Personally I use materials that are tested for their archival qualities and are artist quality. Hi Will I am primarily a watercolor artist, but have just found a love of acrylic paints. Hello! However, like many artists I am running into the issue of the cost of products compared with the size of my work. One with palette knives, thick layers of paint mixed with varying mediums and/or fibres and the other by heavily diluting the paint with water and various flow enhancers. Then test with both spray and brush until you find the perfect mix for applying a varnish to your work. Hi Ruti, yes, you could apply a soft gel gloss layer over the glazing liquid layer and then varnish on top of that. Good one Lisa, pleased the extra coats have helped to even the sheen and give you a better aesthetic. If I feel the reflective qualities are too much for a particular piece, one or two spray coats of a satin varnish are used to reduce gloss to an acceptable level. I think it might not have dried enough. Hi Ginny, the best varnish to bring out the colour and saturation would be a gloss varnish. If you have a moment, I would very much like to ask a few questions? Will. Can I now go over the glaze with the Golden Soft Gel and then apply the glaze again after? I am looking for a solution to fix this painting. I have applied imitation gold leaf onto a thinly painted acrylic ground. Yes, you can add another coat of semi-gloss or matte varnish ontop. Thank you! Sometimes I mix glitter with my painting ( I paint in acrylic). The extent of foam can vary depending on brand of varnish / roller, so give it a test because on some acrylic medium based varnishes they can work okay. So i’m doing a 20×22 canvas and im transferring a laser printed photo on it. I am painting a flat wood panel door in my condo. The slices are wet wood at the moment. My guests have written birthday messages on the black canvas surface with a Golden Metallic Sharpie Permanent Marker. It will effect the blacks though and make them appear lighter. Hi Will Great site! What about applying Golden Soft Gel (matte) for the isolation coat? It should be transparent, colourless and form a good bond with the paint surface yet still be removable without affecting the painting. Thanks! I would then finish with more layers of varnish. Make sure you shake the can for at least 2 minutes though to get a perfect finish. Hi Sung, what a shame they didn’t get back, thanks for letting me know. I would make a small test piece first just with the silver pen and then varnish just over that and see if it smudges. Hope this helps, Will. Good morning! Varnishing them is an awful lot work that may cause running and wont be 100% weatherproof, however if you laminate them each letter would have to be smooth and not crumpled/ aged looking you might want. I have zero art training what so ever, and I’m not sure about “terms” I have been painting with acrylic paint on wooden projects (tables, chairs, dressers, trinket boxes etc.) I just varnished two acrylic paintings. Hi Paul, The isolation coat ideally needs 24hrs, a polymer varnish could be touch dry within an hour, good luck with the submission. I used that pens for my all acrylic paintings. Cheers, Will. Thank you, Deb. Sorry to ask a stupid question, but I’m new to this. Any advice greatly appreciated. The ink for a Giclee canvas print is usually water based, so solvent-based oil varnishes are best avoided, however, there are some specialise solvent based varnished designed for giclee prints,(you can get specialised acrylic based solvent spray varnishes that are designed specifically for giclee prints) but I wouldn’t like to say for sure that the Winsor & newton Glossy wouldn’t affect your prints. Apply further coats until you have the finish you want. Thank you I guess I’m buy some acrylic silver . Thank you so much. While in process, I gently and briefly dabbed at a small smudged area of fresh paint with a very slightly damp cloth to remove it. Have you ever noticed how much better paving look when it’s raining? Cheers, Will, Hi Will, I wonder if you can help – I have recently taken up acrylic painting and varnished a finished piece. . I use a lot of paint in my paintings and so (being poor) I need to buy cheap acrylic paints. Hi Krys, yes, ideally you would let each layer dry first before spraying the next. I was planning on doing test pieces with the varnish first but if the paint needs time to cure then testing won’t work as I don’t have any pieces with watery effects already done in test. It is acrylic paint too so is there any problem with the idea? I have a “funny” question. Hi Michelle, for that size canvas a single can of spray varnish should do the job if you’ve got a well ventilated space to spray in. I will now try to practice more with acrylics only as it drys faster and gathers less dust since i live in a semi-arid climate. I have been reading your website Q&A’s and have found them very illuminating. I know this doesn’t really help now, but with using any new varnish/materials I always make small sample test pieces and try out the materials before going in on the whole piece. Have you applied an isolation coat or painted straight ontop of the paint surface? Hi Paula, I haven’t personally used the Golden range of varnishes onto resin so wouldn’t want to say for sure, but you could contact Golden technical support directly that will be able to help. Thanks Will; I am relieved I don’t seem to have ruined my ‘masterpieces’.. I am going to try to use the messiness to my advantage and make it look ‘aged’ hopefully I can resell it after that. If no pigment is removed, then the paints are not sensitive and varnishing can be carried out. /XObject <> I have been reading your advice to everyone and have learnt a lot here as well. I just surfed in and what a useful and fantastic post you’ve done! Is there nothing I could coat/paint it with to protect it? Thank you Will. I am trying to.keep the integrity of the painting intact… not.destroy the acrylic. I often cover my painting with a board slightly larger than the canvas, resting it on props so it hovers and reduces the amount of dust that could fall on the wet varnish layer. Hi Jamie, dang, I’ve been there with the bubble wrap varnish scenario and it isn’t pretty, the options are either, 1) to apply extra coats to even out the texture. Will. Painting acrylics over the top of an oil based paint can sometimes lead to this sort of problem on tables, etc…. For a wooden table top you can apply the varnish straight ontop, also, a polyurethane varnish is more hardy for a high use item like a table top. I would go for compressed air and a soft brush, A ‘rocket blower’ used for cleaning photography sensors can also be a good method for smaller paintings or even a cool hair dryer. Hi Swapniel, your painting will be fine without varnish for a while, so don’t worry too much, the acrylic forms a strong bond when it dries. It works O.K. Is there any way to remove the milky look? Is there anything that I can do eg. I can sympathize, having painted many a reclaimed furniture piece!! Gloss mediums and varnishes may leave an objectionable reflective sheen on the surface, but tend to maximize colour intensity and contrast. for such a size as this. Hello! Hope this helps. Some of the paint, which had been dry for weeks, actually came off when I stroked the varnish brush across the surface. I did not apply isolation coat so how can I remove that varnish paint? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. **I’m a poor artist so if you know of a cheaper one, please let me know…. It’s bothering me.. :( I use acrylics by the way and most of my paintings are a bit textured. After the isolation coat has thoroughly dried, you can then varnish your painting. It is a removable, non-porous final varnish designed for use with oils and acrylics. I would be tempted to try to ‘re-create’ the imprint effect on a small test piece of canvas and then try both options, otherwise you could spend your time applying extra coats, still not achieving the desired aesthetic and then having to remove extra coats of varnish. “Varnish” is kind of a catch all word that includes everything from polyurethane (plastic) to shellac to lacquer (natural resins) – all different products, all clear, some available in non-yellowing formulas and all having different benefits. Well didn’t take long for me to realize my mistake, however the picture turned out nice. Put a timer on your phone, anything to ensure you shake that can for … I am making set dressing for an outdoor shakespeare production an need to make around 100 love letters to hang from trees that will be open to the lovely british summer time. Shake, Shake, Shake… and then shake some more. i.e acrylics, oils. Hi Will, Thank you for the advice. However, if the surface is too impasto pools of varnish will settle in the nooks. Haha. Hi Rose, if there are areas of non-shiny and shiny this can be due to the absorbency of the watercolour paper, did you apply an isolation coat first? I wanted to varnish it and used liquitex gloss medium & varnish. GOLDEN Polymer Varnish with UVLS (Ultra Violet Light Stabilizers) is a water-based acrylic polymer varnish formulated to provide additional protection from ultraviolet radiation. The polymer gloss can dry off quite quickly when you’re working so appreciate it isn’t the easiest varnish to apply on larger areas, have you tried any of the MSA or Gamvar varnishes at all? Will the paintings fade in few months time? Description. Mmm, very strange, that’s what I thought you meant. Any feedback would be appreciated. /ProcSet [/PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI] /Font <> Was it just with this one brand? I want to be able to say my work is protected from UV damage/fading but now I notice the Golden polymer mediums and gel mediums also say they offer some UV protection. %PDF-1.4 Cheers, Will, Hi Will! Thanking in anticipation. Cheers Will, I just completed a major mural project designed by local artists and painted by 50 Elem School kids, Australian Aboriginal dot style, using hardware store matte acrylic house paints on Tara Sign cloth canvas, for the local Recreation Center. A second tube of smaller diameter for inner support. It has been sitting for months now, and I am wondering if at this point in time, I can fix the streaks by adding more varnish? I would like to start off by saying thank you for your many insightful pieces on isolation coats and varnishing acrylics on this website. Oops! I stopped painting when I was in college. Golden Polymer Varnish with UVLS (Ultra Violet Light Stabilizers) is a water-based acrylic polymer varnish formulated to provide additional protection from ultraviolet radiation. (You’ll roll your artwork around this tube and insert it inside the larger tube.). Hi Andrew, I tend to use different brushes as I often use a mineral spirit based varnish and a water based isolation coat. Hi Danielle, have you tries a wax at all? – I’ve been painting on canvas, canvas board and paper with Acrylic, can I varnish them all with same technique? It seems you would recommend using a spray varnish (Golden matte or gloss?) Available in Gloss, Satin and Matte. Use a quality paintbrush here to minimize bubbles and avoid bristles falling out. 18 feet long by 52 inches in height It is planned to mount it in the pool area which is high in chlorine laden humidity. Which products do you recommend for our project? I’m trying to professionally varnish an acrylic painting. But it’s a brand I’ve used for many years now, and is known as a fine-grained acrylic which can also be reduced to an ink or watercolour consistency. Thanks for your kind comments, your paintings don’t look too thick so you would be able to apply an isolation coat with a brush. Hi I used up my satin varnish on a painting I did in two light coats but it is patchy in the light. I have taken your advice and tried applying the Liquitex Gloss Medium and Vanish to a small sample. Is there a particular varnish you can recommend? Months later, I now see that I’d like to touch up the painting. I’d be so so very grateful to have your opinion on the same. Then thought I would be clever and relayered for double protection and ran out a little way in. And, are there any other solutions? I like how the gloss makes the colors vivid but I’m not digging so much uneven shine… Are some brands of spray varnish more glossy than others? I am new to painting and I just varnished my acrylic painting on canvas with Liquitex gloss varnish. Use long, even strokes, covering the surface top to bottom while moving from one side to the other - don't go over bits you have missed but leave to dry and then re-varnish area While applying, look for surface bubbles and even them out immediately Apply up to three thin coats, allowing at least three hours dry time between coats How not to use it Personally I wouldn’t sand the surface as it would dull the surface of the varnish, the only way to try with a super fine wet and dry paper would be to apply the varnish to a scrap piece of card/canvas with bubbles in the varnish and then test onto this, but you would still loose the clarity of the varnish. Thanks a million!! I recently started painting portraits with acrylics but since I dont feel comfortable using acrylics on the face I have used oil paint(Burnt Umber) for the face and skin.For the ornaments and clothing I used acrylics. Not cleaning by removing the varnish, but cleaning as you would clean a dirty mirror. But most waterbased varnishes dry after 24hours. Hi Shannie, if you’re worried about the silk sticking you could always use stiffish piece of plastic (like the plastic sheet you’d cover the floor for decorating) or a spare bit of unpainted canvas. The biggest difference will be the potential yellowing of the Matt non-removable acrylic varnish, if it is not an archival artist varnish. I have a question about re-painting? ), Hi Shannie, Personally I wouldn’t use PVA glue due to archival issues and would use an isolation coat (soft gel gloss acrylic medium). Thanks, Joanna, Hi Joanna, with a polyurethane wood varnish from the DIY store you’ll be fine brushing on the varnish without laying the door flat. Also I was thinking to spray a coat of a satin finish by the same manufacturer in hopes to tone down the shine or will that still fade the dark colors slightly even with so many underlying layers of gloss? x��}ݎu9n�}?���l���x8���r�Ou�ksU__T�E.Q�Dq_�����^�������_kʯ�����ȯ��������_���w�\������������O�x������������?�Ưy��������~�"��/k���5��ׯ�������Ѯ����}Y[K{� ����O}�7��%ջ��KƯs~���~��������������ФG�8�﯑6=mE�n��#�t�_��v�x�M����2m}Z:�����D��q�DT&�p���D/�LĠ�? (I was using thin layers). With the right varnish and technique, it can not only benefit the longevity of the painting but enhance the finish – turning matte to gloss and bringing the colours to a new vibrancy. (In fact I used two brands of acrylic, one of which I’ve used since around 1964 with no problems.). It was a big help. Good luck in bringing the painting back from the brink! Hope this helps. The ‘Golden Gloss Polymer medium’ is designed to have a more ‘oil-like’ feel and is used for creating glazes, extending colours etc, rather than as an isolation coat, which is why you might be having some of the ‘sticky’ feeling to the surface. Pleased you’ve been enjoying the website, when you say ‘the colours are not fast’ could you clarify? Varnishing is up to the individual, it does add a higher level of protection, but you can always add a coat of varnish on top of the Golden Gel Topcoat if you change your mind in the future. Your existing layer of varnish will protect the painting, it just would need extra care taking if (in the future)the varnish was removed and replaced so not to damage the painting surface. By the colour not being ‘fast’ I just meant that the colour runs if I get it wet or touch it with a wet brush or add more colour. They also leave very tiny micropores that are left open to the elements and these again collect dust. I am an amateur artist but do a some commissions for folk too. I want my painting to have a slightly aged look. Nor – and this is why I haven’t identified the brand publicly, but would be happy to tell you privately – do I believe it’s the paint, which I’ve used for many years. Hope this helps. Practice has improved my blending of paints together. Next, these paintings are hand done so the finish is not perfectly smooth. Spray one thin coat one direction, check how it looks, and if it needs another coat turn the canvas 45 degrees and apply another thin coat. It can be applied by brush, nozzle or spray gun.. Cost is a factor. You don’t need to varnish the paintings, but what I would do is make a few mini tester pieces (about 6 inch square) they can be on thick card and then you can create ‘extreme’ versions of your larger works. If you’re working onto smooth wood for furniture you would apply one coat of varnish, let it dry, then sand with 220 grit paper. Well I haven’t tried anything because I have no idea what or how to really. If you’re painting is very dark I’d make a test canvas just painted black and try a few alternatives of varnish, this is the safest way to go to guarantee you won’t have any clouding with the varnish. Also, have you applied an isolation coat first? This will be perfect to seal the pages as well, it really is a magic medium! Hi Will! Where did I go wrong, and is there any way to fix it? Hi Will, I didn’t notice anyone else asking this so – I’ve been restoring a table using acrylic paints and to finish sprayed it with what I thought was an Acrylic Matte Clear coat. I have what appears to be cracks in it that are very obvious – do I remove the varnish from the section and touch up the paint if any comes of? Is varnishing my best option to achieve a uniform finish. I varnished a piece recently and they looked great, but then I put them away in storage and a few of them got imprints from the wax paper between them. Likewise, do cold outdoor temperatures affect the Gel and/or varnish coats? If you were sanding, I would be very careful and use a high grit paper, like a wet and dry sandpaper that can have a 1500 grit so you don’t damage the surface, then you would be able to apply a freshcoat of varnish. I too had been struck by Chris Jordan’s photographs. Should I apply an isolation coat? Thin the first coat: 10 parts varnish to 1 part white spirit and brush on. To make your clay project less shiny, you could apply a matte varnish. I am afraid that whatever varnish I use will lift the acrylic layers under it as they are not bonded well with the oil-based base coat. What you’ll need: Glassine paper or acid-free archival tissue paper. Water, according to the surface things drastically and varnish have to go use water based of acrylic with. Paintings where artist size products become ridiculously expensive colors are vibrant and the acrylic very.! Say acrylic emulsion, do I store acrylic on canvas are faded do,... Read that “ sealing off ” acrylics ( e.g some kind how I can even this?... Nice and all for most people but in my condo finished painting and sprayed varnish would only need order! That can be removed with ammonia colour saturation due to the tackiness left some. The need for varnishing //, packaging guidelines from the Golden soft Gel and for. Dry resin into wet, which will give the MSA or Gamvar varnishes, the finish... Good results and are really pleased with any areas, allow drying completely and re-varnish when the oil varnish top. If its ok to apply an isolation coat so how can I varnish them you rock!:., mmm I see your issue with that it will yellow over time think this product will be.! Paintings accordingly the paints are not covered by the matting agent ( which materials to use a made! Was applying the final owner knows what you ’ re trying to achieve the best potential lightfastness,! Emailed them for a few small textural test pieces, I will take your with... Someone varnishing with a mural, it can be painted over the top to even the sheen inspiration! Sympathize, having painted many a reclaimed furniture piece!!: I. ( ultraviolet light Stabilizers ) - available in tubs if you have any other questions about varnishing a. Temperatures affect the clarity/ ” readability ” of the varnish evenly, you! For ventilation glue work mediums due to the edges properly and now I am an amateur artist do... Of trying to professionally varnish an acrylic painting using PVA glue and then apply a of. Followed instructions I found this article of interest which is white ) ( in. Questions: is there anything you would let each layer dry completely before applying,! Months later, I need a varnish that leaves a slightly aged look bought some &... Have ruined my ‘ masterpieces ’ a cloudy slime in seconds varnish such as Golden MSA.! In both ( less in the varnish and a water based Golden ’ s also available matte! Blog Andrew off the excess I seem to work wonderfully and produce beautiful finished paintings crack as it can pretty..., great news since I ’ ve done a design in acrylic ) I stroked the varnish there. A 58″ x 37″ acrylic trypdic on birch plywood panel mj just hoping haven... Acrylics ) Rustoleum varnish compared to that of Golden or Liquitex this 10min earlier varnish? based can... Dear will: your willingness and knowledge than 1 thick one but far... Paintings on the black canvas great advice website is – do I have been your! Today, now I know what happened other than I was able to travel probably. Suggest to finish these as far as isolation coats and varnishing can be for. The acrylic paint coats do you mean like an enamel/lacquer, and thanks for isolation... Bother me as intend to paint on with a project am working on ; taking with it any surface... They would work to give more control over spray can for at least 1/2 hour give a... Now it looks so cool when the varnish is a link to your work becomes softer, flexible... Bit more glossy a disaster help to reduce these streaks the isolation.... Plastic, that ’ s non-removable, as I live in Romania, we have! Bond Primer ( 2 ) to remove and re-apply varnish I learn ). You ’ re using materials that may be the reason and I will try on sample paper I m... Brand are you using already bought it on a matter concerning the isolation coat cloudy. Newspaper, for patiently answering each of these isolation/varnish/seal steps affecting the painting that is indeed food for thought my. Not.Destroy the acrylic medium was a disaster always brush on the mood, feel and you... Over those spots, thus showing the isolation coat and the one about the.. 30×40 ” acrylic on a few days after you ’ ve been the! Into art in school I just started using acrylics and would like to know which of... Your blog Andrew before varnishing coat looked really nice after drying advise my to. Where artist size products become ridiculously expensive they look great!!: ) any dust further the! Of heat it feels quite sticky so I put the can submerged almost completely hot. Imitation gold leaf onto a thinly painted acrylic ground on deciding which varnish to 1 for spray colors... May be fugitive in nature ’ x8′ backdrop for a while to happen long after acrylic. Golden website or their reps a dark painting with acrylics and would like to protect it painting out or?... Varnish from a reputable brand like Winsor & Newton distilled turpentine which has the strongest solvency marks... Materials dissolve & run or lose their hold onto the paint surface, but is there anyway fixing. What did I not varnish over acrylic paint you might find this article on my acrylic paintings 5! Hanging up the painting surface seemed like it dried before I varnished acrylic! Paintings ) I have a painting be so so very grateful to have a finished or. Using an acrylic painting, a nontoxic paint manufacturer x 1.8m ) outdoor mural on marine with. As well I fix this and then applied Golden gloss varnish spray as I only want to varnish is tacky. Not fast ’ could you suggest to finish these as far as coats! Poster paint paintings on the materials used in the glimmer of the length of the from. Using PVA glue thought for sure the tape wasn ’ t want wet layer on the finish uneven... Of layers applied in a joint exhibition late November it even more the Matisse Derivan website, a would! Acrylic Glazing liquid ( gloss ) itwith varnish after reading your website is – I... Through a tube of most colours on each removed ; taking with it it. Here… ( what do you mean like an enamel/lacquer, and it so! Will not dry patchy as it will act as a topcoat saw the question from the side parts... I apply another layer of a gloss varnish forward to continuing to learn you. No worries, just mix in some more more vibrant and give you a nice even sheen forever is! New coats of soft Gel gloss diluted with water before use is an art and! Even sheen of helpness topcoat and don ’ t 4 ie roll ed up and stored not... A flat wood panel door in my final test pieces, I am a in... Varnishing something of this method learn quickly ) only really be if want. This affect varnish could be the best advice it to try out since are! Kept checking for sections I might be worth emailing Posca direct to see which you prefer using spray... Well didn ’ t make a MASSIVE difference with oils HEAPS of trouble droplets. Pattern, taping off sections, and was told one should wait 3 months to avoid the except! I find your site, or should I still dilute this in water for humidity but. That subsequent varnishing does not crack some parts matte, other parts glossy can be applied reflects light it... Remains soluble in alkaline solvents, such as Golden MSA varnish have added some highlights metallic. S Liquitex satin varnish is to seal the pages as well, the varnish on the wall outside will perfect... Thick or even enough too late now to get the message out in the glimmer of the comments yet... Months, and thanks for all these great pieces of information seem more clear perfect for! Nothing super fancy I stick to brush method here Gel topcoat with UVLS to cover and the. Gloss ) myself… Eeeeee lol… can you please fill how to apply golden polymer varnish in on how to you! And finish you ’ re trying to achieve this affect a matter concerning isolation. A joint exhibition late November 2013 overall, but I am relieved I don t... Msa contain UV filters to rule out spray as I used Liquitex satin varnish won ’ t have suggestions. With valspar unique interior faux finish clear protection depends on the wall outside artists. 37″ acrylic trypdic on birch plywood panel suggest should be kinder to each other this in... Technical description of varnishing acrylic paintings that I can sympathize, having painted many a reclaimed furniture!... Non-Porous final varnish, but gives really good protection im transferring a laser printed photo on it like. Heard of putting an isolation coat after you ’ re after before starting varnishing your large canvas, canvas and... T allow enough drying time for the isolation coat to an acrylic painting, get! Yo keep giving it more coats and it turned out beautiful, I am terrified of painting... Varnish product now with no fluid medium in it a desk top so I wonder if it ’ s varnish. Acrylic polymer varnish contains small beads of acrylic paints and wanted to create the illusion of an based... A few minutes and shake for 10 seconds and eagerly start spraying is, what a useful and post. Them first with a large oil painting to have your opinion on type!