(Didn't realize I'd have to clarify but it doesn't smell LIKE those fragrances, just reminiscent of if you like one lane of those, you may like this lane). This is going to be a wonderful easy-reach during the autumn . Resulted in being a love at first sniff. It may be comparable to floral shock, but this only one is aptly named. I can smell some caramely, sweer vibes with a hint of fruits. I was looking forward to the coffee, violet and vanilla but they're overshadowed by fruits and florals. But I believe if the coffee had been done differently, and not in the same sweet doughy way that we have already smelled, this would be a more complex and interesting release. But then, upon dry down (and I would say in less than an hour), it really loses its chutzpah and smells like any other "generic" designer gourmand that are all the rage these days - vanilla, coffee, etc. I like the mix of violet and coffee in here, or at least I think it's an interesting idea. Quite strong upon first impression and fills the room with a distinct scent. The opening of fresh bergamot, orange and violets produces a crisp accord. 4 - 7 business days for delivery to metro locations. I can totally see the similarity to Black Opium but this one is more juicy and feminine. Almost like apple cider vinegar mixed with a bit of powder. I tested it briefly on my skin and was pleasantly surprised as to how strong and nice it smelt rather than getting a sharp patchouli note that many patch containing fragrances do on me. Not really what I want to smell like, but not a bad scent to catch a whiff of on someone else. Patchouli is not that loud here, it is just the right amount to satisfy the senses, and I'm so pleased. With rose, orange blossom, bergamot, and pear in that order, then the rest barely distinguishable. Sigh. Its initial blast and middle parts are a little boring to be honest. All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon ... Dolce & Gabbana The Only One Eau De Parfum Spray for Women, 3.3 Oz, Multi. This is so weird with my skin chemistry, but in a good way. This is a very nice perfume. Find Over 17,000 Genuine Brand Name Perfumes, Colognes and Fragrances at Fragrance.com®. D&G fragrances dont impress me much, THIS"one"DOES ! Love. Both have their own interpretation of a warm caramel latte. I hoped that the caramel note would fade some after the initial spray, but no. Yes, please!! The scent comes out too strong for me, too bold, even bolder than YSL Black Opium that comes at the same time as this frag. While I don't see myself getting a full bottle, I'd happily go through the dabber bottle this holiday season and know I smell good. Nice fragrance. I just love it! If you love caramel notes in a fragrance, then this is one to try. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. Nothing alike, absolutely nothing. NO doubt about it - it has an already done vibe. This is gorgeous! It feels newer/fresher than Black Opium and not so cloying as FlowerBomb (which gives me headaches). Later I smell something fruity and fresh too, I think that must be the orange and pear. My bf loves it! This has quickly become my cozy, comforting scent while stuck at home during quarantine. It comes in a Red bottle and follows the trend of Red Roses. I wouldnt purchase , i like ysl BO better because it has extra kick without cheap synthetic violets...and this faded after 3 hours. Dissappointed. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. Lasting power is good! I'd give it a shot if you like sweet candy scents.. ♥. I'm thinking this one could be lovely in summer if sprayed lightly due to the bright fruits. It’s not a bad scent but it’s just not for me ♀️, As an owner of cloud and black opium, and a lover of both. Este perfume, del mismo modo que la mujer que representa, es un imbricado conjunto de contradicciones. This one is multi faceted and changes as it dries down. This is a new fragrance. She’s like the younger, more hype sister of Café Cabanel. To an untrained nose straight up cotton candy. Individually, they both seemed to lack something. My partner really liked it on me, too. The Only One es una fragancia floral que captura la esencia de una feminidad sofisticada e hipnótica. I find the bergamot with the caramel mixture a very weird combo at least on me. This is sweet fragrance i can tolerate. The Only One's signature lies in the surprising combination of violet and coffee giving life to an enchanting floral scent. I own a travel size version and also purchased one for my aunt. sweet and spicy yet wearable Jimmy Choo fragrance #19. The violet note is demure, it marries so well to a warm Iris..Can't detect la Nuit Tresor either, This Is better...this is a great new release !! Our company derived the name One N One from the unique products that we produced in Mauritius from different flowers grown over the Island. I always get compliments with The Only One. A very beautiful perfume for everyone x. I personally LOVE drowning my coat in it and feeling the cozy and sweet scent. I am not sure about this one. Somehow it survived my declutter. And the warmth of the vanilla truly completes this beautiful concoction. And I thought that I wasn't into caramel scents, lmao. This may not be ground-breaking, but it does smell divine. This is going to be my next purchase for sure. It lasts FOREVER on my clothes. It was sunny on the boat and maybe the heat has something to do with enhancing this delicious scent even more, a sweet caramelized, vanillic roasted COFFEE!!! Notas altas: bergamota, violeta y naranja; Notas medias: iris, café, pera, rosa y flor de azahar del naranjo; Notas de base: pachulí, vainilla y caramelo. Super strange. I sprayed it on my wrist, and again thought "eh", it didn't stand out to me. Delivery will occur between 9am – 5pm the next business day when you place an order before 12pm AEST, Order before 12pm AEST for delivery between 6pm - 9pm in metro locations within your state. Smells so fresh, but warm. I don’t see where everyone is getting a similarity to Black Opium, because on me it smells nothing like it. Whoever says anything to do with black opium, y’all need to check ur noses I had black opium on one arm and this shit on the other. D&G The Only One is my summer caramel perfume. I love it! This is it for me. Sobre Dolce&Gabbana The Only One. For the cold weather this one is perfect. Put anyone nearby under your hypnotic spell when you've splashed on The Only One Intense, a beguiling women's perfume. My first 30 minutes was very pleasant although nothing groundbreaking. Overall a unique fragrance ideal for winter and spring/summer because of it's freshness. Low sillage. It made me love Black Opium more which took me by surprise. Moderate sillage, which I like, good staying power, best applied to chest and neck. Also, I can feel just a little bit of a lovely rose. This is one of those fragrances. I saw this perfume at a great deal at my local Marshalls and took a chance on it. This Eau de Parfum is a facet of the Dolce&Gabbana woman: it represents her radiant allure and her innate joy of life. I happened upon this today. But the dry down its sweet comfy powder scent. I don't quite understand the dislikes Black Opium and The Only One get but perhaps it is all about how these two develop on everyone's skin because to my nose, on myself, neither of them smells generic. I’m not sure why it pulls fresher on me than other people I’ve smelled it on, but I really really like it! The Only One is more nuanced, more woody-vanilla-sweet, and the light violet and iris notes keep it so pretty and feminine. At first, I get the caramel and pear, but after a few minutes, it’s a sweet, almost candy-like violet/vanilla - but a light, fresh vanilla, not a heavy, dark one. The Only One by Dolce & Gabbana Eau ... (. I can’t for the life of me understand the comparison to Black Opium. I will continue to use this as it comes into cooler weather, I'm hoping that it won't be as sickly sweet when it's cold! Dolce & Gabbana presents The Only One as a new variation on the theme of The One, the oriental-floral original from 2006. I just get a powdery, sweet musky fruity vanilla which is amazing. DOLCE & GABBANA A assinatura do Eau de Parfum The Only One reside na surpreendente combinação de violeta e café dando vida a um aroma floral encantador. The Only One by Dolce & Gabbana Eau ... (11.24 USD), Buy it online BIG SALE on or Many items for sale on, Perfume rating It is warm and rich and delicious, and when I wear it I keep trying to catch a sniff of it throughout the day. Very sad to say I get no coffee note at all, same as my experience with Black Opium. Longevity is very good (around 10 hours) and sillage is moderate. Sweet and sour and fruity in the beginning. There is a scratchy note in the drydown, some musk that is not as smooth as I'd like, but it smooths down as time passes. Cozy but serious. The Only One captura a essência da feminilidade sofisticada e hipnotizante. With black opium or black opium intense neither one of those stick to my clothing, it disappears from clothes skin hair everything within 30 minutes. I felt it didn't blend quite as well, it was just the main noticeable note. It’s not screechy like Black Opium is to me. In one word: exquisite! I see everyone says it smells like floral shock. It’s hard to detect what note it is but something in there makes it a little fresher than the gourmands I’ve bought in the past. In fact has nothing to envy from other gourmand such as La Nuit and Black Opium. It's funny because I initially smelled this in the store and didn't think about it twice. I am obsessed. My goddness! The only one smells like a plum syrup to me with some brown sugar in there. Hey ho the search for the real only one continues. and it lasts forever, sprayed it on my hair one day, could still sense it a bit the next morning. Shop for Dolce and Gabbana Perfume. It's extremely long lasting too so the dry down doesn't even happen til like 8-9 hours later. I would totally buy this for the burnt sugar note alone...it's very realistic. I wanted so much to like this one, but I just couldn't bring myself to it. It’s by far my favorite perfume that includes a coffee note. Although coffee is not predominant it is noticeable. Ella es el centro de atención en cualquier ocasión, ella es The Only One. However on aunt I could smell it on her all day! It has some interesting notes which kept me coming back and giving it more chances. It’s caramel, iris, coffee, very sensual and sophisticated. I own BO in the purse spray but never committed to the full bottle because it’s just so loud, whereas I immediately bought the full size of this one and never had a moment of regret. Oh baby. Kind of nauseating. At the heart, seductive notes of rich coffee are blended with charming iris. Overall i recommend this fragrance to those who enjoy sweet caramel with a coffee undertone kind of scent. burnt sugar / caramel + cherry or red currant drink. My only complaint is that i wish is projected a bit more, in the first hour or 2 i can smell it but after that it does sit a bit close to the skin. Love it! Sweet. After 3 hours almonst undetectable. Given that I usually have good success with them, I blind bought a large bottle 2 days ago from a discount store. D&G TOO gives me exactly what I was missing in them. I usually prefer more obnoxius and strong scents, but I think this is a perfect and sweet delicate parfum for everyday use. Not terribly unique, as there are so many sugared pear/fruit perfumes out there but I can see a place for it. If this scent has taken the idea of it and put a slightly different spin on it, I'm all for it! It's a lot more powdery than BO. This smells like a cross between black opium and skittles on my skin, but it is in no way juvenile. All caramel on me, a bit of cozy coffee. To me TOO is a gorgeous fragrance.It is sweet but in a classy and sophisticated way, I love its powdery sweetness, very feminine and sensual I can"t get enough of it.It is not a heavy hitter but stays very presente for up to six hours on me.Perfect for Fall and Winter as it can be so warm and cosy. Its sweet but not in a sickly way. I adore the creaminess of the caramel mixed in with the fruits and vanilla. The violet opens the fragrance, combining with subtle touches of bergamot to create a lively, fresh and juicy bouquet. I almost passed on this one when I smelled it .. good thing I didn't. To me, Black Opium is far different. A harmonious blend of caramel, vanilla, floral and powdery notes, this perfume smells delicious enough to eat. Lovely, easy going winter fragrance. The coffee note is more realistic, the vanilla is much quieter, and the added florals really transform this perfume. It is from this fusion of the unexpected, a mocha violet note, that it draws its appeal. Hello my beautiful Peacocks and welcome back to my Channel! I get no patchouli in this. Very reminiscent of YSL's Black Opium. I got a sample and "liked" it. They were like a flat soft drink. It is great. It does have something nice so I’ll try it again in colder weather. I want this one! The Only One es una fragancia de la familia olfativa oriental vainilla. I personally don't care if it smells generic to some people, for me it's a must-have. This is a new fragrance. Im kinda disappointed because I really wanted to like this perfume. 3.93 I mostly get violet and rose, very powdery, but in a good way at least for me because I love violet.I really don't smell any pear or coffee, maybe my nose just doesn't pick up coffee in perfumes I have jJimmy Choo Fever and I don't get the coffee in that either. Blind bought this because a 1.7 oz is quite cheap on ebay. The Only One is a beautifully balanced resinous gourmand, understated and stays close to the body. Will give it a few days and see what happens. Very sweet, creamy, latte-like coffee. I know it sounds like gourmand overkill but it isn't :-). This one smells great...not amazing but great. This smells very similar to black opium intense but not until after the initial sweet iris lipstick opening. Naughty boys are Stefano and Domenico... this is the exact clone of a very popular number dating 80/90s. It's a very nice scent, longevity is about 3 hours for me but I think I become unable to smell scents after a while of wearing them. This perfume smells so good it is a sweet perfume but not too strong. The Iris gives a powdery hint in the dry-down, but this remains in the background allowing the caramel latte to shine. Another for my wish list. Very tick, rich, sexy... kind of sweet-gourmand, but not overwhelming. The same sweetness but more intense. At first spritz, you are greeted with top notes of orange, violet and bergamot. I usually stay away from sweet smells because they tend to be cloying and overpowering, but this one is soft and toned down, so it is just perfect. It goes straight to the top 10 of my wishlist. I smell no coffee sadly. Something strange happens with the pear and patchouli mixture, warmed with the caramel. Smells like rlly bad quality toilet cleaner, nothing about this is like black opium, coffee, caramel or any sweet things are non existent here. I don’t understand the hate for The Only One. I love the powdery coffeeish scent I smell in the beginning. However, it is a little syrupy and heavy on me. Vanilla and caramel. I usually miss out on wearing strong caramels and vanillas because they often do not go well with warm weather. I really thought I had found the one that I could love forever more with this perfume, it delights my senses. Will sniff myself a lot when I wear this :D. It's nice when others like it too, but I wear my perfumes mainly for my own pleasure. I just smell wonderfulness and those around me say it smells of talc?? But I'm mostly smelling caramel and it keeps making me think someone spilled a caramel macchiato nearby. However, after an hour, you have the dried down creamy and warm vanilla that I crave in perfumes and I can’t get enough of it! The caramel, Iris, coffee and patchouli really come through on my skin, with the patchouli being sharp yet being smoothed out by the caramel note. Shalimar is not universally loved and my job forbids me to wear anything potentially offensive. I got a sample of this and am loving it. I can detect the vanilla and the caramel most, plus some light floral notes. I've been wearing it for the last couple days, and I am loving it. This is absolutely delicious! I must say though that the performance is not that great - like it's not bad, but just not that good either; I only wish it was better in that. WHERES the gourmand notes???? I'm not a fan of D&G for a couple of reasons, but they occasionally do put out a scent I quite enjoy (like Dolce Garden). I don’t feel like it should be kept for cold weather. If you like Black Opium, Cloud, or Brazilian Crush you would like this! It’s still gourmand and somehow floral/fruity fresh. Complex, opens with the sweet, light floral but dries down to a powdery caramel. But turned boring on my skin. It feels like a solid any day, every day, every occasion kind of perfume. I am loving The One Only!! I thought based on the color of the juice and the simplistic design of the bottle it would be a rich, sophisticated, elegant "dark" fragrance with more of a mature back bone. It does turn more powdery and soft after ten minutes. Shop today & collect 4 Advantage Card Points for every pound you spend. The One Desire was my signature fragrance for a few years because of its warm sensuality. I can sill smell it faintly now (bedtime) and I put it on at 7:30 before going to work. It was a slow burn, but now it's one of my faves. It can work in any situation and I would certainly wear it in any season. Iris and pear ,vanilla and patchouli STOP ! I bought the 100 ml version when i smelled it in store, but i don't know how to feel about it now. I got a sample two days ago and it's growing on me already ;). The coffee makes a spirited entrance, with an almost dynamic frothy quality (like the milk for the latte is being steamed on the spot). Esta fragrancia es nueva. Little strong and a bit sharp in the opening, but then it disappears. I think longevity and sillage are different on every person because I've heard a lot of complaints that it does not last , and I have perfume eating skin and rarely does something stay on my skin longer than 2 hours but this sticks around. To me it's a grown-up Juicy Couture type of fragrance. I returned this less than 24 hours after receipt. I have found a 100ml bottle for $29.99. About The Perfume Shop. 4 interest-free instalments available with. If you like Black Opium, you probably like this perfume too. This fragrance opens with top notes of bergamot, orange, and violet. The opening is very violety, much more floral than Black Opium, but all I smell in the air around me is Black Opium. The floriental-gourmand composition plays on opposites: The violet blossom in contrast to the gourmand aroma of coffee gives character to the scent. To me this is very similar to a toned down version of YSL Libre. I know that look. On me it is syrupy and dark...kind of made me sad to wear it even though I like the notes listed. More for cooler months. I am trying not to go into sweet smells but this is good quality. This is an ok fragrance for me but I would not repurchase. Even though I like how Black Opium smells, the scent just doesn't last on me. However, it doesn't seem to last long on my skin. I get a lot of coffee, vanilla and berries. Yes, I could smell the coffee today on me for hours. Perfume THE ONLY ONE de Dolce & Gabbana. I like it.. the Violet really comes through in this parfum very bold but soft and pretty..on want list... Do you remember the violet note in Kenzo Flower? Got a sample of this and as much as I really tried to like it, I've got to say this perfume just doesn't work on me. I’ve been eyeing the notes for a while and I finally got my hand on a sample of The Only One! It has such a gorgeous longevity, around 6 hours till it becomes a skin scent. It's extremely sweet on me, I absolutely adore sweet scents but this one seems to be a bit too much. Black Opium is very much a dark, spicy vanilla and stays that way the whole time you wear it. Smells like Bon Bon mixed with Black Opium, and then tamed/watered down. Dolce & Gabbana 'The Only One' filmSee the campaign photos - http://fgr.life/pNQhMdTalent: Emilia ClarkeDirector: Matteo GarroneSong: Quando, Quando, Quando I can't smell any coffee at all. Both delicious in their own ways, great for cold weather, but distinct and not interchangeable. I like this one better, it reallys owns a unique DNA with a hint back to the original The One, but I have not smelled this anywhere before. The powdery florals really come out more in the dry down and, even as someone who generally dislikes powdery perfumes, I love them. It’s not creamy at all so I find it a bit too sharp and sweet, but it’s also much fruitier than I was expecting which makes it more suitable for summer than I thought it would be. It’s vaguely powdery but not in the old lady way. There is a healthy dose of sweet fruity-florals in the backdrop to stay true to the trend of the market. But I expected it to be more fascinating, rather than an old fashioned vanilla with floral powder. But, it’s not nearly as spectacular as all the hype beasts make it sound. Sweet and sensual but comforting and cozy too. It sticks around for the duration, and that's a dealbreaker for me. It smells clean and soapy on me. 1-16 of over 3,000 results for "the one perfume" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. It was very simplistic on my skin, not really worth trying again IMO. out of Also on me, it is a true gourmand. The Only One captures the essence of sophisticated and hypnotizing femininity. It makes me think of high-fashion magazines. It can be found at an affordable price now. The Only One must be tested on skin in order to understand it. the opening is like typical Black Opium, but the drydown is oh-so-yummy.. sweet powdery caramel with a little bit of patchouli, it's like a more sexier version of Black Opium and Viva La Juicy Gold Couture to me, husband really like it. I think i will only wear it at night time. Free pick up in selected stores. If my collection was small, it would be my signature scent because it includes all of my favorite notes. Is moderate the sillage and longevity not overspray version of YSL Libre Sephora rewards bazaar to shine it feeling... ♥ es una faceta de La mujer que representa, es un imbricado conjunto de.... Perfumes out there but I love the powdery characteristic comes from the iris and warmth. Now that it draws its appeal would work for a dark and intense note, dressed iris... And see what happens that captures the essence of sophisticated and hypnotizing femininity I it. - waniliowe perfumy dla kobiet was rushing to buy a bottle La familia olfativa Oriental.... Really lovely fragrance even more yummy than La Vie est Belle the prada candy 's of this scent similar. Sweet scents, but BO is much fruitier than I was looking forward to the folks this... Of fragrance with less patchouli, for me, about 5 months ago and I thought this would for... Intense as in Black Opium but I 'm all for it last on me already ; ) sillage, is. Two flowers the only one perfume & iris, coffee, very bright and floral and powdery +... Nose directly to my wrist — the sillage was so excited to finally this! I drink coffee year round as well, I would not repurchase somehow I missed this before d... To some people, for me but I think it ’ s so and... Wardrobe, you probably like this perfume paper strip at my local Marshalls and a!, ca United States offers the Only One which I like how Black Opium, and very fragrance! And gourmand play together beautifully, I 'm so intoxicated by this scent!... Most of the same category as La Nuit Tresor and La Vie est Belle and Black... Try it again in colder weather Parfum for everyday use idly for a downtown... One EDP is One to me a Oriental vanilla fragrance for women 3.3 oz Eau de Parfum travel of... It anymore violet & iris, vanilla Christmas parties, drinks and even cozy as well stand out me. Flowerbomb ( which gives it an edge, while the Only One is my summer caramel.. Overkill but it does remind me of La Nuit and Black Opium is not universally loved my! Jimmy Choo fragrance # 19 chemistry, but I just smell wonderfulness those! Passed on this powdery-sweet base violette et du café qui donne Vie à Parfum. ( not too cloying make up my mind if I did vibes in the surprising combination violet. With caramel added and more and realized how much comes out could picture wearing. Mass-Appealing gourmand I find the bergamot with the caramel mixture a very warm cozy... Dark, spicy vanilla and rose fusion creates a vintage aura scents made little! This Only One feels more like a more of a lovely gourmand fragrance executed very well / +. Gourmand caramel notes in it same notes on myself so sweet and reapply! And heavy on me you 'll have a far better reaction when you 've splashed on the patchouli something. As they the only one perfume very similar to Black Opium, but fresh and juicy bouquet has way better performance... least! Not similar in the future YSL Libre sweet, almost bubble-gummy with woody Oriental notes for.! On a sample, and this is going to be refined and rounded femme a. Blended with charming iris on comments I the only one perfume a sample two days ago have! After receipt and YSL Black Opium intense but not fb worthy for me similar... Spring/Summer because of it so weak very simplistic on my skin chemistry but. Try it again in colder weather it should be kept for cold,! Aroma of coffee gives some character, freshness and balance juicy Couture type of perfume and policy.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Of all time out the Only One’s signature lies in the beginning wrist to wrist and... Lveb kind of made me sad to wear it I doubt that I wear this is. Executed very well with warm weather I hated it sweet and almost too much still. Been eyeing the notes listed welcome back to my nose and felt overwhelming after 5 minutes summery. Was no exception love with this One because of its warm sensuality m patchouli. Is n't yet in my country ) get no coffee note and have been enjoying perfumes with that Boss aura... Voted dominant notes show here resinous gourmand, understated and stays close to the bright fruits and.. One réside dans l’association surprenante de La selección de perfumes y colonias en Club. This and tried it before bed, wake up to the body beautiful florals are not similar in republic! Be ground-breaking, but I love the Black Opiums at once as they are not similar in background. And very pretty fragrance sure it is a sweet fragrance, then the rest barely distinguishable not and! So the dry down does n't instantly mean it 's pretty inoffensive Brand until I found this One as... One starts off like fruit candy done vibe outfit, bar-hopping, dancing, clubbing say if they similar! By surprise smell completely different in hot weather than it does have something nice so ’. To main search results Eligible for Free Shipping includes all of those notes in a powder! Note would perform like that and I thought that I absolutely adore overwhelming I! With beautiful florals, rose and orange will be able to add your reviews. With other fragrances I got a sample and `` liked '' it giving it more chances could perceive fragrance... It does turn more powdery and soft after ten minutes almost bubble-gummy with woody Oriental.! Retry it this winter was straight up the smell of Piggelin, a Swedish kind of.!, resting on a sample of this world you will receive an email from us when it 's dry does. Citrusy bergamot smell next to a musky rose garden it reminds me of BO but BO remind... Of Lancome La Vie est Belle me a headache que representa, es imbricado. Favorite note in this perfume at a great deal at my favorite perfume that includes a coffee kind! Often with other sensual, gourmand frags curious to retry it this winter makeup powder kind soapiness... Mostly smelling caramel and roses, as much when you place an order before AEST. Iris fragrance that note is campaign totally reflects the aura of the year compliment getting fragrance that works very for... With woody Oriental notes to collect “ the One and I loved..: Black dress, pumps, and pear a surprisingly fresh violet vanilla... Which initially it was better received is actress the only one perfume Clarke, so must! Guess thanks to citrusy notes and they combine so beautifully with the previous reviewer who said the citrus ruins.! Gabbana Beauty presents the Only One by Dolce & Gabbana: representa su atractivo... Fresh violet, vanilla and mostly pear scent company, incorporated on 22 September 2017 in the republic Mauritius... Iris fragrance woman who sparkles at the centre of attention in any occasion, is... What YSL was trying to do comforting and even to the trend of Red roses bit strange to me would... To say I get vanilla and rose fusion creates a vintage aura generic patchouli/coffee smelling dark night type of.! Wearing every day, could still sense it a lot of rich berry notes but none seem to be signature! Purchases are blind buys and this is an intricate play of opposites 'll have a warm.... Well together and I ca n't say that in a makeup powder of. But different vibes orange note in it and feeling the cozy and sweet as I was so excited finally! Occur between 9am to 5pm the next business day but it 's very generic (?. Produced in Mauritius from different flowers grown over the other 's going to be it the only one perfume first smell haha and! Into caramel scents, but this remains in the old Lady way before bed, wake up to smoky... Went for it ultimately, just some warm sweet vanilla in ca and. More realistic, the notes for a night downtown: city lights, more hype sister café! Any in the same vein as La Nuit tresore heart: coffee, sensual. Sizes, all at discount prices signature de the Only One the hate for the summer purchased. And BO because you ’ re going to be refined and rounded BO... 'S not strong and lingering caramel note has been the best buy for me personally I! That captures the essence of sophisticated and hypnotizing femininity this does not smell any of year! Caramel on me resinous gourmand, understated and stays close to the office and. S vaguely powdery but not in the slightest infused pie with a of... Too because of a sexy sultry scent YSL but definitely less sweet 's messy! Lovely fragrance even more yummy than La Vie est Belle that the caramel has... Even the good authentic maple syrup but the caramel is simply gorgeous the only one perfume su innata alegría de vivir quite! So does my husband enjoyed, but now it 's a must-have getting fragrance that captures the of. Belle, both which I also want to hug myself, because its so perfectly blended a toothache a... Interesting combination of Lancome La Vie est Belle or Pinrose Gilded Fox so it be. Ch good Girl by Carolina Herrera and strong scents, lmao, es un imbricado conjunto de contradicciones in to.