You can study the content for free and only pay if you want to do the assignments and receive a certificate of completion. In order to successfully manage travel business process, we need to see to the quality of tourism companies, products and services, as well as of tourism resources. By having the right knowledge, every individual, who already steers or who wishes to successfully steer the tempests of the business world, learns and accepts one of the main resources for generating added value. It is often linked to small and medium-sized enterprises. It is therefore that much more important to understand interculturalism in the business context. BA Honours Tourism Development. You will be able to prepare and monitor feedback on guest satisfaction in the form of surveys, i.e. The course will familiarise you with the main laws of economics, the meaning and the main characteristics of a company, the characteristics of production, demand, supply, and costs. Innovative thinking does not have a strict start and let us hope that it does not have an end. SITTTSL002. This course uses fun and engaging lessons that educate you on operations and management topics in the hospitality and tourism industry. We highlight the importance of practical experience – which all our students acquire during their studies. What is part of marketing? You will be able to communicate in various environments, in Slovene and in foreign languages. Today, events have strongly outgrown their initial forms of meetings or fairs. 16 weeks Level 4. SITTTSL002. SITTTSL005. TAFE SA tourism course focus on experiential learning, in and out of the classroom. The course will help you enrich (upgrade) your roles in designing a modern organisation, a modern organisational culture and climate and further help you in the field of modern management, which is able to utilise appropriate methods of planning, organising, managing and supervising, as well as help you shape organisational strategies and recognise and solve conflict situations in organisations. You also learn the skills needed to be a tour guide around a … We use cookies to make sure our websites work effectively and to improve your user experience. As a Tourism Management-Business Development (Co-op) graduate, you have the skills needed to manage tourism operations and develop innovative marketing initiatives to ensure your organization stands out from the crowd. Finances are part of our everyday lives, both in business and personal matters, even though we are not even aware of it. After graduating they can specialise in operations management, marketing, sales, eco-tourism, human resources, finance, training, business development and event planning. Apart from this, candidates can also acquire adequate knowledge to excel in the field of Tour Operations by pursuing a broader Travel and Tourism course, as most of these courses … Gain the skills needed for success in an exciting career in tourism and hospitality management both in Canada and … An important part of the seminar is the familiarisation with the virtual learning environment and technologies for successful studies and the development of competencies in learning to learn and online learning. You will gain modern knowledge for excellent tourism management, while being able to engage in strategic thinking and work planning in tourism. Students study concepts such as legal liability, risk mitigation, and standard of care. They prepare the company’s information strategy, as only a few companies are able to survive without one in the long run. If only a few years ago social media were considered being of secondary importance, today, we can no longer imagine the World Wide Web without social media. Courses require 20- 30 contact hours for completion and are self paced but individual courses must be completed within 90 days of your start date and all courses must be completed within one year of the start of the first course. We do not see the thoughts of marketing experts who connect all these and other effects and activities of marketing into a harmonised unity so that the products are available at points of sale on time, in the right condition, and in appropriate quantities.