Blk 417 Fernvale Link #01-04, Singapore 790417. Probably is with Vit D jab and maybe my body responding slow. It'll fluctuate a little through out. Went to see dr again. Hi, reading this blogpost gives me hope thanks for the post! Glad it's effective.Vanquish package for tummy is $1500- for 6 times. I feel so much better. Faster with panbesy. Hope i'll get good result soon! I got it from Dr Keith Ong , Parsons Clinic ! Wanted to try the vanquish but worried that it wont be effective for me as i have thunder thighs. Like myself, total lack of Vit D, which is needed for metabolism. Use to take panbessy, after taking for awhile seems no effect.Whats the brand of the fat burner? Pretty impatient for this to work, so I just go ahead. Any advice pls? Good luck. From then, you'll know it's not difficult at all with the help of this pill. Lucky it's Orchard, so I went shopping first ...haha.... hi all, friends told me I should stop eating so much rice, that way can lose weight easily- How do you ladies do it, as in stop eating rice or noodles? I don't go on any specific diet, just cut back on all junk food, snacks (i eat a lot of chips)& soft drinks. Also that lasted only for a while. Consultations are private & confidential with definitions, references and latest news. Fingers crossed! Hmm.. when they sent me the results of the blood test it did show that i was vit D deficient (15.2) I am 25 this year and have not given birth or anything. Went there last week, got panbesy, duromine, & garbaslim. Already cost me $300+. Of course you wouldn't feel hungry so just eat a small portion of lunch. Gona do so weekly. Just seen dr Keith. See when you start taking the pill, you will not feel the usual urge to eat - so said you have a few dishes in front of you & rice. I only managed to lose 2 kg from the first few days. For me I only do it on my tummy. But now so far it is going well. I did. 1. Anyway, did you asked Doctor how long has to stop duromine before conceive? This is the end of my 2nd week on panbesy & garbaslim(fat burner). Good Luck:)), Hi! Good advice.So For me now, as long as I look slimmer, I'm happy already. Go to the doctor asap :), been searching for a blog like this forever! Our travel guide includes Singapore Travel Guide, Bali … Im currently turning 18 this year, i actually kinda gained 7kg last year and despite my efforts to swim,jog and cycle and eat healthily i dint really lose much like perhaps 2kg? I usually looked all puffed up the next day, due to the excessive drinking. Dr Keith Ong (@ Parsons Clinic & Surgery ) Address: 360 Orchard Rd , International Building, # 04-10,Singapore 238869 Tel; 8777-0736, 9746-7720 Opening hrs: Monday & Friday : 10 am to 1pm, 3pm to 8pm Tue, Wed : 3pm to 8pm Saturday : 10am to 1pm Dr Keith Ong @ Parsons Yishun Address: 779 Yishun Ave 2, #01-1541, Singapore 760779 Quite alert 2. I've done worse since my break up, or have I not ? Saw Dr keith. Almost like I'm doing jogging, so it's ok for me. But having said that, I highly recommend it. For me the side effects quite bad :(( Lucky still could lose much weight- that makes it worth while. Oh... in addition, don't drink too much water. �� able to share some experience? I've finally open the Christmas present from my EX, it's a very nice bracelet from Tiffany's which I love. Even things like shopping (meaning walking around) helps. I haven't experienced anymore side effects.Way before duromine, I always feel light-headed easily, I think low blood sugar or iron? I love it, it resolve any constipation problems:). Go see him asap & start getting healthier & lighter.Good Luck! No way! I did as told & all effects gone!!! But I'm not so heavy to begin with. Not everyone need it. Haha! I think my eyes got a bit dry, not sure if it's related to the meds. Do you love being the center of attention. 69090888 / 94894439 @Yishun (Y2) 63622204 / 94894439 @Canberra. I went a bit out of hand with my food intake during CNY period until now and as of today, I weigh 74kg ��‍♀️As much as I really want to go ask for more pills to help me to get to my desired weight at 58kg, I’m planning for pregnancy in the 2nd half of 2018, so I don’t think it’ll be a good idea to continue taking it this few months. Like the above comment, the feeling only lasted for abt 2 mins or less. About TSD Dental Group. Now coming late 36 already.. Hence Dr Keith said its ok for me to take one first to see how it goes. do you think there’s a chance that the doctor will prescribe me? My weight has been dropping gradually. And in addition, does this also works/applicable to men around 1.85 in height @ 95kg? I... My Ex boyfriend gave me this for last Christmas. No side effects better right? Change my diet as dr recommended. Very effective! Doc said to hang on and it will get better after a week. Hi Storm, I have maintain my weight quite well. 156 yishun street 11, singapore (760156) radiant industrial pte. I just find it super demoralising to see that my weight is not going down despite not eating much.. The online world recommended Dr Keith Ong's clinic for panbesy or duromine. He's nice & friendly, you'll like him :)). ㅠã. GP / Family Clinics offer a full range of GP services for family medical care, health screening, vaccinations, and more. I suggest you eat more veg for fiber. Also there could be many other reasons. Prescribed with 5 days worth of Panbesy to try in case of allergy reaction. I've put on almost 3 kg since N... Today is my fourth day on Panbesy & Garbaslim. After that, I could lose weight like any normal person! Trinity thanks for the fast reply. any advice?) He's in both Orchard & Yishun clinic.I think the above info regarding the operating hrs is pretty clear, just follow & you'll find him. GP / Family Clinics offer a full range of GP services for family medical care, health screening, vaccinations, and more. Get Directions Hello :) Just visited the clinic @ orchard yesterday. I will go for the vitamin D jab.. Cos I took two months supply of everything.. I heard that the pill makes you hyper and energetic but I am currently feeling more lethargic than normal and about to fall asleep. If you are coming via MRT, stop at NS13 Yishun, turn left after tapping out, exit the station, and walk along Yishun Ave 72 to Block 747. Im not sure if the doctor will prescribe me the med, should i still try? Maybe your body just need some time. TSD Dental Group is a group of dental clinics in Singapore – Choa Chu Kang, Hougang, Tampines and Yishun. It's advisable to make appointment. I just experience the usual, dry mouth. But gives me the courage to speak things up. so i been taking garbaslim, panbesy and jardiance and lost 2kg so far. Or,You can take it on alternate days- some girls do that, & it'll still work fine. Last year, Dr Keith rejected me because my weight did not went down a lot. I don't think you should do any strenuous exercises while on this pill:). Every Tuesday morning 0830am to 1230pm (We are open evening 5-8pm) 2. 846, Yishun Ring Road, #01-3615, Singapore 760846., Singapore. Which now I have 7.9kg to go.But target at least 60kg. Lost almost 8 kg. 3 days after the first treatment, I could see my figure has shaped up slightly. Or tcm slimming acupuncture or dr to recommend ? Dinner I take salad & crackers plus chocolate.I don't do much exercises, just some stretching. And cut out night snacking & soft drinks. So excited !!! You need to give your body time to adjust.I've been there. Hi WL, losing 11 kg is major, well done! And thereafter keep eating alot so became 83.6kg this Feb. Hi Storm, no worries, same thing happened to me. My first visit I was very paiseh to ask much. Congrats! )Shock Wave treatment is $1200 for 10 times. Indeed my water retention is bad.. Perspiration increase but now I don't smell myself so smelly. Public Holiday: Closed Monday to Friday: 09:30 am to 01:00 pm, 02:00 pm to 05:00 pm, 06:00 pm to 09:00 pm Saturday: 09:30 am to 01:00 pm, 02:00 pm to 05:00 pm Sunday: 09:30 am to 01:00 pm NORTHPOINT CITY 1 NORTHPOINT DRIVE, #02-150, NORTHPOINT CITY Singapore 768019 I'm off it now. I can still eat, but I step up on activities. Thanks.. 1) 1 month supply of duromine & 3 panbesy ($64)2) 3 months supply of fat burner Garbaslim ($60 each month/bottle = $180)3) Vitamin D jab ($400-)4) Consultation ($50 ), YISHUN: PARSONS MEDICAL PTE LTD779 YISHUN AVENUE 2 #01-1541 SINGAPORE 760779TEL: 8777 0736 / 9746 7720MONDAY - CLOSEDTUESDAY - 9AM TO 12PMWEDNESDAY - 9AM TO 12PMTHURSDAY - 3PM TO 7PMFRIDAY - CLOSEDSATURDAY - CLOSEDSUNDAY & PUBLIC HOLIDAYS - CLOSEDORCHARD:PARSONS MEDICAL CLINIC AND SURGERY PTE LTD360 ORCHARD ROAD INTERNATIONAL BUILDING #04-10 SINGAPORE 238869TEL: 8777 0736 / 9746 7720MONDAY - 10AM TO 1PM & 3PM TO 8PMTUESDAY - 3PM TO 6PMWEDNESDAY - 3PM TO 8PMTHURSDAY - CLOSEDFRIDAY - 10AM TO 1PM & 3PM TO 8PMSATURDAY - 10AM TO 1PMSUNDAY & PUBLIC HOLIDAYS - CLOSEDPARSONS MEDICAL @ ADELPHI PTE LTD360 ORCHARD ROAD INTERNATIONAL BUILDING #04-10 SINGAPORE 238869TEL: 8777 0736 / 9746 7720MONDAY - 10AM TO 1PM & 3PM TO 8PMTUESDAY - 3PM TO 6PMWEDNESDAY - 3PM TO 8PMTHURSDAY - CLOSEDFRIDAY - 10AM TO 1PM & 3PM TO 8PMSATURDAY - 10AM TO 1PMSUNDAY & PUBLIC HOLIDAYS - CLOSED. Very surprised when he said I got to increase my diet to increase my metabolism. Chat for a while, he taught me what to eat & what not to. These 2 weight loss pills are supposedly the most effective & famous slimming pills in the market. don't be afraid to look for him! Is the clinic open during this lockdown ? Jia Yu !!!! I wanted everything as I'm super desperate to lose weight & I live kinda far. Yes I still lost weight but obviously faster when I didn't eat those unhealthy sweets. Weight Loss Clinic Singapore: Shim Clinic is a Weight loss clinic in Singapore.Our doctor is specially focused on Weight loss symptoms in men & women, screening, testing, and treatment. Yishun. Not only will it help you to lose weight, it makes you more flexible & improve circulation. Doc said I should stop taking it when I'm already trying to conceive. hope it works for me too :), I just got meds,I cant wait! 779 yishun avenue 2 #01-1541 singapore 760779 tel: 8777 0736 / 9746 7720 monday - closed tuesday - 9am to 12pm wednesday - 9am to 12pm thursday - 3pm to 7pm friday - closed saturday - closed sunday & public holidays - closed orchard: parsons medical clinic and surgery pte ltd 360 orchard road international building #04-10 singapore 238869 Urs was bad? Anyway, I can't really follow his suggested diet about drinking sports drink. Take the panbesy first. No worries Ah Jun :) All bloggers love 'traffic' !As for your question, you still feel normal because the panbesy is only 15mg, that's a low dosage. The nurses will get back to you, when they are open. hi all, need your thoughts. I think I'm beginning to feel thirsty.I need to lose at least 5kg :), Will the doc give sleeping pills as well scare i couldn't sleep at night after taking duromine, No sure if doc will give you any sleeping pills, he didnt give me any. But still I did have the usual 3 meals but eat a few mouthfuls- I stop. :x just got the meds from he says I'm muscular not fat ): 159cm 66kg I exercise alot but no matter how much I can't shed the excess fats ): and my weight gain + intensive exercise through the years resulted in a really bad knee so Dr ong said "okok I help you lah" and gave me 1 month of panbesy. Comment that I lost weight! Though I heard alot of good things about this treatment, I just have to check it out for myself first. No rebound.People who experience rebound are those who after losing the weight, went on a eating spree after they stop the meds.So if you are like me, just watch what you eat after you stop the meds, you'll be fine. I didnt take duromine only panbesy, so dont know if the side effects are the same or not. I wish this happen to me. I still duno when the side effects will kick in cos i feel normal. Nothing helps when losing weight is concern, for me. Just went to visit Dr ong.. This is an effective quick fix ...haha... to maintain is all about eating everything in moderation combine with exercises.Having said that, I do lapse At times, I would sort of gain a few extra kgs due to lack of discipline. Hey there!So that means you tried both vanquish+shockwave+vit d?? By Bus: Walking distance from Yishun Temporary Bus Interchange. Hi Trinity, I noticed your post is dated 2013. Good Luck:)). Hi does dr Keith prescribe 30mg panbesy? Hi AidaYes Dr Keith will be able to help you. ONG CLINIC & SURGERY (YISHUN) Please call the clinic for operating hours 293 YISHUN STREET 22, #01-223, Singapore 760293. So when is the perfect age to get married ? do you think i may have a chance? Wondering if it's normal.I have lost 2 kg so far. really wanna lose the weight to be more confident of myself. I can't wait to do it again this week. Since is not effective so he suggest me to get telefast Nestle (diet replacement for dinner) and exercise :( how? The body just sort of adjusted.Don't worry lah. Hi Storm, your progress looks good! everyone feels that way. how long did the insomia last? My consultation : $80 (got a shock i thought its $50) Panbesy : $60 Garbaslim : $60 However doc said i've a lot water rentation & advise me not to drink soy productdrink lesser plain water don't eat yogurt/drink fruit juice& ask me toeat rice / curry / herbal soup & take in more salt intake i'm surprised haha yep he's very friendly & funny! It's not so bad. I wanted to get the slimming pill from Dr Kieth. The feeling should even out, after a while.... that's the usual case, Unless you are very old, or have a pre-existing heart condition, I don't think you'll get a heart once you stop taking, everything gets back to normal fast. How much weight did you lose? did anyone's heartbeat go way up while taking the pills? So far away to yishun and orchard. Now I m only taking their GarbaSlim, which is so good for bowel movement- such a God sent haha... Hi Trinity & anyone...Need to make appointment? Which I am quite timid in speaking up in certain issues. Public Holiday: Closed Monday to Saturday: 08:00 am to 02:00 pm, 05:30 pm to 09:30 pm Hi all.. i went to visit dr ong 2weeks ago. She recommend me to check out the blogs, so here I am. I find that to be very effective for maintaining.Just remember don't touch junk food. Honestly, sometimes I don't take dinner bcos I'm not hungry or forget but I still try my best to eat something before 8pm. Yes it is, if you want to call,TEL: 8777 0736 / 9746 7720, Hi is dr Keith only in orchard clinic? Don't wish to spam this owner's blog. informed me abt the side effects. Initially I only intend to do the Vanquish treatment. It is suppose to increase your metabolism- thus your heart beats faster- like you've been running- that's how you lose weight. I got my 3 panbesy and one month supply. Start slow if you are a "die-hard, rice-eater". A good thing? JUST MAKE SURE YOU EAT, AND IN MODERATION.Sometimes I still snack on chocolates or candies, I have a sweet tooth since young so its a bad thing I can't kick so fast LOL but I definitely eat very little and only as a treat. Or isit 7kg? After all you already did 2 jabs. Is this more effective as compared to the vit d jab?? Now i gain weight and hoping to lose weight again. Plus they are expensive. With 33 Years Experience. I think they compliments each other.The vanquish+shockwave is more of a spot-on thing to treat specific areas. I was very slim while breastfeeding n after that shot up by 10kg in a yr. My hub kept saying it's a age problem. Till today weighing 77.6kg.. Singapore 760779 Tel; 64846010 : H/P: 8777-0736 & 9746-7720 Tuesday, Wednesday :9am to 12pm Thursday :3pm to 8pm Parsons Medical Clinic Orchard Branch: 360 Orchard Rd, International Building After 3 days of panbesy, and maybe 1-2 days of duromine, I started experiencing headache and nausea? Haha. After weight done, gonna consult him for botoxor fillers. I think only those who has low levels of Vit D or find it very different to lose weight, needs it. I took panbesy for a total of 2 weeks. I guess some people tend to lose weight faster than the rest of us. This is like my 10th day already. I have also add some very fun pictures for all to view & hopefully to inspire you to take more creative shots during your travels ..... How's this doctor? Sigh! What about you? I had to entertain quite a bit (nature of my job). Any advice? Phentermine - also known as Panbesy and Duromine. That's helpful for people who really find it hard to lose weight.However if cost is not a problem & you have the budget, the Vit D jab is a good idea. After she finished I overheard her telling the nurse how effective it was. Thanks. Hi Trinity, just to update my progress.. 22 Feb 2018 went to visit Dr. Ong, my weight was 83.6kg. I ask the nurse what she did. Good dental hygiene helps prevent common dental problems such as bad breath and gum disease, as well … You'll be amaze how you can just do that naturally. Hi Celestine, that's the problem with some exercises - instead do light ones, like yoga. when u all eat this pill hw many meals u all eat. Anyway , good luck with weight loss- it's so wonderful when you are a few kgs lighter :), 1 month's supply = $60-Consultation @ paragon is $50-. Cos my before my first pregnancy I was 56kg.then during pregnancy gained so much till 70kg. Help pls. Hi ladies, did Dr Keith reject giving duromine? The address is 348 Yishun Avenue 11, #01-03, Singapore 760348. 293 YISHUN ST 22, #01-217, Singapore 760293. Then a few of my colleagues. pls quote the price to me . Just want some opinions from you guys, thanks! Blk 105 Canberra Street #02-02 , Singapore 750105. Means I'm fit & slender? Don't worry, Should be the extra water you drank. As you can't rely on them for long. I stopped exercising to lose thosr muscle mass. I will finish up 2nd month supply.. This is only for people who find it hard to lose weight even with all the above.Probably not for you. Thanks. Never skinny, always chubby, like more meaty u can say. Ltd. and more Hi all,I want to get panbsey 30mg. Also after this 2 kg lost, I look much better.I've a friend whose like close to 70kg, she really lost much within this 10days. Im currently 51kg with a height of 155cm. Hi. Nearest MRT Station: NS13 Yishun . My friend don't even experience any insomia at all. I need a kickstart, but im really afraid the doc wouldnt prescribe? Vit D is targeted on the whole thing, as in, it improves the whole metabolism. Because of the suppression, I really have no appetite, so I hardly eat anything for the first 2 days. There are 7 GP & family clinics located near 336A Yishun … If your last visit is within 6 months, you don't have to pay for consultation again, only need to pay for additional meds. im glad i stumbled upon yours.. thanks for the listing of the clinic. I felt the same too. So Don't just stay home & watch TV or spend hours online. I'm so desperate I sign up for everything haha... What to do, so fat leh! That will mess up your weight loss efforts. im 165cm 72 kgs desperately need to shed weight cause its making really tired and i get really shagged handling my super active 19mth toddler. I think the core temperature within the body remains the same for both.'t know how fast is my heart beat as I've no device to measure at home. For the entire month of December 2020 the clinic will be closed for the following sessions 1. Yes it'll help!Did that last week. I met up with a group of friends 2 days ago, we were secondary school classmates before. Hope this helps:). Anyway I just put some eye drops.Lost 2 kg already ....yay.. Hi Trinity, just wondering are you still taking these meds? But he told me to just take panbesy & garbaslim first, see the results. So do you still take this panbesy ? I am going, I'm always bloated. Was told it was Vanquish & shock wave therapy together. Me ? This is my blog documenting my weight loss journey with panbesy, duromine & garbaslim. If you do that, you can eat whatever you want (provided you don't over do it). That's all. Family would always point out my weight so i tried dieting & working out for the past 7 month, only to find out that i lost only 2 kg. But I still want the Vit D jab, as I'm sure it'll speed up things further. Hello all! Panbesy might have slightly lesser effects for some people.No, I do not need the Vit D jab. But I will never do that ever again. Any idea whats the cost be like for the first visit? I couldnt sleep well for days & thank goodness i did lost 4 kg, so it's ok. No pain no gain :)), hi guys.. is the clinic still around? I thought i'd get the effects so i know its working. Onecare Clinic Yishun Pte.Ltd., Shenton Family Medical Clinic (Yishun), Frontier Medical Associates (Yishun) Pte Ltd, My Family Clinic (Angsana Breeze @ Yishun) Pte. My face did slim down quite a bit ...haha... Hi josie. As for food, I do not consume much as well. I'm doing that myself !Jia Yu to all:)). Ya Dr Keith really explain in details! Weight is slowly dropping. Just to check anyone have duromine to sell as I doesn't have the time to go and consult the Dr and hoping to shed few more kilos. Just wanna confirm what he has told you guys :)Thanks for advice :), I was having very bad side effects from the pills before. Even when I do watch TV, I would stand up & move the body about.Also I do take , Garbaslim (fat burner) once a while. I notice this post is dated 2013. Just start eating those other dishes & take small bites of the rice . Someone commented that getting the pills the second time we'll only need to pay for the meds, is that true? Yes, I remember. Jia You ! Must be your diet not complete. Thanks. I shed almost 5 kg in total- that's what I wanted. ATRIO FAMILY CLINIC. So that'll backfire any slimming efforts. also.. should i ask doc for lasix as well in my next visit? Keep it up!!! Cos i planning to down more weight before pregnant . Think I'll just do it now- cant wait to get rid of all the excess. !No I didn't exercise at all because I was busy with exams but I am definitely going to start now and I will keep in mind to eat more since I need the energy to exercise. Dr. Hii Hoi Chin practices at Hii Women’s Clinic in Yishun, Singapore. This period 5 days worth of panbesy & garbaslim ( fat burner ), doc... Weight loss ok for me cuz I am quite timid in speaking up in certain.. Good advice.So for me Singapore 761701 very nice bracelet from Tiffany 's which I love long. 'Ve done worse since my break up, or should I be expecting 1.5 kg off week... Of attention 01-3615, Singapore 760348 my 3 panbesy and jardiance and lost 2kg so.! Obstetrician and Gynecologist in Yishun Ring Road, next to Khatib MRT, baked &... Better after a nap around 1.85 in height @ 95kg, how you just! Gynecologist in Yishun in Singapore see the results wanted to get a heart attack
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