Most of it is sadly in Estonian. Why do we still not know what really happened to MS Estonia that night in 1994? The Sinking of MS Estonia: The Swedish Radical Right's Favorite Conspiracy. A subreddit dedicated to the unresolved mysteries of the world. Or KGB for some reason? The sinking was widely reported in the US because the loss of life had been so terrible. EDIT: Rescue info recieved about the sisters officially, who disappeared afterwards with 11 others:, Jutta Rabes documentary from the subject: Youtube, Here is the Wiki link. A conspiracy theorist who does not believe COVID-19 exists and posted online about her plans to leave hotel quarantine before allegedly breaking out has Guess those are the biggest questions with proof. Loading... Unsubscribe from Karl Koch? EDIT: Metal Research Institute of Bradenburg tested a metalpiece brought from the hull of Estonia and it showed it was bended due explosion. I was unaware of the controversy. I remember this from when it happened and remember reading reports here in the US that the doors had failed. no proof, it was stated some one red this info about man and a suitcase cuffed to him from the dive report by Rockwater. From December 2 through 7, 2020, the Oxford Police Department has arrested five individuals related to the homicide in the 400 block of Olive Branch Way.. Some sources state that the trucks contained pieces of Rockets, Plutonium and Uranium. There were conspiracy theories the whole time. Estonia conspiracy. During its time serving under its first name, it had serious problems. MS Estonia conspiracy theories. Publish. Bookmark the permalink. Dr. Vin Gupta joins The ReidOut to debunk false claims by Tucker Carlson and Sen. Ted Cruz on the effectiveness of the vaccine. Rest is in Swedish. Cooperating with colleague Inge Pitsner, Einar Ellermaa has come out with «People of Estonia», a book looking back to Baltic Sea’s severest shipwreck in times of peace 20 years ago, and recounting the stories of those that were saved – as well as the pain of people who lost loved ones. Tinfoilhat conspiracy theory based on stuff around: Scandinavian countries arranged high tech soviet military weapon transport leisurely with a ferry to Sweden to be transported to States with the help of CIA using the ferry as a shield. 852 people were cla… To the masses this was explained "To make it a coffin so nobody would disturb the peace of the lost ones" - No proof it was tried to cover radiation damage, -Crew members who survived suddently disappeared on their way to the hospital. So this means there is no need to go to Reddit and look for all those matches on the thread. Then he heard a loud bang, which seemed to come from the port side. I can ask more info about this from my mother! The wind was southerly, 8-10 m/s. These claims do have proof. B This article has been rated as B-Class on the project's quality scale. If there's one thing I appreciate, it's shipwreck conspiracy theories. Estonia conspiracy Karl Koch. The court rejected the Republican’s request to quickly stop the certification before it happened, but the case, on its merits, continues. Last leads: mother claimes to had a call year after: "Hello It's Me and Anne" and then the call ended. The sinking of the Estonia ro-ro passenger ferry stands out as one of the most disastrous accidents in modern times. the dead, poverfull soviet man with briefcase must have had diplomatic immunity to not have risk of briefcase searched. Your clothes analogy is a straw man. Henriksson's confession sheds new light on the sinking of Estonia. It was sailing its regular route, from Tallinn in Estonia to the Swedish capital Stockholm. It's been the subject of conspiracy.. When the ferry MS Herald of Free Enterprise sank in the English Channel in 1987, it was refloated and the bodies removed. Trying to find it. the "soviet" theory falls apart starting with simple thing - in 1994 soviet union didn't exist for years at that point. In 1994, Estonia sank in the baltic sea killing 852 people. I'm not anything of a conspiracy theorist, but I'm reasonably superstitious, and I think for some reason, the MS Estonia was Cursed. The MS Estonia sank in the Baltic Sea in 1994, killing 852 people. Submissions should outline a mystery and provide a link to a more detailed review of the case such as a Wiki article or news report.