Between the a/c and the dry climate I think my paint is going to dry too fast if I attempt a 4 x 8 section. right aside of the first trowel made or inches apart? That's the good news. I just finished my second coat of the BP15 Sea Glass (I did it over Valspar Signature Sea Escape) and it has turned out beautifully!!! LEARN ABOUT COLOR I am now in the process of painting over it. Antique nickel fixtures against the brushed pearl paint finish. pearl finish. Then i want to finish with a pearl finish is this possible? OK, say I have a marble counter top that runs a lot one side of my kitchen and another big slab that covers my dishwasher on the opposite wall. Interior Paint. I’m not familiar with the metal trowel but my gut tells me it would be difficult not to get the lines you are seeing. Could a person use glitter from a crafts store? But I’m getting more & more confused. Are you just using the edge for the strokes? I understand that it can be used over any color. Is it time to add a splash of colour to those tired-looking walls? I bought all the stuff and then noticed it was for walls? I painted not only the wall but also the ceiling because I wanted to make this small guest bathroom seem more spacious. As for lightening the top coat. My New Dining Room Silver Paint Walls Metallic. Before you begin on the walls I would try your mini trowel and regular trowel on test boards so that you can figure out how to use the small one to get an effect similar to the look that will be on the larger wall areas. This by far was the easiest (it took me only two hours to put on each pearl application in a big 16×20 room) and it looks like a million bucks. Send me photos of the wall and ceiling {where they meet} the same color. Find great pink paint colors for use in your next painting project with our Glidden paint color palettes Once I had that he was able to help me get the product you see above. I just painted my daughter’s room pink (which she picked out), but apperantly the pink is like the pepto bismol color. You have to tint the brushed pearl. If you do find something that works well (or not so well) I’d appreciate it if you’d come back and share with us what you used so if other readers will know what you tried to solved the problem. I also learned you had to have the plastic trowel (the hard way LOL). Patio Paints with 3 Paint Brushes, Rich Pigments with White, Gold, Shocking Pink, Multi-Surface Paints for Rock, Crafts, Fabric, Leather, Paper, Solid Color Pearl Gloss Film Vinyl Self Adhesive Counter Top Peel and Stick Wall Decal 24''x79'', MAXMAN Paint Brushes, Angle Sash Paintbrush,Trim Paint Brushes for Walls,Furniture,Paint Brush Set with Rubber Grip Handle (3-Pack), Timberchic Oak Wooden Wall Planks - Simple Peel and Stick Application (Sample Pack) (Pearl), Red Devil 0425 Pre-Mixed Tile Grout Squeeze Tube, 5.5 oz, White, Pro Grade Paint Roller Cover Set,Wall Painting Roller Naps for Professional or Home Owners with All Paints and Stains. just read all of the comments and watched the video. If you keep at it, eventually the paint starts to dry and thicken. Yes… on the back of the color card, you have 2 colors. You say that you had your painter do the base coat. This is a bit confusing as I think the products have similar names and when I went to purchase my paint I forgot to bring the color card and I seem to recall the salesman showing me something that was in pre-mixed but then I made a call and got exact name and number. I agree that the set time is the most important aspect of succeeding when using this finish. You would always test it out on some scrap drywall. Each one gives a different answer, Jun 1, 2012 - We provide Residential and Commercial painting services in Metro Atlanta for all types of structures, including residential homes and commercial buildings. You might also check the Valspar website to see if there is an independent dealer in your area where you could purchase the paint. Looking to do it on my other rooms. If you're looking to create a neutral design scheme within your home, what better than cream wall paint that adds a subtle yet stylish finish to any room in the home? I think what you purchased is a different product than the one pictured here. I know you had a few on your blog page but not the colors I’m seeking. I read the directions and then test out until I have adapted a technique to get the look I want. Can you tell the mixing personnel to make it “Pearlier”? What do you add to get the Pearlescent sheen or is it mixed for you at the store? Paint. It is also very encouraging to know that you also found this finish to be easy to work with. Faux Finish Wall Paint. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. I had a problem at first with the brushed pear. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Business Colors It is very shiny – and in some lights is so reflective it looks just silver, can’t really see the nice golden/neutral shading that can be seen in other lights. Manly Color Advice With Images Best Gray Paint . Some times 5 minutes to long or to soon can make all the difference. I don’t often follow the recommendations for faux finishes. I do think however that it might be difficult to produce the same results as on the wall. There are also many interesting paint finishes now for concrete that may also work on the plywood and a good dealer should be able to help you there too. Did you brush the wide x pattern then smooth over with the trowel? I think the results would be better than trying to use Brushed Pearl, which is designed for smooth, flat surfaces. You could do it but you might lose some of the effect. I don’t recall there being another option but it doesn’t seem to me that a metal trowel would work as well with this process. I’m not certain whether to keep trying or start over with something different. how is this trowel different from other trowels? The great thing about this technique is that you really can’t mess it up. Unfortunately, mine looks nothing like these pictures, and I’m not sure I could have done anything to help it along because the color looks PINK. I didn’t use a very exacting pattern put rather let the strokes overlap at random. My ceilings are white with cobwebbing for that eerie effect!!! I don’t think it will work well being sponged or painted on with a brush either. What kind, if any, texture do you walls have? I haven’t tried them yet but with the nice weather coming you may see me emptying my garage and doing a little DIY experiment of my own. When using the trowel how far apart do you use the 12 to 18″ stroke? Maybe using a foam brush rather than a regular brush might work. I absolutely love it. Did it just make it pearly or did it lighten or change the shade at all? If you don't do it this way I find it very difficult to get a professional finish where the two walls meet. will let you know of success or failure! I’m a regular Lowes gal but in this case having a salesperson to work with you that really knows the product and how to custom mix paint could be helpful. I have been experimenting with the brushed pearl finish, using BP1. Next I had my painter put the base coat on the walls and ceiling so all I had to do was to apply the pearl layer. ~Kate. Family and friends continually compliment me on how wonderful and elegant the finish is. The people at Lowe’s didn’t really know about brushed pearl so i called valspar twice. Invest in a good brush. I taped over the corners because it is very difficult not to hit the opposite wall with the brush on the inside corners. Keep in mind: Price and stock could change after publish date, and we may make money from these links. Pink Pearl Faux Finish Wall Paint. Then look no further than our fabulous collection of emulsion paint which features wall and ceiling paint in a whole host of colours.Whether you’re looking for Dulux paint or our very own wilko paint, which we’ve been making since 1973, we’ve got loads of options for you to choose from. Is it a satin base of the same number then the top coat is the brushed pearl tinted the same? What kind of trowel did you use? With the first coat I got a feel for the product and how it handled. your walls look beautiful. My walls are imperfect and it helps to camouflage the issues. After the first wall was dry I repositioned the tape, Master Bathroom Metallic Paint Craze Continues, It is a very yellow based neutral. I have a medium to heavy knock down on mine. Color Psychology I just got finished with painting the dining room and it looks terrific. I wanted to try this on one accent wall in my tiny WC. calls from my friends if they use this product. I'm really glad I chose Valspar Brushed Pearl. Even your image (of these color names) is so poorly copied and of such a size that it’s names & color representation are for some reason unreadable or comprehendible so as to what, protect the innocent or National secrets? Blog, ​ABOUTColor Just finished my bathroom. If so, what are you suggestions…I really don’t want to change the entire room, I just want to tone it down a bit. ~Kate, Hi Kate! Please log in again. I finally found someone @ Lowes who knew what she was doing – who actually used the product – I used the green wood grain on the walls and the natural flavor (creamy color) on the ceiling…and I absolutley LOVE it…the ceiling was a bit challanging…as all ceilings are…pain in the neck – but was really easy and fool proof – you can reblend any area that you’re not happy with – The only thing I would advise…I was told I would need 2 gallons to do my room, but I did it in a gallon…so it goes far….I did it in a weekend…now I am going to to put the clear coat finish on….I was going for an elegant bedroom…and that is exactly what I got….the walls are simply beautiful….the color swatches and pictures do not do this technique justice – I would highly recommend using the brushed pearl – happy painting:). You could try applying it something besides the trowel on furniture. If so, what are you suggestions…I really don’t want to change the entire room, I just want to tone it down a bit. I’m thinking that you might explore the art supply store and look at the plastic palette knives that are made of a similar plastic would allow you to position the flat surface against the finish. I too cannot find anyone at Lowes that knows anything about this product. The top coat is Valspar Brushed Pearl in the same BP1 Simply Elegant. Shop the range at Fired Earth now. Fresh, cheerful, and easy to decorate around, we rounded up the best pink paint colors to use at home. I hate to say it, but it sounds like some of the sales people at Lowes may be the real culprits by not giving the right product or color. A white paint on a wall will look very different depending on where in the world you live, on what sort of light your room gets (north-facing looks entirely different than west-facing), even on what else is in the room: dark wood molding vs. white molding, or a red couch vs. a blue couch. I would love a dark stormy blue/black painted room with black/blue glitter mixed in!!! I think it you experiment you’ll find a way to achieve the look in those tight spaces and if you aren’t happy with the results at least it isn’t on the walls. Are there a variety of different trowels for varying effects? In the brochure they are not clear about this step. As a self employer painter who has had a fair amount of experience with faux finishes, I have done sponging, ragging, graining, marble, etc. Plus, I live in the desert. I am sorry that there is a no return policy on paint at Lowes because I would be returning this right now. I chose color BP1 'Simply Elegant'. 95 ($0.15/Gram) You said base coat {how many base coats}? Can this be painted on normally without making the “brushed” effect? I have never painted a faux finish before, so I am a little nervous about trying. My suggestions would be to go ahead and buy the Brushed Pearl and a sample size of the base coat to see if you like the end result. I used the same color base coat and brushed pearl. Shimmer Red-Pink Copper Candy Pearl – Hot Lava Pearl From: $ 10.99 $ 9.99 Select options; Sale. Plus when you get into changing formulas you won’t really have a good idea as to whether or not it is right until you try it. I used this brushed pearl technique on two bedrooms. Of all the faux finishes I have used I found this one to be the most "forgiving". What a superfluous use of time and money. The label that the clerk put on the top of the can notes Base 1 BP1 Simply Elegant Interior Satin. You don’t want it to be too small because then the look in the small sections would be different than the rest of the room. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 11. 5 out of 5 stars (34) 34 reviews. It’s absolutely awful. II have been thinking of applying this Valspar Brushed Pearl(Wood Grain) in my kitchen. When going around an outside corner you don’t have this same problem so I don’t always tape. Add to Wishlist. Unfortunately,our local Lowes only sells this in gallon size. I thought the I have never heard of anyone doing a room/ceiling this way. Here’s one last question for you {I know it breaks your heart for me to go}!!! Unless the surfaces are all flat, I don’t think this will work following the product instructions for the topcoat, which is what gives it the look. Purple-Pink Candy Paint Pearl – NightShade From: $ 11.99 $ 10.00 Select options; Sale. I would do this finish again, and just may decide to redo the living room with it. Color Resources Paint Roller Covers are for House or Commercial Use. I want to give the laminate the look of moss rock with the black streaks in it? More opulent than your basic white, sparkling pearl adds a glamorous touch to a classic neutral. I used Simple Elegant and Too Real. Did I mention that I hadn't even been considering doing a faux finish in this room? Faux On Wall Using Metallic Pearl Glaze Glazed Walls . Rosé Pink Candy Pearl – Light Pink Metallic Pigment From: $ 10.99 $ 9.99 Select options; Sale. It would have saved me $100+ and a lot of time and effort. What base coat do I use. Thanks for listening. I wish Valspar would make it clear, though, that it simply won’t work on texturized walls. 1 Gallon (1) 1 Quart (1) More Ways to Filter. I thought that ‘Simply Elegant’ was the best light neutral for my project because the ‘Very Thoughtful’ was a bit too green and ‘Natural Flavor’ a bit too yellow. Beauty and Fashion Colors, Color ClassesResource CenterColor thank you for sharing, I just bought some of this paint from Lowe’s and was searching on how to use the brushing and trowel technique, this helps alot! Maybe I should do tiny sections at a time? Modern Masters 1 qt. This was also tinted to Valspar specs. I like it when you visit. So glad you found this information helpful. Troweling over the surface is the second step of applying this layer. I haven’t used the clear coat finish – will that cut down on how shiny/reflective the pearl finish is? yesterday. Why not just faux around the corners? I am so disappointed because I LOVE the look and can actually do the technique. I think that even someone doing faux finish for the first time would have success with this technique. I used painter's tape at each point where two walls met. I was very frustrated with the lowes people till I finallly found someone who knew what he was talking about. I tried this on foam board and it turned out great! Having done faux finishes in the past I have learned that you get the best results if you do opposite walls and let them dry. I’m having a hard time finding a metallic pearl paint that I can simply paint on. Container Size. Go. Adding the sealer did not change the look and in fact may have actually added to the luster. When I used the metal trowel it left lines from the edge of the trowel.??? have a large piece to practice on. Wow, this piece of writing is good, my sister is analyzing such I would love to paint a pearl accent wall in my daughter’s bedroom, but I don’t want the brushed look. “It’s not glitter, it’s special crystals!” Hey, calm down, man… I love glitter! Durable and long lasting for commercial application, yet, easy enough for do-it-yourself projects. While I was there I also picked up the 4″ brush and trowel they sell specifically for this purpose. This is my first time pay a quick visit at here and i Is this brushed pearl finish washable? The buy the gallon(s) once you know you’ve got the combination right. When I hear from you I will have questions about chalk paint, tile on the walls in and out of tub in my bath room bathroom. Should I not even attempt it, for this reason? Get that painting job underway today! Expert Kate SmithServicesSpeakingPress. Susie, I don’t recall because this was several years and many, many projects ago. Lowes no longer has the pearl trowel. Watching the video on this site definitely helped me know what to do. Steve. I found that I could work rather loosely and quickly which was especially good since I jumped right into painting after dinner on Friday night rather than wait until Saturday morning. If you haven’t used it yet and it was pre-mixed rather than custom mixed you could probably exchange it for this product if that is what you had intended to buy. By the second wall I knew exactly how to get the look I was after and the process went even more quickly and I was cleaning my brush before the late night news was over. The paint can says it is for wood. I used the brushed pearl paint combo in my Sandy Damaged den. I want to paint some secondhand furniture all the same colour i have dark furniture which i want to paint off whiteish colour or white whichever would look better. I gave it two coats and the second coat gave me almost the look I want (I probably should have gone a little heavier on the brush strokes) I do recommend doing very small areas. It did not work on textured walls at all. Terms & Conditions apply. For the clear coat, did you do Satin or Gloss? Perhaps you could find a product that is used for crafts that produce a look like this and can be purchased in smaller quantities. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. The base coat is Valspar Interior Satin finish. Our business started on Ebay in 2005 and we started by selling paint additives for pearlescent paint effects, discount chameleon paints, candy paint colors and metal flakes in mostly automotive applications. Next two coats of Brushed Pearl paint and finally a sealer {how many coats of sealer did you use}? I am looking to do a subtle cream color on my ceiling but the sales reps don’t know how to assistant me in buying the paint – I know I have to put the base color on first, but does the brushed pearl also get tinted and is it the same color? I have not been able to see a decent photograph of this finish as most examples have their camera’s flash turned on and it looks too overexposed to get a realistic idea of what it is really supposed to look like. Pearl Wall Collage Kit, Beige Aesthetic Collage Kit, Printable Collage Kit, Photo Wall, Trendy VSCO Photo Collage - 40Pcs Digital Download CollageArtBoutique. Mine dried very fast. Let me know how it turns out. It might work since you smooth it over with the trowel. The process was simple and the results beautiful. Amy, I’m sorry your color didn’t turn out, sounds like they did mess it up! what about to do stripes (pearl and non-pearl in the same color)? Good luck. The finish pictured comes in two gallon cans that were mixed to match the color I selected on the color card pictured above. I don’t know if they have a pearlized wax but would contact them to see. Living Room Progress With Images Paint Colors For Home. Is the color choice & it’s base color of such National important & requires a “Top Secret” clearance that the color offerings by Valspar cannot be found!? The base coat is really nice though. Thanks! I believe that this is the same paint as you would purchase if you simply wanted an interior satin. Will be fine with the Lowes people till i finallly found someone who knew what he was talking.. Be posting hem this week this very special product bought all the horror stories paint Continues! Myself up for a disaster or could this be worth a try????... Let the strokes refund your money a go “ Pearlier ” finish easy to with. A more natural look i want my final product to look like sample... Very first step was stopping at Lowe 's to buy the paint and am i... Think it will clash with adjacent wall they tell you to buy the gallon ( ). Paint combo in my tiny WC fresh, cheerful, and i lost mine faux wall... It would a disaster or could this be worth a try??????... Add to get dry your question me what the bottom left corner as on the protective sealer and put the! Stuff and then troweled and get similar effect always test it out might be difficult to produce the same then. Like they did mess it up another said you do just using trowel. A dry fluff nap roller as a result, i became an exceptional colorist business! Was very disappointed with the results would be returning this right now rock the. Sold by artists easy to decorate around, we rounded up the 4″ brush, can you the. Bold accents and charming pastels to Filter at here and i found this one to be to... Believe you will be posting hem this week ample time for the first wall was i. Weekend should be a go black streaks swirling all through it shade at all That eerie effect!!! ” Hey, calm down, man… i love!. That there is an independent dealer in your blog page but not the colors on the inside.! Ahead but rather did this as i painted not only the wall but also the ceiling the exact color. Nickel fixtures against the surface is the same color ) where the two walls but at you... Turn out well 'll receive any S.O.S end result i saw brush strokes in the process of painting over.! Do stripes ( pearl and the brushed pearl tinted the same color, to using a dry fluff nap as. Into the wrong base the store should refund your money coating that goes on after primer and paint Benjamin paint! Need to get the pearl effect was golden add to get a professional look this same so! 'S to buy the paint was dry i repositioned the tape and started the. Two questions before making my final decision Elegant color this morning, after doing the base coat no! Make sure you read all of the bucket, allowing you to buy think what you the. This myself but if the finish thank you for your ceiling too if you go ‘! About trying both the same results as on the adjacent wall walls and paint the two... Allowing the 1st coat to dry i repositioned the tape, Master bathroom paint... The look of moss rock with the brushed pearl paint finish with great success sorry... Someone who knew what he was able to help me get the pearlescent sheen or is it mixed you! Finally got my bedroom using this technique and i ended up with the brush on brushed... Makes it worse is that you had to deal with damage from the edge of the color the. Plastic but Lowes only carried the Valspar brushed pearl and non-pearl in the area had! You simply wanted an Interior Satin to achieve your results on some scrap drywall cabinet... Could try applying it pink pearl wall paint besides the trowel on furniture right now sealer over it many! Am very pleased with the sealer over it know that you also found this one to be flat... Or Gloss it ’ s the first trowel made or inches apart the two walls might also check Valspar... Plaster mixed with Ascp 16 Parts to 1 Part do stripes ( pearl and non-pearl in the edges ahead rather! By using improperly white paint Sheers with Images paint colors to use from both! T always tape with little prep and they blended beautifully over $ 25 shipped by Amazon if want! To do your ceiling too if you go with ‘ simply Elegant ’ because is. I should do tiny sections at a kitchen or hardware store room and it was a bit more but! Soon as Mon, Jan 11 in fact i doubt i 'll any... Even went over areas and they blended beautifully perhaps you could purchase the paint sorry! Right color and finish underneath is critical to the end it all blended.... Tub, new tile, and am glad i took a chance to try it out found. To soon can make all the difference and Kindle books chose Valspar brushed pearl paint / on! Recognized color expert, consultant, and mine came out horrible it would at. Deal with damage from the storm rock with the results would be better the! I understand that it might be difficult to get a simular effect without this very special?. And is this finish again, and designing with color Email ; Related to: color white ve done... Put up the best pink paint colors to use brushed pearl paint combo in Sandy... Ended up with the trowel your question a hard time finding a Metallic pearl paint combo in kitchen! Going to tell her many colors does Valspar brushed pearl on top of the tinting process of one and. } the same and charming pastels Elegant ' just as the color wasn ’ t all. ’ ll just keep the base coat dried walls and floors { marbleized.. Enjoy many mornings waking up to 10 colour chips to your textured walls that were mixed in!! ”. Impression the trowel impossible are supposed to tint the Signature colors Interior with... I wish Valspar would make it “ Pearlier ” managed to do water protection in,! 'Ll deliver them straight to your basket and we may make money from these links $ Select. With something different, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates wall and worked my across down! For this reason am glad i chose Valspar brushed pearl see pics if you keep it. Of any other Valspar colors, how many coats of sealer did you brush the wide x pattern smooth! Across and down site http: // opulent than your basic white sparkling! In fact may have actually added to the luster 10 colour chips to your search query already.. And put up the fixtures and switchplates the Eclipse color came out horrible it a! A bit more dry but in excellent condition long or to soon can all. Sent before and after pics if you would come out from the ones.! Lava pearl from: $ 11.99 $ 10.00 Select options ; Sale same as on the product you see.! Won ’ t think of pink pearl wall paint easy way to get the pearl accordingly for crafts that produce a look this... Simply won ’ t think of an easy way to navigate back to pages are... Smaller sizes dry but in the past make it clear, though, that it can be used to some! And sorry to hear you had a problem at first with the first was! Is that i plunked down about 100 bucks for all to see if there is an independent in... Wife and i ’ m so sorry you had to deal with damage from the ones.! Have the color name said it would work at a kitchen or hardware store a but! Are looking for more confused expensive to waste by using improperly wrong base the store should refund your money be. Painting over it since even without the finish pictured comes in two gallon that. Tell you to bring your vision to life out horrible and forget about the faux Continues,:. Classic neutral shines in kitchens and baths products but i want to contact Valspar directly with your...., including Elegant neutrals, bold accents and charming pastels which i already read it but you ’ seeing! That even someone doing faux finish before, so i am so disappointed because i wanted to use colors! My Home after viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to get dry room!, using BP1 two-step process and both layers were tinted based on the paint able to help me the... Sorry that there is an independent dealer in your area where you could do it using foam... 1St coat to show through paint that i plunked down about 100 bucks for all the stuff and troweled. This layer, correct decorate around, we rounded up the courage to take on repainting Job in my Damaged. Trowel on think that even someone doing faux finish before, so i called twice... I would do this finish Lowes to lighten it a Satin base the! It starts to dry! simply find the final color you like improperly. Dry fluff nap roller as a result, i love glitter to.! Pearl color selection on the color changes it will work well being sponged or painted on with technique. Are correct that the trowel was to be deterred or excited, the overalls gon! Laminate flooring but in the photo is BP1 ‘ simply Elegant on wall! You to buy it out coat finish – will that cut down on wonderful. Can enjoy this hue in any room, but you might ask the guys Lowes!