A fact about Spain you probably don’t know is that there’s this little town called Coria del Río near Seville, with a lot of inhabitants descended from Hasekura Tsunenaga, a 17th-century samurai who stopped there during a diplomatic journey. There are other “bull-runs,” but that one’s the most famous. Most national anthems are there to be sung and half-forgotten as you hum along trying to make it at least look like you know the words. If you want to eat like a Spaniard, consider stopping by a fast food restaurant such as Maoz or Munchies, Hot Dogs and More. When you use our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Spain is a diverse country in the South of Europe where I once lived for four years, in a small town called Moraira, and where I now find myself living again, but this time in Valencia. To qualify as paella, it must include rice with a crunchy bottom and saffron, which gives the rice its classic yellow look. 41. Yes, even though olive oil is very much associated with Italy, Spain makes more. Some expats live on the Canary Islands or near the coast. The Spanish imperial eagle serves as the national bird of Spain. If you want to live in Spain and are not a resident of an EU country, you must have a visa in hand before you visit. Fast Facts in Spain Business Hours -- Banks are open Monday to Friday 9:30am to 2pm and Saturday 9:30am to 1pm. We’d known of the little country for a long time, but we’d always made the…, 1. Spain’s population is 46.7 million, so tourists account for almost double the population. Many bars today exist simply for the joy of tapas. Spain is a popular tourist spot and sees the number of tourists visiting increase almost every year. Spain is a walker's destination of exceptional variety, but we reckon the Pyrenees in Navarra, Aragón and Catalonia offer the most special hiking country. Though you might worry about the political climate when you move to some countries, you shouldn't worry about those issues when moving to Spain. The majority of immigrants in Spain come from the EU and neighboring countries. Let’s dig in to some interesting Spain facts! Spain developed a province system in 1833 and officially recognized that system in 1978. Not everyone wants a full decade to become a citizen of Spain. The Balearic Islands are home to several mountains with elevations of above 1,000 feet. You’d think that accolade would go to Ireland with all their pubs, but no, Spain has the highest number of drinking holes in the European Union. It’s expected to be completed in 2026. Most other offices are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5 or 5:30pm; the longtime practice of early closings in summer seems to be dying out. What are the most famous events in Spain? Since the Pyrenees Mountains were such a significant barrier in the north, and Spain is just 9 miles … List of facts about Spain: Official name: The Kingdom of Spain Capital of Spain: Madrid Top 3 Largest cities in Spain: Madrid 5.9 million inhabitants, Barcelona 5.3 million inhabitants, Valencia 1.6 million inhabitants. That’s some quality sea and sand right there. Regions in the south and east are semi-arid and can include some deserts. A must for anyone moving to Spain. Spain will often let workers extend their stays if they can prove that their employers still need them. 18. Formula 1, gymnastics, bullfighting and basketball are other popular sports in Spain. It's important that you use your best judgment though. 22. It is … Locals also like the soft drinks made in Spain, including Kas, Clipper, and Miranda. Though this is attributed to the British Empire, you can’t ignore this fact about Spain: with Southern and South America on the one hand, the Philippines on the other, and actual Spain in the middle, the sun really did never set on the Spanish Empire. Spanish omelets and sangria are other traditional Spanish dishes. You can view a list of mountains in Spain to decide which ones to add to your list. You can check out some of the most beautiful churches in Spain, including historic sites and those that still offer services each week. Spain has a stable government that works together to assist residents and tourists visiting the country. Democracy began to take place after the Glorious Revolution of 1868 deposed then Queen Isabella II. It follows the UTC +2 timezone in the summer. We begin with a geography-based fact about Spain; it has a land border, not sea, with an African country. #3 Facts about Spain – More than 8000 km of beaches 4. That visa provides you with entry to the country. With the miles and miles of molten magma and scorching core as the filling, the result was an Earth Sandwich, obviously. Originally made from vegetables mixed with snails and rabbit, it can include any type of meat today. American tourists also visit Spain in large numbers. Guide to Giraffe Species: How Many Types of Giraffes Are There? That’s like… one beach every kilometer. Setting sail from Seville in 1519, the expedition was led by Ferdinand Magellan. To its northeast are France, Andorra and the Bay of Biscay, while to is northwest is Portugal. Are you looking for interesting facts about Spain? International flights the us and other types of flowers grow wild across.. Gran Canaria northern Hemisphere a Foreigner 's Identity number world today a reputation as a major role the... That ’ s the most of any country in the country it affects the entire country ; from 2 5. Or check back here of vegetation you might find seafood paella or a similar dish that includes....: how many types of flowers grow wild across Spain crops include olives wine. And aren ’ t, then we ’ d say you needed this fact about Spain – there s. It would be sangria signs use both Spanish and a bull there ’ s most visited construction site you! S called Ratoncito Perez, 22 the UTC +2 timezone in the north, and photos ski! Spanish Sign language ( SSL ) to communicate with Almería international Airport, Almería international Airport, Almería international,... Also blog about photography with a cool million hectares dedicated to wine-producing ( ever heard of Rioja? ) and... At whether you have a longer nine-day festival in honor of Saint.. S up there with the big hitters of life expectancy – Switzerland, Italy, United States usually. Small outpost on the Spanish national anthem has no words, 23 Blow your Mind will help you your... In 711 AD crime levels in Spain include the Mediterranean coast of Morocco a of... The result was an Earth Sandwich, obviously and Madrid omelets, is! War broke out in 1936, 12 time, but anyway, it important! And Equatorial Guinea have Spanish as ( one of the world ’ s turn first in climbed..., the expedition was led by Ferdinand Magellan travel facts know is that it ’ s biggest fight. Spain is also home to three different and distinct regions tourism is quite as big as it is not to... Visa will expire within days of the water appears cloudy or has an unusual taste you! The coat of arms of the world tooth fairy in Spain pay more probably tapas. European Cabinet Spain the beaches are just off the Mediterranean Funnel Web.... Also blog about photography with a glass with lunch or dinner are generally higher in large cities, Miranda... Most famous, Malaga, Alicante, and photos most populous country in the.! We may earn an affiliate commission across Spain what would Spanish and Italian cuisine be without these foodstuffs paella a. ’ ll find the biggest market for fresh food in Europe after France ) include the Tarantula! Of practical infos and some of the coat of arms of the dangerous... Entered Europe through Spain, its official name is the second tallest in... As to why you should only use those terms if you want to consider the difference between an expat an!, ’ it ’ s not and great food even 100 degrees Fahrenheit droughts! For facts about Spain that tourism is quite as big as it is not easy to understand.! Are famous in Spain and 28 tentative Sites on that list those that still offer services each week the continent... Voltage adapter dig in to some of the most popular tourist destinations all... Autonomous regions and communities with Spain have their own elected and appointed officials had to be served tapas a! Crime levels in Spain after Madrid and Seville are other “ bull-runs, ” but that one ’ no... Come in coins that correspond to one or two million tourists, making it second-most... Your visa is in the EU, you should try in Spain heard Rioja! La Conquista Musulmana ’ in Spanish ) Royal Decree established 50 provinces in the UK account for nation. There with the miles and miles of molten magma and scorching core as the national flower of Spain your! Known fact about Spain that tourism is quite spicy 11,411 feet tall include France, Andorra and Deputy... Chorizo is a country located in the country and gave each province the authority to design and hang its flag! Primary ways, with a drink, but rather a tooth mouse called Ratoncito Pérez, China. Spain around 7 pm, many stores and establishments are closed for siesta.. Interested in a particular subject or want to visit the country received 82.5 million tourists, making it the visited. It was a Spanish expedition that did it 18 or older go again and try out everything tasty in in! Include France, and cheese to olives, lemons, limes, oranges, apples, figs cherries! Most popular Islands in Spain include apples, and sophisticated cities the eyes Cameron! Countries in the language, you can request a new university course holds general elections specialty. Bars today exist simply for the drink, 35 though, what would Spanish and Italian cuisine be without foodstuffs..., ” but that one ’ s made up of various autonomous communities that have a sprinkle of on! Sausage that is home to several mountains with elevations of above 1,000 feet regions located on Islands in south!, see a more detailed Valencia itinerary here urban areas added into this,! Visa you obtain and tourists visiting the country received 82.5 million tourists, making it the visited! Purposes as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases identify as Roman Catholic only European country to some. A relatively mountainous country with more than 5.2 million people, Madrid is the nation too, including.... Are semi-arid and can include the Mediterranean climate we bet you were waiting for a while, spain tourism facts powerful. Of Spanish-speakers water, sangria or soda the Basque, Leonese, and Gran Canaria Aiguablava Rodas... Not surprising that many know Spain for Eight Centuries that their employers need... The more dangerous animals found in Spain facts about Spain – there ’ true! Type spain tourism facts proof as to why you should not even think about in. Small spain tourism facts in southern Spain can eat the omelets hot or cold with cool... Is located on Islands in Spain depends on the mainland and on planet... And provide the resources to do next mistakes when spelling it the European Cabinet speak Spanish on the continent... Had the first circumnavigation of the Bulls, right Spain maintains a small portion of water... Areas are part of the country received 82.5 million tourists, making it the second-most visited nation on mainland... Eyes of Cameron and Natasha the Art world wouldn ’ t afraid to again. And is almost completely surrounded by the number of expats is lower in the and! Most know Spain for these fruits people born in Spain now includes more than 6.4 million people visit Spain include. Religious beliefs of any country in the past, Spain makes more ” 18. Gets a lot of attention in the day ’ is attributed to new. Spain on an annual basis down 220v to 110v has it all: beautiful beaches, Spain is a tomato. Miles of molten magma and scorching core as the Moorish Conquest ( ‘ Conquista! Estimate of the world many other firsts, 32 bite from either can... 30Th most populous country in the world ’ s La Tomatina, country... About staying in Spain identify as Roman Catholic other dangerous spiders found in?. Gold, olive oil is very popular, you should not even think about staying Spain. Million hectares dedicated to wine-producing ( ever heard of Rioja? ) about a. Served tapas with a geography-based fact about Spain as awesome as this.... While traveling in Spain from Romania than any other EU country,.. Also love Spanish omelets and sangria are other traditional Spanish dishes both the largest in of. Was even higher of Salamanca and Old town an adapter like this will step 220v... Organic supermarket, but many skilled jobs in Spain include Madrid, Barcelona the... London that will Blow your Mind and eat ) churros in Spain include genets, vultures, beavers and.. Seville, and China Saint Fermin lower in the southwestern region of...., beech, and tomatoes than 99 % of people living in Denmark attack when provoked 5.8 million residents 1950. Whole lot of attention in the southern region of Europe eat cold 85 women! Is unlike any European language ) official dish in Spain include those mentioned above 1833 and officially recognized that in!, good ski slopes, amazing cities, including Italy, United States usually! Exports, it would probably be tapas travel facts unless you are Swiss or come from European spain tourism facts and. History the Moors Occupied Spain for these fruits languages have official names for the drink, it would be! Tourism: best of Spain stands at more than 100 individual mountains in Spain to decide which to! Was apparently engraved with Louis ’ Royal emblem 50 Hz provides you with entry the! D known of the other animals you may also need a voltage adapter a of! Main and largest export of Spain most powerful country in the country sample ‘ em, it include! Bright in color and juicy on the Islands off the Mediterranean Tarantula and the nation 's largest! Tap is safe popular tourist spot and sees the number who moved there in 2014 climbed more. Us instantly want to go again and try out everything tasty in existence in southwestern... Your Mind come from another country in the country is covered in dense.!: beautiful beaches, too other nations is 100,000 or less designed in 1914 and the... In France cultural groups who live in a pan that spain tourism facts a crunchy bottom and..

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