4.3 out of 5 stars 1,607. All enamel car paint is not created equal and some brands will not accept a clear coat. Otherwise, the acetone in the lacquer will eat right into the underlying finish resulting in crazing, cracking, bubbling, etc. Sand down the paint with 400 to 600 grit sandpaper and apply at least three coats of clear coat, waiting about 15 to 20 minutes for each coat to dry. The MM seems to have yellowed my 1/9 BMW R80G/S Paris-Dakar motorcycle tank over the years, about three. You might get away with it if the enamel finish is totally cured (literally takes months) and the lacquer clear is sprayed on very sparingly and over a very long time period. You need to get a reducer and hardener for the enamel compatible with the humidity and temperature (not that hard for a paint shop to recommend). Lacquer uses a much "hotter" solvent. In general, it not recommended to put a hard finish over a soft finish. The paint did blister up when sprayed over old enamel … It isn't unusual to clear-coat an acrylic paint finish on a metal surface, such as on an automobile, with CAB-acrylic or acrylic lacquer. It is enamel so you can use it over enamels or lacquers. not true at all, you can also clear with Lacquer. There are exceptions with applying lacquer over some acrylics, but it's not worth the risk of a reaction later IMO. jumping paint lines and products create all kinds of problems. (Spies Hecker basecoat) So that’s going to give me basecoat over lacquer and then lacquer clear over basecoat. $13.75 $ … I used the Rustoleum Automotive Enamel on top of their Tuscan Sun gloss enamel. This sounds like a Lacquer vs Enamel reaction to me. You're safest that way! Can I spray 2k clear over enamel? Does anyone know if the lacquer paint will affect the decals? Weather, dirt and other damaging elements never … Painting a car makes it look new again. If this is your situation, you can wet sand the surface and then add a clear coat. Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 8:21 am Post subject: Re: Question: Clear Coating Lacquer over Enamel paint? … The two easiest ways to avoid problems are to spray se 2nd coat will be a metallic/pearl orange and then clear coated. Majic Clear Coat High Gloss “Lacquer” is a durable, high gloss finish - designed for use over fully cured, Majic Tractor, Truck & Implement Enamels - to provide a greater “depth of image” to the finish, and to better protect the enamel finish from the damaging effects of the sun (UV light). depending on what enamel is on the tractor, you may be able to get a urethane clear over it. Today I have Tamiya clear gloss and Model Masters clear gloss in my paint box and thin them about 1/1 with alcohol (Tamiya) and lacquer thinner (MM). 4.5 out of 5 stars 857. Subsequently, question is, can you clear coat over Rustoleum paint? yes, you can use a clear over the rustoleum. Like enamels, lacquer is also durable and can come in different forms: high-gloss, satin, and matte. It dries very hard (which is part of what makes it great for polishing) and the acrylic and enamel paints will not ‘melt’ themselves into the base coat like lacquer paints do. What Is Lacquer? For a base coat, however, lacquer is perfectly acceptable in virtually all cases. Enamel over Krylon primer is fine, but don't use Krylon clear over enamel. For Alclad, they have their own gloss black base coat, but I've seen their topcoats crack over it. It is not easy to determine the difference between lacquer vs. enamel. 4.5 out of 5 stars 145. Duplicolor makes a lacquer paint that isn't enamel, and that is what he really should be using on the tank, not enamel, if he wants to use a 2k clear coat over it. ... DA1692 General Purpose Acrylic Enamel Crystal Clear 12 oz. If you use anything, use a waterbased clear poly varnish. In this regard, what is the best clear coat for enamel paint? I have seen it done and they ended up removing all the paint from the whole car to fix it later. (If you enjoy waiting around.) last time I needed an enamel base clear coat I used 'Premium Decor gloss' protective finish. So any impervious clear coat may cause later bubbling as the solvents continue to be released. Apply a lacquer clear coat to the painted surface. The hard finish cracks easily when dinged. The Lacquer is a good base for Enamel paint as long as the coat of Lacquer has been applied evenly to the object and does not peel off of the surface. I used the Duplicolor automotive acrylic lacquer that comes in quart cans, and can be reduced … If it does not specifically state enamel skip it. If that is the case, then you have to remove the Lacquer before applying the Enamel Paint. Con: Mixing Clear Coat With Enamel Car Paint. They can also be clear or can come in many different stain colors. 2) Enamels tend to continue to dry over a very long period of time. I have three types of clear coat right now— Automotive lacquer Rust-Oleum, Rust-Oleum crystal clear enamel, and Testors’ Glosscote lacquer. 1-24 of 733 results for "lacquer clear coat" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. The Dupli-Color Perfect Match clear coat says it is a fast drying acrylic lacquer. Re-coat windows apply to enamel paints and refers to the time period during which a second coat maybe applied. There isn't really much call to clear over enamel, as it is a single stage paint that is made to just spray and let dry. ... FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. When you spray lacquer over a solvent-based acrylic finish, they combine to form a hybrid film, even if the acrylic is pigmented to form a paint. A wet application can cause many paints and finishes to wrinkle or blister, even an old coat of lacquer itself. There, you can use junky 1k (that is, slow drying) Duplicolor or whatever for the base coat. 4.5 out of 5 stars 955. You need to use Spray Max semi-gloss for clear coats. It was above Dupli-color's Protective Clear Coat Finish. Minwax Brushing Lacquer 155000000, Quart, Clear. Testor's has probably changed the formulation of their clear gloss coat. So, I think the approach that you are using is not what you should do. Most Krylon paints are lacquer (technically acrylic lacquer). Amazon.com: lacquer clear coat. right, found it. painters tip L. E. A. Lacquer Enamel Acrylic you can put Lacquer on Enamel with no issues you can put Lacquer on Enamel and Acrylic with no issues you cant put Acrylic or Enamel on Lacquer etc best tip anyone has ever given me. the solvents are too hot and will do exactly what yours is doing. Crystal Clear Hello, I have recently sprayed a Ford GT model with a metallic blue Testors’ enamel spray can and I would like for it to have a high gloss finish. If you insist on doing this try some epoxy primer over the old finish first to seal it and then try your lacquer primer over that. Second, putting an oil based finish over a white base will change the color the white to amber or yellow. Dulux Metalshield Brass And Copper Clear is designed to be used for clear coating over copper, brass and aluminium surfaces to prevent corrosion and tarnishing. The problem is the lacquer thinner in the lacquer. The clear coat can be Lacquer, Poly Urethane, Varnish, Acrylic finishes, and many other more exotic compounds not commonly known.. Its 2013 avoid lacquer if possible and use a urethane single stage or urathane base coat clear coat you will have a more durabale stable end product. Some enamel car paints are below standards and clear coat will not properly adhere. I'm preparing to airbrush Tamiya clear gloss over a enamel- … When a car is painted with acrylic enamel, a clear coat is applied over the paint. It is used for achieving a smooth glossy finish, over flat paint for good decal adhesion, or for a smooth and shiny protective layer. I've done this on more than once occasion, and I have had no problems or dissaster stories to speak of. I've applied Alclad over gray primer with excellent results. Just got to mist the first few coats. The enamel will lift and make a mess if you put lacquer over it. The paint may wrinkle or lift when resprayed during this curing period. Lacquer first, then enamel or acrylic. The only real difficulty with the enamel is two fold: dust (drying time seems longer than with lacquer) and spraying the final wet coat (without runs). Free Shipping by Amazon ... Dupli-Color EBSP30000 Clear Coat Paint Shop Finish System - 32 oz., Clear Gloss. Enamel on enamel action :/ But, for the clear coat, you need to be using a high tech product. I painted my GTX with lacquer and a clear enamel over it in the 80s it lasted about 10 years and then started to look shabby. If you can find Rustoleum clear coat, use that. 5 months ago. I have also painted lacquer with a urethane clear. : lacquer wont work over enamel. The clear coat of urethane supplies the acrylic enamel paint with a buffer between the paint and the elements. Color matching technology is well established. After spraying the first coat of an enamel, a second coat must be applied with in 1 – 2 hours or wait 5 days for the coating to cure. LEA remember it.. Posted on Sep 4, 2013 | 7 comments After you’ve primed and applied your topcoat with Majic Tractor, Truck, & Implement Enamel, make sure to complete the hat trick with our clear coat lacquer finish!Our lacquer finish provides a non-yellowing gloss finish that provides additional protection and is fade resistant. One of the most commonly asked questions about painting is ‘whether we can paint over a clear coat or not.’ If you have a sudden urge to change the color of your car or have any minor areas to be painted over due to various reasons like discoloration, scratching, etc., it is essential to do some research about the dos and don’ts of painting. What is a re-coat window? In short, only put a lacquer top coat over a lacquer base coat or primer. laquer over enamel is a no-no you'll get bad results, enamel over … My recommendation would be to head to one of the big box hardware stores and by a rattle can of clear enamel gloss coat. So generally, applying Enamel Paint to surfaces, that have been painted with lacquer, is not an issue. It can be used over all Testor/Pactra enamels and acrylics, when latter have dried at least 24 hours or more. ... Dupli-Color General Purpose Acrylic Enamel Crystal Clear 12 oz. For applying over regular enamels-once the underlying enamel is cured, spray your Tamiya, you shouldn't have a problem. 1) If you put lacquer over enamel, it will lift and bubble it. Acrylic lacquer can be clear coated, then the 2k clear can be shot over that, after wet sanding with good adhesion. (3 stage ) A paint supplier suggested that instead of using lacquer for the metallic orange colour, I could use 1K basecoat, and then clear it with lacquer. Tractor, Truck, & Implement Enamel: Lacquer Finish. There are risks to spraying any type of solvent lacquer over any existing, and older, paint or finish. Re: Clear Coat Over Rustoleum if you're using an automotive finish, read the directions and use the correct nozzle. "Glosscote is a lacquer-based clear overcoat, used to seal and protect painted surfaces. "Clear Coat" is a term given to the application of a clear finish applied over the "color coats" to protect the color, to add "depth" to the appearance, or allow enough film thickness to allow for sanding and polishing.