2.05 White Car (a capella) (1.35) 18th August 1980 1.04 The Clap (6.09)    1.08 Tempus Fugit #2 (5.07) In the end, we’ll agree, we’ll accept, we’ll immortalise audiences had been. 2.01 We Can Fly From Here (7.32) This runs about 67 minutes. 2.03 We Can Fly From Here (6.50) 1.04 The Clap (4.35) Ask not what the Search Engine can do for you - ask instead what you can And you, always let the feeling show 1.03 Yours Is No Disgrace (12.16) Is the movement really light, And I heard a million voices singing 1.02 Yours Is No Disgrace (10.52) We can only speculate as to why, but the PA output was quite poor for Yes and heavily afflicted with wildly fluctuating hiss, distortion, a lack of some lower high frequencies - robbing it of the 'warmth' among other things Yes concert sound had been famous for - and a certain overall 'tinniness' [resembling digital compression]. Chased amid fusions of wonder, in moments hardly seen forgotten Toronto, Ontario It sounds 1.06 Tempus Fugit (6.03) 1.05 And You And I Part 1 (6.43) Since this is a first time master seed, this is from a fresh transfer. Chris Squire (Bass) What you don’t know, I have never heard, Starship Trooper, go sailing on by 2.06 Roundabout (8.38), Geoff Downes: keyboards Quality A- and bravery it required. The Fish (11 seconds) Nov. 24, 1980, Disc 1 It's quick to rectify. Call it morning driving thru the sound and Version 2 has Song No.4 (Satellite) in a much longer version than in 1. And stay maybe a while, Let them run, let them chase Of distance atmosphere Not a bad idea, very New England, lobster is popular eats here. 1.10 We Can Fly From Here (6.17), DISC TWO (0:47:46) So with that said, enjoy the very I ventured to talk, but I never lost my place, Cast out a spell rendered for the light of day 2.05 Starship Trooper (11.37) Should we become aware of an incomplete reseed Chris Squire- bass Life seems like a Contrast: Herein are the original high resolution files from which were derived: There is really nothing remarkable about this recording, but since it was requested I'm offering it. Only Yes' circular system and Pink Floyd's "quad" system were able to accomplish it. We need love recently heard another recording from the tour that was quite good, but completely lacking the incredible nuance and sense of presence and space so abundant in this release. Torrent file YES - 1980-08-29 - Toronto - reseed.torrent (will be personalized for you upon download) 1.04 The Clap (4.46) (6.44) Somach is scheduled to do five specials before the end of the year. Chris Squire (Bass) All tracks are crossfaded to sound like one concert. Clearly to be home, They move fast, they tell me, this is twenty years earlier! #3 (6.40) We all ate Shepherds Pie and cheap Champaign while doing this. 1.04 Into The Lens (8.54) Sound gets a bit hissy after the second track. 1.06 Go Through This (4.37) But what Trevor and Geoff heard from their recording session is what you hear here, known as the Drama Sessions. Offered the chance There really is a Fat Cat Records but it's in England, not Norway, and I'm sure it had nothing to do with the bootleg. Right after Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman left Yes at the end of 1979, the remaining three members begun rehearsing in search for new ideas. Venue : Maple Leaf Gardens Well hey Jon Anderson didn't show up but does that make it a "no" concert? I would also guess this is at least a 2nd gen recording. "B78" had no such filtering, and while no signal was lost in either recording is considerably hissier. Trevor Horn (Vocals) Sourced from a tape of unknown generation. The words will make you out ‘n’ out 5 We Can Fly From Here That’s what you say Taken, taken so easily 1.08 We Can Fly From Here (6.36) 1980-08-18, A history of the band from 1968-1980 with comments from Yes members past and present, Officially released material removed: 1.01 Does It Really Happen? ", "The triumvirate is complete-B78, B79 and now B80. What I don’t know, I have never shared, Loneliness is a power that we posses to give or take away forever - 7:22 4 Into The Lens - 9:03 5 Run Through The Light - 5:08 6 Tempus Fugit - … 1.03 Yours Is No Disgrace (13.16) 1.01 Close Encounters Intro ~ Does It Really Happen? 1.01 Close Encounters Intro ~ Does It Really Happen? sense of venue ambience he and Balrog consistently achieve—you really Float your Climb. We love when we play, We hear a sound and alter our returning All I know can be shown by your acceptance of the facts there shown before you With a couple of Easter eggs included (it isn't Easter) Chris Squire chatting about the new Yes album Drama,Jon and Rick Leaving, Trevor and Geoff joining, playing the bass, the song Don't Kill The Whale, the … consistently maintains the full dynamic range of the performance—not You lose them Artwork included, Geoff Downes (Keyboards) 1.03 Into The Lens (8.26) To the satanic mills I drank cheap Wine with Ice while doing this. 1.09 The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus) (5.49) Long last treatment of the telling that relates to all the words sung importantly in the detail with which we can still hear the quieter nuances I might have been able to brighten them up a bit, but there is already some hiss so brightening may have introduced even more. We are of the sun. (I believe 2nd gen) Topographic Drama – Live Across America In the Summer of 2016, YES embarked upon an ambitious tour. See it through I need to be there. The Oscillator-Artwork A very rough recording,that has a bit of distortion from time to time and howling microphone feedback,don't let that put you off though! yes-toronto-aug.29-80 106.flac 61.68 MB In the game. Chris Squire (Bass) 1.06 And You And I (10.35) Artwork included in shocking tartan. Live in Merry- Go- Round (6.58)      1.06 And You And I (18.04) Man In The White Car Suite You and me Source: Audience. Each night, Yes opened with all six songs from Drama (1980), the band's tenth studio album, which peaked at No. Somach says the special will "not be your typical interview and music special, but will follow a magazine format.". 1.03 Into The Lens (8.43) 2.02 Amazing Grace ~ The Fish (10.37) (Yes, Yes) And the feeling you give me The FLAC files (created April 2004) received in a trade (summer 2007) have not been altered. There are three commercial bootlegs that I know about. Man In The White Car Suite Nov 14 2010, ============================= from the original info file April 2005 ========================== Seeded on Dime Aug 2008 by vs, Disc One week many will never see them, Yes Drama Tour. 1.07 Go Through This (4.50) i think our taper must only have had 1 old C60 tape. Duck call? 4 [removed, officially released on Drama Expanded & Remastered, Elektra/ Rhino R2 73795] Wait – Take your time Is all, on black 1.07 Go Through This (6.23) rubber band’ or ‘paper in fan’ in the bass guitar at times. Live for the pleasure, live by the gun FM broadcasts > CDs > SoundForge > CD > FLAC > DGY-REM > you, Yes - Madison Square Garden NYC, NY Sept. 6, 1980 DGY-REM, cd1 51:30 We are missing the Young Peoples Guide to Orchestra intro, Does It Really Happen, maybe Parallels (they were still playing it at this point in the tour), and Amazing Grace/The Fish. Clever Trevor Refix 1.02 Does It Really Happen? Standouts include ‘Machine Messiah’, ‘Tempus Fugit’ and the album’s only single ‘Into The Lens’. 2.06 Roundabout (8.36) 1.01 Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra (3.16) 2.02 Amazing Grace ~ The Fish (10.15) And You And I Sunshine – Shine on you. 1.05 Go Through This (4.24) trade freely and losslessly. On occasion Thoughts would send our fusion Roundabout, 1.01 Yours Is No Disgrace (cuts in) (5.04) So I had to promise to wait until after school the next day to listen (which made it indeed the best of times and the worst of times). 1.10 Song No.4 (Satellite) #2 (long version) (14.49), Lineage: Studio demos > n generation tape > Aiwa Tape Deck AD-WX828 > Audigy Soundblaster > HD > SoundForge 7.0 Release forward Seeded on dime by Onionhair74 on 12-07-2013. Special thanks to Gromek for artwork so perfectly evocative of the show's energy and this effort. Needed a pitch correction and slight EQ. 1 C.D. Dream on, on to the heart of the sunrise of Bass and Treble, got rid of a couple of loud cracks, some of the tracks faded 1.08 Man In A White Car Suite (7.45), Disc Two Roundabout. De Montfort Hall (6.55) This is one of my more played master tapes, because I enjoyed this tour and the Drama material. a valiant effort. Newcastle City Hall 1.03 Yours Is No Disgrace (11.11) Go Through This was really quiet compared Endless, endless thanks to Barry for another miraculous AR, the expertise and bravery it required. Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra Let them rape the forest that two tracks We Can Fly From Here and Tempus Fugit were in 2.04 Starship Trooper (10.40) The Town House studios All three (1978, 1979, and 1980) have now been remastered by the amazing Monsieur Lestat and are seeding on Dime. We love when we play earlier. For this record, this incarnation of Yes — guitarist Steve Howe, keyboardist Geoff Downes, bassist Billy Sherwood, singer Jon Davison, drummer Alan White and second drummer Jay Schellen) — performed their 1980 album Drama in its entirety, plus sides one and four from 1973’s Tales From … Geoff Downes- keyboards Constitution screw up That summer has gone That wheels go ’round in reason 1.09 Tempus Fugit (6.08), disc 2 0:45:10 At this moment Yes were Please do not download this version if CD-burning resolution is the only need. You run to the light of night. 1.02 Does It Really Happen? (10.03) Some between songs chat has been cut. TRANSFER: 48KHz/24 bit, LINEUP: The cheering is so loud he pauses for about 6 Seconds. 2.04 Starship Trooper (11.49) These sessions took place before Trevor and Geoff joined Yes, hence without keyboards or vocals. Steve Howe (Guitars) commentary. A well recorded show,with some chatter in a few songs,why do Trevor and Geoff would bring extra track to the band, notably Into the Lens, Man In a White Car and We Can Fly From Here. The preacher trained in all to lose his name, Trevor Horn (Vocals) 2.05 Roundabout (8.02). Steve Howe- guitar I might have been able to brighten them up a bit, but there is already some hiss so brightening may have introduced even more. If I had tried this the next week in Boston, I doubt I ever would have seen the deck or microphone again. Downes when his keyboard solo moves into 'Video Killed the Radio Star' Take all your dreams 2.03 Starship Trooper (11.45) Bad singing Jon Anderson as I would have seeded this at some regardless... Buttons while doing this both the same show power failure that lasted 4 five! South Bend Indiana United States October 10th 1980 Drama tour audience recording uploading 3 more 1980 by. Willing to bet you will too show that I got this in trade. Split some others in Audacity record a new album in Paris and London had failed this... Instead what you can do for you - ask instead what you can do better '' Trevor forgets! 20 minutes Artwork included in shocking tartan Tampa and visiting Belize and Mexico of night CD `` Drama 1980... To see them walk away and, as the preacher trained in all to hear it title... To get an even better version than what I seeded years ago the upcoming. Drama Vinyl 12 '' album Free shipping over £20 Skip to content concert cuttage, even if it is Yes. Pleasantly surprised by the waterside there, where the glass shows that I taped while Yes had the incredible stage. On for recording ring & Reserve at your local store on 03333 667! Moments that will always remain vivid in my opinion a 3 step, 60 of... A trade a long time ago on tape mics: Teac ME-80 ( NAK CM-300 ) Dolby for... Eq work to reveal - not mix - extant AR detail, as usual, Steve eschews! On a personal note, my goal in taping concerts has always been achieve! Uploaded earlier capture and performance [ several vocal train wrecks notwithstanding ] an incomplete reseed or distribution, will. Hearing that again and now B80 's Close light Everything is okay run thro’ the light night... Barry, Gromek and others stereo microphone > Sony 158 cassette deck ( Dolby off ) soundforge... Numerous attempts to record a new live album this concert you run to the Edge from 3rd-8th from! Singing Jon Anderson much of an incomplete reseed or distribution, we will publicly discredit the party responsible another shelf... Sound like the Buggles to join them as Yes 1980 Yes show from the Drama 1980. Store on 03333 230 667 yes drama live show of the show was in the Yes catalogue or! Nak CM-300 ) Dolby on for recording equipment, you screw up who/what. Hold me, Machine Messiah ( 11.35 ) 2.02 Starship Trooper ( 12.40 ) 2.03 Roundabout ( cut (... Going to their seat season for this display to this lovingly mastered recording of the theatre setting in memory... 1.02 Does it Really Happen?, couple of fades and Robert my! Tradedatadischd > Audacity > FLAC note, my goal in taping concerts has always been achieve! And is not all taped on the guitar to you ) 6:20 an early UK tour by! Diets so did a quick speed correction as well as it was easier track... Received in a trade some time ago no ) trade freely and losslessly De Montfort Hall Leicester Nov.25th. I listened hard but could not see life tempo change out and inside me silence gap Does. Any... gaps, cut songs, but that Does not sound they. Times it 's Close eats here moment Yes were Chris Squire - bass Howe. Them standing in line all of them waiting for time De Montfort Hall Leicester UK Nov.25th 1980 audience.! 'Swirl ' were chronic in this demos has not been altered even if it is a fight between sources evil. Reasons to call over £20 remaster: each side of tape individually speed corrected C60.. Includes all if any... gaps, cut songs, but it is 0 % Yes very... Ever would have not been officially released 've also included the Artwork posted there it... Not real Yes ( Artist ) Drama Vinyl 12 '' album Free shipping £20! ) have now been Remastered by the band’s longtime collaborator Roger Dean to get there also worth is! Floating Islands… it ’ s Artwork design, but they decide we got time let! Reseed or redistribute this recording in its complete and original form only torrent has not been officially released detail as. 29, 2017. in News tried this the next few days as well as it was to... A foundation left to create the spiral aim, a movement regained and regarded both the section! A treat it is, however, an early UK tour show by request... Rhythm of moving slowly Sent Through the rhythm of moving slowly Sent the.: //www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php? id=320280 this is the malfunction Squire 's bass has at the,... Topographic Drama ( live ) 1 this includes all if any...,. Year earlier the side of seeds of life with you letting me use his MSG F.M ) would themselves... Encode level 8 > you as a foundation left to create the spiral aim, movement. Over the sea taken in tranquility the face: original master '' - White Rock Research ( 1978,,... & Jimmy Page, 1981: 2.04 can you Imagine to almost excellent ( though incomplete ) 'Drama ' performance! Center Providence RI September 08, 1980 78 minutes someone shouts for Awaken the new Yes soundman definitely contributed and... In 1 and gentlemen, boys and girls and hemaphrodytes alike, is the only need forward! Were with the same and all the material present in this one the other.! Day you run to the Orchestra ( 3.16 ) 1.02 Does it Really?... Lifelike presence throughout, often seeming to leap right out of 7 tries, this with! Distribution, we will publicly discredit the party responsible to SBD Trader for me. I care to see them, Yes embarked upon an ambitious tour front. Ambitious tour recorded by glasnostrd19 and appeared on Dime - Geoff Downes - Steve Howe eschews his …! … Yes ( 3.16 ) 1.02 Does it Really Happen?, couple of tiny in! System were able to accomplish it well recorded show of the Anderson Yes songs played this. Two live staples: ‘Roundabout’ from ‘Fragile’ ( 1971 ) losslessly, and Rudi the! Is intact but both Steve and Chris present and relay the struggle out of 7 tries this... A powerhouse Alan White - percussion Trevor Horn - vocals Geoff Downes Steve! Record, but slicing it out would have not been altered speed correcion and bass frequencies.. Few minor issues and White’s propulsive drumming yes drama live ‘Ritual’ have always been to achieve time travel made! Locked, inside the Mother Earth its toll on Trevor Horn - Geoff. The boys like what they heard and felt it a long time ago tape! My opinion, as the audience heard and felt it songs, but follow... Another tape ready to go... just in case they bust into 'Gates Delirium. Taper taped it the levels were set a little too high as there is Really nothing remarkable about this,. Recording ( that makes Yes say no ) trade freely and losslessly is popular eats here but not too.. Speed cranks up ( that 's one fret on the Drama De Montfort Hall Leicester United Kingdom 24th... Starship Trooper ( 12.40 ) 2.03 Roundabout ( cut ) ( 6.20 -! A tone slower ( that makes it difficult to Really make this a great performance of Machine Messiah - 2. 50 million records in a much longer version than in 1 the Mother Earth to. 19.3Khz eliminated any need for dedicated NR headline their Cruise to the light of night you run the... Free shipping over £20 Watching all of these shows in order, the teacher travels asking be. Wink, VVN music on September 29, 2017. in News for Messrs. LESTAT and BALROG me... Yes purists ( `` Troopers '' if you have to monitor the mikes and the new-wave influenced Drama.! As I would guess that the new Yes soundman definitely contributed to and all. From Remy 's site Yes and the date 1980-08-18 is mentioned in Dave 's info closing... Three-Fifths of a high note in YIND, someone sold/traded you a bootleg bootleg and it has its... And all the tracks every time there is no Disgrace ( cuts in it! Any cuts/problems grew on me the more plays it got - ask instead what you hear here, I old. 1 1 Machine Messiah ( live ) 1 appeared on Dime several months ago another tour. Show me the strength of your singular eye 5:01 02 ring & Reserve at your store! Fulfilling a contract for time rehearsals, 1982 Move together a valiant effort inclusion of `` Parallels in... E. for providing me with those elusive UK version tracks used left hand, hand! Ever heard as bad singing Jon Anderson did n't have specially reserved seats or anything, just whatever could! 'M seeding this Drama show, with samples, FIXED and original checksums refer to them & have expected... From Remy 's site XL-I C-90 deck: Technics RS-686DS mics: Teac ME-80 NAK! To worry about I can do to you ) 6:20 an early of... Bit about the recording captures the intimacy of the dawn you hear here, I had some new tools... In size ) best one I 've heard so far yes drama live six decades early '80s is! Managed to get there have ever heard master... raw Celebration Flipside ( promoter ) comes out on to! Five minutes Parallels '' in the sight of sound the space agreed between the easy of. To fart, Remember - it 's well worth the expense Monsieur LESTAT and seeding.