(overprint on stamps of Italy): Trieste (1947-54). (overprint on stamps of French Colonies): French Guiana (1886-92). KONGRESI K.K.F.S. BOGACHES (currency): Yemen. ETHIOPIA, FREE: Charity labels made to look like postage stamps. T.E.O. ZENTRALER KURIERDIENST: Germany- German Democratic Republic, officials (1956-7). CHABACANO, REPOBLIK DE:: Bogus stamps for fictional republic in the Philippines. V.R. ASSISTENCIA PUBLICA: Portuguese India and Mozambique, postal tax stamps [Public Assistance]. SIVAS (overprint on stamps of Turkey): Turkey (1930). LINCOLN ISLES: Donald Evans issue, capital is Moorestown. TRIPOLITANIA (overprint on stamps of Great Britain): Great Britain- Offices in Africa- Tripolitania). TIMBRE FISCAL REPUBLIQUE SYRIENNE (overprint): Syria, postal tax stamps. PEПБAИKA БbЛΓAПИЯ: Bulgaria [Bulgarian Republic]. D. R. (overprint): South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Deed Registry]. CПЧИTEПИ Bulgaria, semipostals. KOП.1 KOП. AEREO VALE 1946 (overprint): Venezuela under the Junta Revolucionaria de Gobierno. C (overprint): Paraguay [Compana]. ON C.G.S. SECOURS NATIONAL (overprint): French Colonies (various), semipostals [National Relief]. KIBRIS CUMHURIYETI: Cyprus [Cyprus Republic]. OFFISIEEL: South West Africa, officials. FILIPAS IMPRESOS: Philippines- newspaper stamps. EΛΛHNIKH-XEMAPPA (overprint on stamps of Greece): Epirus- Chimarra issue. ENTREGA IMMEDIATA: Cuba, special deliveries (1910-4) [Immediate Delivery]. ASSAB: Bogus overprint on Italian stamps 1880, possible Ethiopian city on the Red Sea. L. MARQUES (overprint on stamps of Mozambique): Lourenco Marques (1895-7). (overprint): South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Immigration Agent]. GRAHAM MEMORIAL CITY: Antarctic fantasy issue. MELAT-I-KAZERUN 1335 (overprint): Iran, unofficial rebellion overprint (1917). CAMPIONARIA OE TRIPOLI: Tripolitania, Libya. AYUDA EL ECUADOR (overprint): Paraguay, semipostals [help for Ecuador (earthquake victims)]. C. S. (overprint): South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Chief Secretary]. C.E.F. FRANCOBOLO DI STATO: Italy, official stamps [Free Stamp of the State]. [Greek] PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF SOUTHERN YEMEN (overprint on stamps of South Arabia): Yemen (1968). 26.П.V. 3000 + entries we have. A.H. PD. (overprint on stamps of East Africa & Uganda): German East Africa- British occupation (1917). PFENNIG (currency): German States-Wurttemberg, German States-Bavaria or Germany. ZEITUNGS MARKE: Austria, newspaper stamps. GULTIG 9. RIAU (overprint): Indonesia- Riouw Archipelago (1954-60). E.R.I. ", LAURANSTEIN: Fantasies created by John de Treville with countries taken from Winston Churchill's book, "Savrola.". PROVINCE LAIBACH- LJUBLJANSKA POKRAJINA (overprint on stamps of Italy): Yugoslavia- Laibach- German occupation. [W] CHEMINS DE FER: Belgium, parcel posts. CINQUANTENAlRE 24 SEPTEMBRE 1853-1903 (overprint on stamps of French Colonies): New Caledonia, postage dues (1903). S F (overprint): Denmark, military stamps [Soldater Frimaerke (Soldier’s Stamp)]. G.P.E. SHETLAND ISLANDS: Scotland issued labels in 1993-94, purporting to be official. CONFED. : Belgian military postmark [Bureau de Poste de Campagne]. A BETALE-PORTOMAERKE: Norway, postage dues. ELFLAND: Christmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate. ZURINO (overprint): Hungary, newspaper stamps used by Croatians for special delivery letters [Quick]. CALCHI (overprint on stamps of Italy): Italy- Aegean Islands- Calchi (1930). GOLFE DE GUINEA: Spanish Guinea (1907-49). NOVA LAURANIA: Fantasies created by John de Treville with countries taken from Winston Churchill's book, Savrola. CORREOS INTERIOR: Philippines (1859-63) [Inland Postage]. [G] SANDJAK D'ALEXANDRETTE (overprint on stamps of Syria): Alexandretta. DJ (overprint on stamps of Obock): Somali Coast (1894-1902). CEFOLONIA E ITACA (overprint on stamps of Greece): Ionian Islands- Italian occupation (1941). CAISSE d’AMORTISSEMENT: France, semipostals. (overprint): Argentina, officials [Ministry of Interior]. BUNDI SERVICE: India- Bundi, officials (1919). C.P. (overprint on stamps of Fiji): Fiji (1874-7). 5 CENTS (overprint): China, railroad late letter fee (1901) [British Railway Administration]. BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS: Virgin Islands. PRO EDUCACION FISICIA: Panama, postal tax stamp [For Physical Education]. MACTAN ISLAND: Bogus stamps and overprints for Philippine island south of Cebu. R. B. EKΘECIC: Greece- Salonika, postal tax stamps. MAI GT. (overprint on stamps of Germany): Upper Silesia, officials (1920) [Commission Interalliee Haute Silesie]. I.P.N. OMAN, STATE OF: Bogus stamps for Arabian sultanate. FRANQUEO OFICIAL: Spanish language countries, officials [Official Postage]. MAGAZON A MOROC: Sultanate of Morocco, local issue of questionable repute (1891) [Mazagan to Morocco]. ROUMELIE ORIENTALE (overprint on stamps of Turkey): Eastern Roumelia (1880). CORRESPONDENCIA URCENTE: Spain, special delivery [Urgent Correspondence]. CADIZ VIVA ESPANOL (overprint): Spain- revolutionary Cadiz issues. ARMENWET (overprint): Netherlands and colonies, officials [Poor Regulations]. WURTTEMBERG (with denominations in KREUZER or FREIMARKE): German States- Wurttemberg. RIZEH (overprint on stamps of Russia): Russia- Offices in Turkey- Rizah (1910). web site. VANCOUVER ISLAND: British Columbia and Vancouver Island (1865). YKP. SLD. OTVORENIE SLOVENSKENO (overprint on stamps of Czechoslovakia): Slovakia (1939). CONTRA LA FAIM (overprint on stamps of Rwanda): Ruanda-Urundi [Against Hunger]. Mali Faud. THRACE OCCIDENTALE (overprint on stamps of Bulgaria): Thrace- Allied occupation (1919-20). BOUVET OYA: Antarctic island-overprints on stamps of Norway repudiated by Norwegian government. : Norway, officials (1951-2) [Offentlig Sax]. CARTILLA POSTAL DE ESPANA: Spain, franchise stamps. [F] (overprint): India, military stamps (1914) [India Expeditionary Force]. O.S.G.S. AITUTAKI (overprint on stamps of New Zealand): Aitutaki. ANNA (currency surcharged on stamps of Great Britain): Muscat & Oman. PRIMA VALORES DECLARADOS: Dominican Republic, insured letter stamps. (overprint): Greece, postal tax stamps. BRITISH EAST AFRICA (overprint on stamps of Zanzibar): British East Africa (1895-7). PORTUGAL CONTINENTE: Portugal [Portugal mainland]. CENTESIMI (currency): Italy, Italian Colonies. COOLAND: No Information Available-related to West Refaim. CSOMAG (overprint): Hungary, parcel posts [weight]. EMPIRE FRANCAISE: France (1853-71) or French Colonies (1871-2). BICENENAIRE DE PORT-AU-PRINCE: Haiti. FREMONT, REPUBLIC OF: House boat on the left bank of the ship canal in Oregon. KAISERLICHE KONIGLICHE OESTERRPOST (denominations in piastres): Austria- Offices in Turkey. SAINT PIERRE ET MIQUELON: St. Pierre & Miquelon. E (overprint on stamps of Bavaria): German States- Bavaria, officials [Eisenbahn (railway)]. DOPLATA: Central Lithuania, Poland, postage dues. EMPEROR OF THE WORLD: India, produced in 1892. (overprint): U.S., Kansas overprints to reduce theft (1929). BOCHA XEPЦEΓOBИHA: Bosnia and Herzegovina. CHIHUAHUA: Mexico- Chihuahua provisionals (1872). CANARIAS (overprint): Spain- Canary Islands (1936-7). DOPLATIT (no country name): Czechoslovakia, postage dues. CENTIMOS (currency- no country name): Spain. COSTITUENTE FIUMANA- 24.IV.1921 (overprint): Fiume (1921). POSTE AERIENNE: French language countries [Air Mail]. YCA (overprint): Peru- Yca- Chilean occupation (1884). INTERSOL, KINGDOM OF: Stamps created to advertise book "Musrum.". ERITREA (overprint on stamps of Great Britain): Great Britain- Offices in Africa- Eritrea. GUERCHE (currency): Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia. 62000. ALEXANDRIA: Bogus issue from 1860's featuring an elephant. SNARK ISLAND: Fantasy for island near Borneo. (overprint on stamps of French Offices in Turkey): Cilicia, Syria (1919) [Territoires Ennemis Occupes]. CORREOS OAXACA: Mexico- Oaxaca. CPbCKA: Serbia. POSTE LOCALE: Switzerland- Geneva (1849-50) [Local Post]. XAPTOΣHMON (overprint): Greece, postal tax stamps. COUR PERMANENTE DE JUSTICE INTERNATIONALE: Netherlands- Int. ATJEH: Sumatra: Supposed vassal state issued in early 1880's, possible 1892. BOLIVAR (currency): Venezuela. R (on stamp covered with wriggly writing): India- Jhind (1874-84). SUNG-TING: Donald Evans issue, Chinese ceramics. KK-POST-STEMPEL with values in cents: Austria- Lombardy Venetia [Imperial Royal Postage Stamp]. Recherchez parmi les 37 181 catalogues et brochures techniques disponibles sur NauticExpo. POSTE KHEDEVIE EGIZIANE: Egypt (1872-5) [Khediva Egyptian Post]. PORTO RICO (overprint): U.S. administration- Puerto Rico (1899). PHILIPPINES (overprint): U.S. administration of the Philippines. FRANC. LUFTFELDPOST: Germany, military air post stamps (1942). GOVT. B.L.P. ETHIOPIE: Ethiopia (formerly Abyssinia). SCOUTS FUND (overprint): Siam, semipostals. (overprint on stamps of Russia- Offices in Turkey): Ukraine. DEDEAGH: France- Offices in Turkey- Dedeagh (1893-1903). MONTENEGRO (overprint on stamps of Austria): Montenegro- Austrian occupation (1917-8). Wisconsinites, like Foamation',s ",Father of Fromage", Ralph Bruno, tend to have a healthy sense of humor about themselves. MOQUEGUA (overprint on stamps of Arequipa): Peru- Arequipa- Moquegua- Chilean occupation (1885). CHINA (overprint on stamps of Germany): Germany- Offices in China (1898-1913). (overprint on stamps of Italy): Trieste (1947-54). BJORN OYA: Bear Island-US local post, also overprints on Norway stamps. REPUBLICA ORIENTAL DE URUGUAY: Uruguay (1864-6). ON S.S. (overprint): India- Travanacore, officials. DEPT. K-U-K FELDPOST (with denominations in bani or lei): Romania- Austrian occupation (1917-8). SOCIEDADE HUMANITARIA CRUZ DE ORIENTE: Mozambique, postal tax stamps [East Cross Humanitarian Society]. SHANGHAI L.P.O. LESOTHO (overprint on stamps of Basutoland): Lesotho (1966). BRITISH NEW GUINEA: Papua and New Guinea (1901-5). COAMO: Puerto Rico- Coamo- U.S. Administration (1898). O.M.F. CENTENARIO DE S. ANTONIO INHAMBANR MDCCCXCV: (overprint on stamps of Mozambique): Inhambane (1895) [Centenary of St. Anthony]. FEDERATION OF MALAYA: Malaysia. REPUBLIQUE MALGACHE: Madagascar (Malagasy). ПPONOIA (overprint): Greece, postal tax stamps. BOSNA I HERCEGOVINA (overprint on stamps of Bosnia and Herzegovina): Yugoslavia (1918). D B P (overprint in script letters on stamps of Russia): Far Eastern Republic (1920). CORREOS URBANO DE BOGOTA: Colombia- Bogota [Bogota City Post Office]. I. K-U-K FELDPOST (overprint on stamps of Bosnia and Herzegovina): Austria, military stamps (1915). LYBBRIA: Fantasy issue created by Stamps Magazine. ДOПOMOΓA ΓOЛOДЧЮЧИ Ukraine, semipostals. FONDUL AVIETIEI: Romania, postal tax stamps. 62000. YUNNAN FOU (overprint on stamps of Indo-China): France- Offices in China- Yunnan Fou (1906-19). AFRIQUE EQUATORIALE FRANCAISE (overprint on stamps of Gabon): French Equaitorial Africa. EJERCITO RENOVADOR: Mexico- Sinaloa revenue (1923). FUERSTENTUM LIECHTENSTEIN: Liechtenstein. INLAND (on stamp with no country name): Liberia. PECHINO (overprint on stamps of Italy): Italy- Offices in China- Peking (1917-9). BUMBUNGA, PROVINCE OF: Australian secessionist state three hectares north of Adelaide. BUREAU INTERNATIONAL DU TRAVAIL: Switzerland- Int. 62000. JASON ISLAND: Falkland Islands nature preserve. TAXA DE FACTAGIU: Romania, parcel posts [Tax for Porterage]. H. PEП (overprint on stamps of Austria): Western Ukraine. SHIHR AND MUKALLA: Aden- Shihr and Mukalla (1942-53). RAJASTHAN (overprint on stamps of India): India- Rajasthan (1949). TOGO OCCUPATION FRANCO-ANGLAISE (overprint on stamps of German Togo and Dahomey): Togo- French occupation. ERITREA (overprint on stamps of Great Britain): Great Britain- Offices in Africa- Eritrea. KAULBACH ISLAND: (1971-84) Island off the coast of Nova Scotia with local post stamps to frank mail to the nearest Canadian post office on the mainland. VALEUR DECLAREE: Canada, insured parcel label [Value Declared]. BARANYA (overprint): Hungary- Serbian occupation (1919). CORFU (overprint on stamps of Greece): Corfu- Italian occupation (1941). MEMEL (overprint on stamps of France): Memel (1920-3). DEUTSCHES REICH GENERALGOUVERNEMENT: Poland- German occupation (1941-44). UNESCO (France- UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Org., officials (1961-71). M. B. POST FRM. ERITREA (overprint on stamps of Great Britain): Great Britain- Offices in Africa- Eritrea (1948) [British Military Administration]. LEVANT (overprint on stamps of Poland): Poland- Offices in Turkey- Levant (1919-21). Konigliche Militarpost ( Imperial and Royal ) ] Marina, control mark to prevent currency (... Group, bogus issue ( 1918-19 ) postal fiscal stamps [ State ]... International- CONVENTION WIEN 1932 republica argentina 10 cent stamp overprint on stamps of Great Britain ) Panama!: Annam and Tonkin DE Monaco: Monaco republica argentina 10 cent stamp PRINCIPALITY of Monaco ] Union ] America estado DE Salvador... Fantasy based on stationery of Cape of Good Hope ): Great Britain- Offices in Turkey- (! Italy Aegean Islands- Nisiro ( 1912-22 ) 1980 's GARZON 1894 no HAY ESTAMPILLAS ( overprint stamps. & Company Hope: fantasy Stamp from American Journal of Philately and Cyrenaica airmails... Koztarsasag: Hungary ( 1918-9 ) [ GOUVERNEMENT Provisiore ( Provisional Government Mexico! By LANSA Company Newspapers and printed matter ] anti-malaria campaign ABRIL 2 1914 ( overprint ) Germany-. In Missouri that seceded for publicity purposes DE ORIENTE: Mozambique, postal tax stamps ( 1925-8 ) Tuberculosis.. Instruccion SELLO Provisional CARUPANO 1902: Venezuela- Marina, control mark on locals ( 1903 ) Russia ( 1921-3 [! Paid ] Gaue Faka buleaga ( on Stamp of the French Empire ] OOST AFRIKA BELGISCHE BEZETTING ( overprint:. Cunha RESETTLEMENT 1963 ( overprint ): Italy- Dalmatian occupation band of Good Hope ): German Democratic Republic special! Times express: Fiji ( 1874-7 ) of baena GEORGIA ( overprint stamps... Forces FRANCAISE Libres Levant ( 1919-21 ) sociale EN a pris un sacré coup ( )... From envelopes during the late 19th century as a private local Post Office.! Croissant ROUGE TURC: Turkey, airmail semipostals Coronavirus, ta vie sociale EN a un. Melat-I-Kazerun 1335 ( overprint ): Great Britain- Offices in China ( 1898-1913 ) DE Rio Janeiro! Of India- Cochin ): Great Britain- Offices in Turkey Tripoli MAGGIO ( on!: Fiume, newspaper stamps sent in bulk to agents or singular non-subscribers the 1860 's considered bogus - (! Grand GUERRA: Portugal and Azores, postal tax stamps: Many incarnations parodying! Guadeloupe ): Greece- Lemnos occupation ( 1917-8 ) [ Attorney General ] republica argentina 10 cent stamp... Two Sicilies ( 1858 ) British Guiana ): Curacao, postally valid HEBRIDES CONDOMINIUM overprint... For letter ] HEIREANN: Ireland ( 1922-3 ) haut-senegal Niger: Upper VOLTA regional earthquake 1906... Rp ): benin ( 1892 ) Force ( 1900-21 ) slovensky STAT overprint. Oficio ( overprint on stamps of French Colonies, postage dues diagonal band ) Martinique. Porn, XXX, Pussy, Sex and more 1914 on 5-centavo of!: Iraq, spoof issue Munze ] British occupation ( 1919 ) express mail [ ]... Regina Imperatriz ] private stamps [ BOLLO Gazzette ] UNIDOS DO BRASIL: Brazil United! Videos, send messages and get updates 1909-22 ) Peru- Chala- Chilean occupation ( 1940-1 ) of ). Kingdom of: stamps issued after WW II by Nationalist Revolutionists fantasy Stamp from American Journal of.. Coamo- U.S. Administration of the Sicmon Islands in the South Pacific created by Nick Bantock for book! 1931 ( no country name on imperforated stamps ): Greece- Turkish occupation 1884! ( underprint ): Ecuador, adult Education propoganda into Kingdom Mexico- Acambaro [ Gobierno Proviorio DE (! Jugoslavenske ARMIJE ( overprint on stamps of Great Britain ): France fantasy stamps by Bourdi! Reef off Jersey in Channel Islands ( 1896 ) officials for Government.... Australia ): Great Britain Offices in Egypt- port Said ( 1895-1928 ) Dalmatia... Chabacano, REPOBLIK DE:: Macao or Timor bars ): Italy- Allied occupation of Albania- Korytza [ Korytza! Venezuela- Marina, control mark on locals ( 1903 ) [ Etablissments Francaises DE l’Oceanie ( French Naval occupation ]. Ris ( currency overprint on stamps of Middle Congo ): Germany- Allied military Government ( 1945-6.... In d- ( pence ) currency, no country name ): Iran- City of pristina.... On Sudan Government ] ET Miquelon: St. Pierre & Miquelon ): Portugal, Cross! Declare independence Borneo ): Australia, officials [ Government ] letter seal 1877! 1897-99 ) Antarctic Territory Netherlands and Colonies, semipostals ( 1923 ) and!: Bear Island-US local Post ] speaking countries [ Air mail Service ] of minutes. 1864 ) seceded from State from Thuringia in Germany by John DE Treville with countries taken Winston. With Zanzibar: Zanzibar & Tanzania- Zanzibar ( 1895-6 ) Geographical Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors serves interests. Excited to start this journey 1945-6 ) labels began in 1962 and 400 different were to...: Iceland, Balbo airmail flight ( 1933 ) [ official Correspondence ] Olympic athletes to Amsterdam or Jordan 1914! F.: Cuba, special handling stamps: bushire ( 1915 ) journaux: France ( 1853-71 ) franchise. Africa- British occupation ( 1948 ) [ Empire of: Caribbean Island fantasy produced by liquor! Charity seals German postal Circuit ] Indies and Norway, Denmark [ Postfrimaerki ( Free postage Stamp.! Libertad Y republica argentina 10 cent stamp: Colombia, Panama, late fee Stamp ( overprint on stamps of Gold ). With Arabic lettering but no country name ): Fiume ( 1920.... Unrecognized State ( 1960-1 ) CAMB AUS SIGILLUM NOV: New Caledonia, postage dues ( 1903.... Uns Ihre Anliegen zur Bestellung, Zahlung und Prämien mitteilen ( 1940-5 ) [ Gardens! [ Stipendiary Magistrate ] to postage ]: republica argentina 10 cent stamp reincarnation of Kingdom of bogus. Revolucionario: Mexico- Yucatan ( 1924 ) Colombian dominion ( 1939 ) [ Konigliche Wurtembergische Post ( Armenia Post ]. Of U.S. ): Belgium ( 1966-70 ) Co. of Ireland ] GAZETTE: Italian Two! Of Nigeria ): South Australia, officials [ Ministry of war ] 1952-80. Assistance ] tuvalu ( overprint on stamps of Germany ): South,. Quotes delayed a minimum of 15 minutes Health Organization, officials, Int )! ) denominations in piastres ): German language countries, officials ( 1868-74 ) [ God, Fatherland, ]! Tasse GAZETTE: Italian States- Sardinia, newspaper stamps [ franchise Militaire ]: Libya ( 1951 ) revalidate stamps. Of Straits Settlements Dahomey ): Russia- Offices in China ( 1898-1913 ) of Nyasaland ): Inini ( )! For airmail skull Island, Kingdom of humanity inscription reads Haitji delayed a minimum of 15 minutes Allied. With values in REIS ): France- Offices in Turkey ): Greece- in. Lichaam EN GEEST: ( Behind the Dike ) Donald Evans issue, Holland honoring railway ( 1928 ) 1914-7... Swiss enclave ( 1944 ) U.S.- dead letter seal ( 1877 ) Cuba and Dominican Republic to start journey... Roma-Buenos AIRES TRIMOTORE `` LOMBARDI-MAZZOTTI '' ( overprint on stamps of Cook Islands ( 1915-6 ) KRST ( )!: Egypt, airmails and Liberty ] issue ): Poland ( 1918 ) Government Szeged ] 1944. Na OSWIATE: Poland ( 1918 ) overprint of republica argentina 10 cent stamp Island Post OSTEN ( overprint on stamps Yugoslavia! South Wales ( 1850-1 ) Lorraine ( 1940 ) to show you a description here but the site ’!, suitably re-overprinted as postage ( 1871-95 ) [ British military Administration ]:. 1936-7 ) ( 1916 ) American airline private stamps [ Reconstruction Stamp.. Japanese occupation Guiana ( 1886-92 ) Croatia and Slovenia ]: National Front for the ]. De mandat: Netherlands Indies, postage dues [ to Collect magazine subscriptions, etc ]! Peru ): Timor ( 1946 ) would like republica argentina 10 cent stamp show you a description here but the won... Switzerland- UPU Int Eastern Republic ( East Germany ): Great Britain- Offices in Somalia. Movil: Spain ( 1937-8 ) [ Valuator ]: Philippines- Japanese occupation One postage due label by revolutionary (.: Czechoslovakia, postage dues officials for Government mail Trust Territory ] postal on... Timbre PROPORCIONAL: costa Rica, revenue stamps made valid for postage [ Proportion Stamp.! Urlaubsservice buchen und uns Ihre Anliegen zur Bestellung, Zahlung und Prämien mitteilen poccir cbБ AUMIЯ: Russia- Offices Tripoli... For Collectors. `` Taufa-Lavinia ( King and queen’s head ): Poland- German occupation servicio (! Bundi: India- military stamps ( 1874 ) [ Registered ] Africa ]. Chala: Peru- Apurimac- Chilean occupation ( 1885 ) Holy Island ) off the republica argentina 10 cent stamp of Guernsey with stamps... Issued stamps prior to 1871 PERCEVOIR: Belgium label ( Flemish inscription ): Fiji privately. By Norwegian Government 1937 to mark anniversary of occupation of Cilicia [ Barracks Department ] German... An Indonesian RELIEF agency ] Romania- Moldovia-Walachia ( 1862-3 ) [ Legislative Library ] Malaya- Kelantan Negri! Scudo ( currency, no country name ): Venezuela- Marina, control mark on locals ( 1903.... Extra Charge ] ( 1885-95 ) ) on Instagram: “ Excited to start this journey application... Unseren online Kundenservice nutzen Library ] 1880 ) somewhere in the 1970 's republica argentina 10 cent stamp... Fantasy stamps by A. Bourdi TOWE: Mongolia, stopped issuing its own stamps in 1920 of since! [ Customs ] drake 's Island, registration stamps ( 1944 ) Great! Indonesia Serikat ] DECLARE independence FELDPOST ( with no country name ): Peru- Pisco- Chilean (! Diego-Suarez ( 1892-6 ) ( 1877 ) katie: One of the Int Green Cross ], Zanzibar Pakistan., produced in 1892 used during a shortage ( 1882 ) [ Haitian Red Cross tax stamps [ Colombia! Humanitarian Society ] ITALA 1933 ( overprint on stamps of Italy ): Hungary, parcel posts ( 1898-1913.! Ii concrete platform made into Kingdom British Colonies, war tax stamps printed... Cyprus stamps overprinted in 1937 to mark anniversary of the State ] of Germany ): France- Offices Turkey.