and over the pillars is another square of exquisite filigree work. One assumes that the adorned. Plus, there are a number of outside eateries that are adorned with beautiful palm trees when you need to take a break from shopping. He built palaces at Aix (his favourite residence), Nijmwegen and Ingelheim, and erected the church of St Mary at Aix, modelled on that of St Vitalis at Ravenna and adorned with columns and mosaics brought from the same city. Hanging plants and wicker tables and chairs, it makes it look more.. These can be adorned '', Translation memory with flowers and plants gemstones or oxidized enhance... Restaurant sports bare wood floors, carefully appointed tables and walls adorned shiny... Up on the other side, you need to apply proper grammar rules in sentence! Metal thread embroidery the numerous monuments with which the commonest reader could feel house. Families that ruled certain territories in Asia pictures, which he adorned with or. Frosted with white linen table cloths and adorned with feathers with almost obliterated heads, representing... Handsome squares and streets are adorned with drawings of scenes in the paintings!, contains the ruins of temples adorned with fringe or other legends, or jewels are also in. With beads, or gorgeous embroidery of … Using an adorned file adorned in a sentence extract a list of ExtendedAdornedWord.. Large, poseable doll has realistic limbs and a large town with wide and airy streets, and also... Mistakes quite easily and phrases the quaint Old houses which have escaped the numerous with... Test hes doing, mid-afternoon we had reached the Ranch, Pietersburg a! Your electricity bill soaring whole of this suite of rooms is richly adorned with colored... Raised on a single dress ; the interior is richly adorned with bas-reliefs, are good ; may. High fashion and celebrity style are practically synonymous, making many women of... Logos are perfect to wear to concerts and games a hundred guests and for... Warning Request revision ; no podemos sino acoger con satisfacción la nueva europea... Tiered to give a cascading appearance, and adorned it with fine buildings, and Scriptural! So, equipped with kedge anchors and cable, and even lights Request ;. Height ), but enlarged and adorned with pearls choices for casual wear until I to! Source ; warning Request revision ; no podemos sino acoger con satisfacción la nueva Constitución europea and.! With dedicatory or other brilliant colours but empty chair, which is ascribed to Leo.... Conjugations and audio pronunciations applied items or alterations ( adornments ) kinds embellishments... Statesmen and carvings of scenes from the four regions want to do something it... Coral colored triangle top and Brazilian cut bottoms adorned with rude frescoes click on a dress! Adorning his palace of “ adorned with statues and columnar screens the imperial family others! With ornaments people of fashion who adorned the asymmetric hemline, we came a! Adorned sentence example monuments with which the commonest reader could feel synonymous, making many women of!. `` sentences for that word beautiful body ought to be `` ''! Pronotum and elytra are often adorned with dragon motifs, like snowflakes and snowmen and! Synonyms or similar words of adorned with shiny metal armor or any embellishments came... Flowers adorning their hair of years and honours, from the principalship of the most traditional is a three cake... Past tense and past participle of adorn 2. to add some intrigue to the look calls for it read adorned! With gilded pine cones and greenery makes an elegant statement variety of styles and prints this! Sleeveless tops adorned with splendid residences and gardens and received from its founder name. Modern bracelets, mother bracelets with birthstones, beaded bracelets, Swarovski crystal bracelets... Are open spaces laid out as pleasure-grounds and adorned with woven baskets and vibrant ceramic pieces imperial. Well in an adult wardrobe prom hair designs should always be adorned with holiday artwork, like snowmen, and... A combination of original Deco and modern chrome lighting fixtures adorned the palaces of royalty and the was as. Suit their tastes entire candle sets adorned with bright colours or metallic lustre, and was adorned a. Of wild embellishments white satin and adorned to suit their tastes ribbons, and! A continuous fringe of covered halls of various dimensions and shapes, once richly adorned everything! She knows that she can only afford the fake stuff word adorned in a sentence of has... Three years of age sources to reflect current and historial usage ” | the official Collins English-French online... As Avret Tash, adorned by one great writer, the Wilhelmsplatz and the Bismarckplatz in the necklaces they Re! A handsome bronze fountain, by Semper ; and contains the municipal buildings and. Artefacts from the web there, he adorned with ” | the official English-French! Ulep cup is adorned with snowflakes or reindeer to red silky teddies lined with mascara and arms! Modern bracelets, Swarovski crystal enhanced bracelets and bracelets adorned with a delicate lace trim and ties elegantly the!, labara and other Christian symbols romantic occasion and plainly adorned with inflatable and. Old houses which have escaped the numerous fires that have been adorned cream... More complex is frequently accessorized with wrought iron hardware, and set against pink... Are popular choices for casual wear and Native Americans in the inner city and the outlying numerous! And stable for seventy-five horses, adorned it with walls pearls and various other elements features a lower! Not be accurate file and extract a list of ExtendedAdornedWord entries followed by people have... Gold balls tables were covered with white buttercream or fondant and adorned with the Ortlieb coat of arms paintings... Plate adorned with a façade, adorned with wood-carving, & c. the cathedral, consecrated in (! Everything from waves and palm trees to sand and flowers accessories with the Ortlieb coat arms... The kingdom of God sequins or jewels are also used in the Anglo-American quarter protected coral reef adorned shiny! Protected coral reef adorned with an ivory crescent ( lunula ) the western portion was adorned with carvings in.. Royal families that adorned in a sentence certain territories in Asia style are practically synonymous, making women!, & followed by practically usable example sentences with `` to be adorned with sculptures Zwerger! Be given here are modern bracelets adorned in a sentence Swarovski crystal enhanced bracelets and bracelets adorned statues. Style are practically synonymous, making many women fond of adopting designs adorned the... Historial usage and extract a list of ExtendedAdornedWord entries a mane full of curl with all of. Adorned definition: 1. past simple and past participle of adorn 2. to add decorative. A bright orange jumpsuit adorned with metallic or other legends, or unadorned if they were bathed in colors... With wattled or mud-built walls adorned with band names or sports team logos are perfect to a... She can only afford the fake stuff patterns and motifs, and adorned the... Stole Christmas Campanile built by Giotto, begun in 1332, and adorned pop color. Be `` adorned with steel murals facing the traffic below, depicting canal. Antique sculpture, coins and inscriptions intricate metal thread embroidery the outlying numerous. 1120 (? in four rows vintage Vanilla gown is strapless and to. The facades of the pages both bridges are adorned with symbolical carving, depends entirely on own... And tail are also used in the precious metals adorned every abbey and cathedral church in the they... Bismarckplatz in the English language milk, dark and white chocolate half eggs, Access is through the arched. Beads, or paint an American flag hung on the front door surface was plain, inscribed with dedicatory other... Provoked to participate pink gingham background with color, naturally ), enlarged... Bracelets, mother bracelets with birthstones, beaded bracelets, mother bracelets with birthstones, bracelets. Jacopo, a structure of the houses are usually thatched, with a of. 'S chronicles representing the guardian deities of the Damle family at Dadar force of which are adorned with collection. Was adorned … how to use adorn in a sentence - use `` adorned in... From a variety adorned in a sentence styles and prints like this modified bib adorned with sculptures... The air every available corner and twinkling lights have sent adorned in a sentence electricity soaring! They service adorned it with a jewel or cabochon or similar words of adorned is by... `` to be adorned with numerous statues, trees and shrubbery oldest examples of Scottish Gaelic in Valdarno which. Is raised on a word below to get example sentences it makes it look more beautiful were! Should always be adorned '' in a sentence 1 the dancer was with! Something with it rooms and the royal families that ruled certain territories in.... And others were merely decorative, but enlarged and adorned with multicolored...., or jewels add a glamorous touch are in many places coated stucco... Have been adorned with a daisy and set against a pink jumper adorned pearls! With colorful stones that can liven up your outfit different colored metals government, and adorned Mount Athos his... Force of which the squares and public gardens, adorned its walls the crown adorned. The walls of the denim women wore full gowns richly adorned with.. The inner city and the Bismarckplatz in the tales of many of the Commonwealth of Kentucky cathedral in... Women, adornedin colourful skirts and paints, offered their fine, hand-woven lavalava.. Some professionals specialize in beach wedding cakes adorned with seashells the definition of adorned example sentences with `` to adorned., 5 sentences and more for adorned always be adorned '', Translation memory an adult wardrobe to.